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Self-Healing Course

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Your Spiritual Companion

A self-study course to support you on your spiritual journey, meeting you where you are and always moving you forward

You Are Your Own Teacher

Every time you work with the course you will deepen your connection and expand your consciousness

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What is a Self-Healing Course?

Awaken and align yourself to the angels and your soul, through humming and toning with the Light and unconditional love of Source.

Angelic Harmony Therapy (AHT) Self-Healing is the perfect course to awaken and align you to your Soul Self, find or strengthen your Divine Voice, and raise your frequency and vibrations.

It’s a tool for life to reinforce your true Divine being and shine your light.

Included in the AHT Self-Study Course

Self Healing Course

£ 44
  • Use again and again
  • Meets you where you are on your spiritual path
  • Simple, powerful, and effective

Self-Healing Course Testimonials


I recommend AHT Self-Study and practitioners courses because singing with the angels is fun, it gives you self-confidence and happiness. Singing along with Georgie helped me find my soul medicine as I attuned to notes and sounds for each chakra. This helped me to heal my soul issues by releasing blocks that held me back, so that I can move forward with love.

Wendy AHT Self Healing Course Testimonial

I had the privilege of receiving Angelic Harmony Therapy with Georgie and went on to the Self-Healing course and then became a practitioner myself. This was my first experience of using my voice this way. Georgie held the space beautifully explaining every step in detail. I would highly recommend Georgie’s teachings and her courses as it has not only enriched my life but also me as a person.

Loren AHT Self Healing Course Testimonial

It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for Georgie. I've had several fantastic experiences with Georgie and her angels. I don't know anyone who has this access to pass on the energy and knowledge from the angels, like Georgie does. I absolutely loved the AHT Self-Study and I went on to become a practitioner too!

Stinna Sound Therapy Testimonial

Your Self-Healing Course Questions, Answered

The angels informed Georgie that her work was much needed at this time on Earth and that the work she would do with them would be rather unique, empowering and special. Angelic Harmony was a channelled process of self-discovery that Georgie herself went through on her own spiritual journey after her initial angelic intervention in 2010.

Angelic Harmony Self Study is the perfect introduction before enrolling in the full practitioner training.

No not at all. Through the self-study your expression through your voice may release fear from this lifetime, and other lifetimes.Through your-self-expression you become whole – the divinity in your voice integrates through the Soul and into the physical body, healing you through your voice.

It will not transform you into a professional singer or sound therapist but it will empower you to use your Divine voice daily in your speech, connecting you to embody and channel your unique Soul medicine (the Divine healing sent from your Soul).

This course is a gift to yourself, if followed as suggested in the manual it will leave you feeling empowered and strong. Anyone can study this course. All you need is an open heart and a belief in the power of love over fear.

This course is for self-healing only. However if you are already a sound therapist you may find it will enhance what you already share as a practitioner.

If you enjoy the self-study you can then become a practitioner by training with Georgie.

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please contact Georgie.

Benefits of AHT Self-Study

Find Your Divine Voice

Deepen Your Connections

Raise Your Vibrations

Undergo Spiritual Growth

Expand Your Consciousness

Release Fear Through Your Voice

Everything You Need to Learn Self-Healing

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Your 48-page Digital Manual

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Tone Along Tracks Self-Healing

10 Tone Along MP3 Tracks

18-minute Meditation MP3 Track

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