You've Chosen Archangel Chamuel

Celestial Sleep Angel Card

Archangel Chamuel governs your heart chakra helping you to forgive the past and expand the flames of love in your heart. Chamuel wishes to help you to dissolve the rocks and stones of fear, guilt, and anger that may have built up, deeply hidden within. 

It is time to fully commit to heal and commit to awakening the angelic presence that is within you. It is only the wounded parts of you that may be resisting awakening from the sleep, so remember that when you are fully awake you realise that heaven is here on earth.

Step into the pink healing portal, notice if there is something calling to you, is it your guardian or ascension angel. Allow Chamuel’s pink light that is sent from creator to heal you at the deepest level. Feel, sense, or know the flame within your heart is expanding with an expansive love.  This is a blessing sent to you from Creator. For you are so completely loved. Feel the pink rays of light fan the flame of love in your heart.

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