Awaken the Angel Within You

Sound Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, and Pellowah, with love from Georgie G Deyn

Angel Healing

Did You Know?

Within You is an Angel

Are you ready to have a shift in your consciousness and step into your Divine perfection?

As you work with Georgie in one-to-one sessions, together you will chip away the layers of external influences within and around you.

You will uncover the angel within, perfect, love incarnated, beautiful, whole. Begin to shift your perceptions and empower yourself.

Angelic Harp with Georgie G Deyn

Are You Seeking Spiritual Healing?

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy brings together singing, toning, harp playing, and crystal singing bowls to work deeply; emotionally and physically. Remove blocks whilst clearing your energy at all levels, bringing harmony, peace and balance to both mind and body. 

Are You Seeking Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual Guidance

Receive spiritual guidance direct from Source, through unconditional Love. Gain insights from both Creator, and from within your own heart to help realise your Divine Potential.
Pellowah Healing Georgie G Deyn

Are you Seeking To Shift Your consciousness?


Radically shift your consciousness with Pellowah, a simple yet powerful form of energy healing. Unlike other forms of healing, Pellowah is direct from the source to the person receiving healing, allowing both huge shifts and subtle improvement over time.

Why Book a Session?

“Georgie and her angelic guides really get to the root of what’s going on, and help to break through blocks and create a shift in consciousness. I would say it’s a multi-level healing with a personalised approach.

I can highly recommend Georgie’s sessions. I always feel amazing afterwards and have seen some great shifts that I’ve not been able to get before with other therapies.”
S. Patel Review
S. Patel

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Unlock the path to spiritual growth

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Experience the Love of Angels

Remove Blocks

Transmute negative cords from this lifetime, past and future.

Empower Yourself

Enhance your own Divine ability to take decisions and actions.

Encounter Shifts

Awaken the super consciousness from within.

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