You've Chosen Archangel Metatron

Ascend Angel Card

You are joined by Archangel Metatron, the Seraphim and the angels of Ascension. They come to encourage you to transmute all that is no longer needed on your Ascension pathway.

When you raise your vibration, your consciousness, and your awareness to the highest level, creators level and realise that this level is also within you you accelerate your ascension journey. When your light shines so brightly without fear of others reactions, this too is ascension. When you love unconditionally without limitation and see, speak and hear through the senses of your angel within you can trust that you are on an ascension journey and your soul wishes to grow.

You are invited to walk into the portal and breath in the flame of ascension. Here you will be joined by the Seraphim whom wish to sing to you and work with your soul. Can you hear them singing to you, as you delve into the portal of ascension. Archangel Metatron over sees this process and stands holding the space for you now.

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