Awaken the Angel Within You

Sound Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, and Pellowah Healing from International Healer, Teacher, and Singer:
Georgie G Deyn

Claire Madeleine Wallington-Tompkins
Claire Madeleine Wallington-Tompkins
Live meditations : Gentle imagery, beautiful singing, feeling that you are being led along a good path.
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Ilona Skowronska
Ilona Skowronska
I would love to recommend Georgie’s angelic healing with the fullest love of my heart. I had two wonderful, powerful healing sessions with her and they brought me to tears. The way she works is unique as she transmits angelic healing frequencies through her voice. During the transmissions i could feel the force and love of the energy as it moved through my body. What followed was a wave of insights and inspiration. After the healing i felt motivated, uplifted, full of energy and ready to take on the World as if i had the full support of whole angelic kingdom behind me. Georgie’s Angelic healing is her own, unique way of healing that she brings to the World now when it is needed most as the golden age is upon us. It is a gift from the true Angels of God to humanity that is now ready to step into its own power. The healing does just that - it opens a door to the new World, a new way of being, a path of the heart. 😇💙🙏
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Lianne Webster
Lianne Webster
Wow my last few sessions have been so incredible. Georgie is truly gifted and connected to the angels. I did not know what to expect but it’s been breath taking and the results have been more than I can imagine. I’m excited to do more healing with georgie as this is a beautiful inner journey for me. 💖 Thank you georgie xx
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Ann-Sofie Ek
Ann-Sofie Ek
Jag fick veta förra helgen att Georgie fanns. Jag bokade en tid hos henne i veckan. Jag har aldrig varit med om något liknande. Jag bad om hjälp med att öppna upp dörren som jag stängde när jag blev utmattad och deprimerad. Hon har startat upp något som jag kan känna arbetar i mitt undermedvetna sedan dess. Georgie sjunger som en ängel och pratar även änglarnas uråldriga språk. Jag bad ärkeänglarna om hjälp och de skickade Georgie till mig😇🥰. Tack så mycket underbara o fantastiska ängel ❣❣❣
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Rebecca Woods Gooch
Rebecca Woods Gooch
I had a deeply relaxing distance Pellowah Healing from Georgie. I felt so present and refreshed after the healing. During the session I had lots of inspired ideas and clarity in many areas of my life. I’m looking forward to booking another one soon!
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Angelic Harp with Georgie G Deyn

Are You Seeking Spiritual Healing?

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy brings together singing, toning, harp playing, and crystal singing bowls to work deeply; emotionally and physically. Remove blocks whilst clearing your energy at all levels, bringing harmony, peace and balance to both mind and body. 

Are You Seeking Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual Guidance

Receive spiritual guidance direct from Source, through unconditional Love. Gain insights from both Creator, and from within your own heart to help realise your Divine Potential.
Pellowah Healing Georgie G Deyn

Are you Seeking To Shift Your consciousness?


Radically shift your consciousness with Pellowah, a simple yet powerful form of energy healing. Unlike other forms of healing, Pellowah is direct from the source to the person receiving healing, allowing both huge shifts and subtle improvement over time.

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Kindred Spirit Magazine
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Experience the Love of Angels

Remove Blocks

Transmute negative cords from this lifetime, past and future.

Empower Yourself

Enhance your own Divine ability to take decisions and actions.

Encounter Shifts

Awaken the super consciousness from within.

Angel Healing

Did You Know?

Within You is an Angel

Are you ready to have a shift in your consciousness and step into your Divine perfection?

As you work with Georgie in one-to-one sessions, together you will chip away the layers of external influences within and around you.

You will uncover the angel within, perfect, love incarnated, beautiful, and whole. Begin to shift your perceptions and empower yourself.

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