Book Release Date - 13th May 2022

The Voice of Love

Messages For Humanity From The Heavens


This fascinating new book by Georgie G Deyn tells the story of how she went from a dark, depressed state to one of light and expansion.

“Sitting on the floor of my healing room, knees hugged to my chest, I rocked gently backward and forwards, tears rolling down my cheeks. Something in me had died; what was it? I could no longer sing, or connect to my angels and guides. I felt totally bereft and alone. If it were not for my two boys, life would not have been worth living…”

Thanks to a visitation by an angel named Love, as well as some divinely orchestrated connections, Georgie reclaimed her voice, found her purpose, and began to embody her Angel Within.

“The amazing thing is that not only did she speak through me, she sang through me, too.”

The book also shares the universal wisdom and guidance that came from Love the angel, channelled by Georgie, and scribed by her friend Sarah.

Part memoir and part spiritual guide, It is a collection of empowering truths that will speak directly to your soul, calling and awakening your own Angel Within.

The experience of the book can be enhanced by listening to the music of Seraphisa. Several tracks have been chosen to allow you to go deeper within the truths of each channelled message and are listed under each chapter’s title.

What People Are Saying About The Voice of Love

A wonderful book that I will return to over and over. The information is honest, practical, and full of love. The messages feel pure and wise. She shares the power of sound and finding our own unique voice, along with tools to enrich and empower our own ever-evolving journeys. Georgie's book is a gift to be shared, which I highly recommend.
Deirdre Manins, NZ
The Voice of Love is exactly what it says in the title.  You can hear the voice of love come through the channeled messages from Georgie. It highlights an understanding of what the angels are wanting you to know so you can go forward on your journey sharing your own divine love and light with the world. I particularly like the guidance at the back of the book where you can follow a regular practice especially if you are new to intention setting and meditation. It encourages you to follow your heart and soul and not to be afraid of what is truly within.
Jenny Ford, UK
After reading this book the language and the message truly and completely resonated with me. It just feels true! While reading Georgie’s channeled messages I often had moments of clarity, and enlightenment, on particular issues in my life. Thought-provoking, it is a book I know I would read again and use as a reference guide. The messages and tools she shares are tremendously helpful in supporting growth, and a sense of calm and peace within. I highly recommend reading The Voice of Love. you'll know when you read it if it rings true in your heart and soul.
Cheryl, Canada