Sound Healing Therapy Training
Become a certified Sound Therapist

Sound Therapy Training

Become an Angelic Harmony Therapy practitioner, channelling the angels through humming, light transmissions and toning with the unconditional love of Source.

Supporting You

Sound therapy training that supports your spiritual work as a healer or medium.

Add Sound To Sessions

Deepen your connection to the angels, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration.

Sound Therapy Practitioner Training

What is Sound Therapy Training?

The perfect training to assist your ascension journey, awakening and aligning you to your Soul Self, by strengthening your Divine Voice.

Bring sound into your spiritual work, reinforcing your true Divine Self and shining your light, even brighter.

Included with Practitioner Training

One to One Live Video Training

£ 300 per practitioner
  • 6 hours of training (can be recorded)
  • Personal attention for your accelerated learning
  • A 40-day self-healing and empowerment practice

In-Person Group Training

£ 200 per practitioner
  • Full day of learning and practice
  • Train with like-minded Earth angels
  • A 40-day self-healing and empowerment practice

Sound Therapy Training Testimonials


I found my voice with AHT. I was always told to be quiet when as a young child when I started to sing, so I stopped. Singing and toning with the angels opened me a new sacred space within. I healed as I sang. 

This wonderful modality has given me so much and has lead to me becoming an AHT teacher. With Georgie’s encouragement, I am in the process of developing my own modality.

Toni Sound Therapy Practitioner Testimonial

The Angelic Harmony Therapy practitioner training workshop with Georgie Deyn was simply incredible; a true blessing. I had a deep feeling of connection to the Oneness of being, of remembering - a feeling that lost parts had come back to me and a feeling of reconnection. I heard and saw the call of my soul and spirit so clearly I could no longer ignore the call. With deep gratitude and with so much love thank you Georgie. You are a true Angel.

Melanie Sound Therapy Practitioner Testimonial

When I attended the AHT practitioners course I didn't really know what to expect, but all I can say is that Georgie and the angels have taken away any doubt that I had a voice. I could not believe I could actually sing and use it the way that I was shown, totally blown away. Anyone that is thinking about following this path, don't hesitate. Georgie is very special, many thanks.

Sharon Sound Therapy Practitioner Testimonial

Your Sound Therapy Training Questions, Answered

The angels informed Georgie that AHT and working with the angels was much needed at this special time on Earth.  The shared that the work  she would offer with those who are ready to step into their full power and shine would be rather unique, empowering and special. This is why she is so passionate about teaching and facilitating, Georgie deeply wishes to empower as many people that are ready to shift their consciousness and move from limitation to unity, peace, unconditional love and oneness.

Training to become an Angelic Harmony Therapy Practitioner will awaken and align you to your Angelic Self. You can become your true Divine being and shine your light. Become empowered so you have the tools to be your own Soul’s light and power.

When you embrace the AHT training, it will enable you to embody and channel your unique Soul medicine (your own authentic healing). Empowered and strong, you’ll become your own guide, and your own teacher.

No not at all. Through the self-study your expression through your voice may release fear from this lifetime, and other lifetimes. Through your-self-expression you become whole – the divinity in your voice integrates through the Soul and into the physical body, healing you and your clients through your voice.

It will not transform you into a professional singer but it will empower you to use your Divine voice daily in your spiritual work and with your clients.

This course is a gift to yourself, if followed as suggested in the manual it will leave you feeling empowered and strong. Anyone can study this course. All you need is an open heart and a belief in the power of love over fear.

Yes you will be an Angelic Harmony Therapy Practitioner which uses your voice and the angels to share a form of sound therapy. This course is recognised by Balems insurance company. If you are already a sound therapist you may find it will enhance what you already share as a practitioner.

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please contact Georgie.

Everything You Need To Teach Sound Therapy

Included with your Practitioner Training

Your 52-page Digital Manual

Sound Healing Practitioner Manual Mock Up
Tone Along Tracks Self-Healing

10 Tone Along MP3 Tracks

10 Affirmation MP3 Tracks

Affirmation Tracks Mock Up
Practitioner Meditation Tracks Mock Up

30-minute Meditation MP3 Track

Benefits of Practitioner Training

Use Your Divine Voice

Deepen Your Connections

Raise Your Vibrations

Undergo Spiritual Growth

Expand Your Consciousness

Release Fear Through Your Voice

Become a Practitioner

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