You've Chosen Archangel Haniel

Ocean Whispers Angel Card

Archangel Haniel, will be working with you to balance your sacral vortex. Your emotions are directly linked to your sense of well-being, which comes about when you are in tune with yourself and where you are in life.

So step into the deep water of this turquoise portal. Tune into your sacral whilst you follow the flow of the tide, have fun as if you were a child. Archangel Haniel whispers to you “You are a piece of creation, you create your reality and experiences, so we invite you to choose to create divinity in your daily life, instruct now that your cellular memory vibrates with the angel within you.

Create peaceful balance in all things, every where you walk. Create blessings and benevolent outcomes on your path today and everyday. This is your birth-right. You are perfect, loved and whole.

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