Singing with the Angels

Georgie always loved to sing, and as a teenager she was blessed to be given a place at prestigious stage school in London. Although her dream was to sing in musical theatre productions, destiny had other ideas.  She later went on to work professionally in cabaret and ran her own theatre school and during her 30’s she found a love of jazz music and sang her way through the standards at weddings and functions.

It was during her time singing jazz her friend Sarah gave her a song title, “Mary Me” and suggested that Georgie write a song.  At the time she didn’t consider herself a writer and dismissed the idea but within a few days the song had been channelled. You can hear more about the story of the song in the video below:

However, back in 2009  Georgie  was a victim of mental cruelty and as a result suffered severe depression, during this time she lost her singing voice and connection to her angels and guides.  She did not sing for almost a year until 2010, when she had an Angelic intervention which changed her life and brought blessings and peace. An Angel named Love spoke through Georgie whilst she attended a spiritual development group. During the Angel’s visit, Love announced:

“You will sing with the Angels to heal your Soul and then you will share our healing love and guidance through your voice.”

Georgie began to tone, hum, and sing with Love and her celestial team and soon found her voice and life’s purpose. She knew she needed to find a sensitive musician to bring the music in her heart out to the world. So Georgie asked her Guardian Angel to orchestrate a meeting with a perfect musician, and a month later in 2016 Georgie met Marcus C Dolan and Seraphisa Music was born. The duo’s first album is called “The Mystical “and one of Georgie’s favourite tracks from this album is “Lullaby”, which talks about the celestial angels and guides who watch over us all when we sleep.

As the voice of Seraphisa, Georgie began to perform their enchanting songs at Mind-Body-Spirit Festivals, Sound Therapy events and Spiritual Gatherings. When Georgie teaches Angelic Harmony Therapy abroad she organises charity fundraising concerts, as she is passionate about giving back to the country or region where she travels to teach Angelic Harmony Therapy.

Singing with Archangel Raphael “Open Your Heart”

Archangel Raphael was the first Archangel that Georgie connected with and this track is from their 3rd album “Pure Presence”The song awakens the Pure Presence within you; lighting a flame in your heart and nurturing it with love. It soothes your soul with sound to make you shine from inside out. Divinely orchestrated to hold you in a cocoon of love.

Not only does Georgie have the ability to connect with Angels, she also has a gift to bring through songs and messages from loved ones in Heaven. She often combines musical messages and songs to her audience members, depending on the situation and gathering.

Before the Pandemic hit the world in 2020, Georgie was due to sing at various concerts and venues around Europe, not only promoting Seraphisa’s 5th album “Peace Starts with You” but raising awareness and money for various charities. She is passionate about encouraging others to live within their heart from a place of peace and love. The inspirational and uplifting lyrics of the tracks were inspired and channelled by Georgie, on her first visit to Medjugorje in July 2019.

Mini-mix of the latest Seraphisa album – Peace Starts With You
Georgie’s personal favourite – Ave Maria, I love You

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