12 Ways to Heal Your Inner Child

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In this blog post you will discover 12 simple steps to connect with and heal your Inner Child. You will discover various ways to heal your Inner Child; through prayers, affirmations, meditations, music and sound activations. But first let me share with you the significance of connecting to your Inner Child to start your healing process

1. Start to Connect With Your Inner Child

This is the first step to healing your Inner Child and a very important one. If you cannot remember what you looked like as a child ask your angelic team to guide you to find a photo of yourself, at an age when you felt most wounded or hurt. Trust that your angels will guide you to the perfect photo for you to connect with your Inner Child. When you have found the picture that resonates with you, begin a daily ritual of speaking with your Inner Child. Say things that really come from your heart. If you’re not sure where to start simply say something like this to your Inner Child

“I love you, do you know how perfect and loved you are? “

“ I’m sorry, please forgive me for not connecting in with you before”

“Thank you so much for listening to me now, I am here for you and I am ready to listen to all you would like to say to me.”

2. Begin to Heal the Trauma of Your Inner Child Through Writing

Once you have made a connection to your Inner Child, you may like to start an Inner Child journal. Here I recommend that you choose a special book that you and your Inner Child feels drawn to, in fact hand it over to your Inner Child completely. Speak to your photograph and connect to your Inner Child and then say, “Today I would love for you to choose a precious book , so that I can write to you and you can write to me. We can choose 2 special coloured pens and have one each and begin a beautiful journey of self -love together. Then what you do is simply spend 5- 20 minutes once a day (or more if you have time and your Inner Child has lots to say) and write to one another, you can take turns in asking questions and make sure you have 1 colour pen and you Inner Child has a different colour and over time you will see what traumas have surfaced (they may seem small to you but to your Inner Child they will seem huge) If at this phase you need some support please do get in touch and book a 10 minute free consultation with me , to see if you’d like my support through Sound Therapy, Pellowah healing or Guidance

3. Learn to Love Your Inner Child

Really start to write and say beautiful things to you Inner Child. They deserve your attention, nurture and love. Imagine that your Inner Child is your own child, how would you talk to your own child? You’d say beautiful kind, caring words right? So please do this to your Inner Child.

Now as you learn to love your Inner Child you also learn to love yourself. Have you got my FREE Ebook yet? “7 Secrets to Self-Love” if not you can have the download sent to you by clicking here. Then work through the book which contains many meditations, messages, prayers, music and magical healing portals that you and your Inner Child will love.

4. Meditate with Your Inner Child

I have a few examples of meditations to help you heal your Inner Child, so please do give you and your Inner Child some time to listen to the guided meditation below, and let me know how it made you feel . You can also use it as a way of getting deeper into your journaling. Your Inner Child will thank you for it . I also have an MP3 which may benefit you, find out more here

A Meditation for you Inner Child

5. Sound Therapy to Heal your Inner Child

I have found that this is a really effective way to heal your Inner Child. You can book a free 10 minute consultation with me  by clicking here, or you can start healing your Inner Child by singing to your Inner Child and ask the angels to sing through you to heal Inner Child. Ask, Believe, Trust and Receive! Please know that this works, it is how I have healed my Inner Child and you can too. if you have faith in yourself.

6. Prayers to Heal your Inner Child

The power of prayer is HUGE, I completely believe , know and trust in the power of prayer. In maybe that through your prayers you will be lead to the perfect therapist, healer or channel, who will support you to heal Inner Child.

I suggest that you pray for the healing of Inner Child every morning and night for 9 consecutive days. Say the prayer for Inner Child from your heart and wait for the signs, signals and miracles.. If you are not sure how to prayer I do have a prayer called the 7 Seeds of Love, which is a healing tool that you can pray along with or imagine I am praying with you

7 Seeds of Love Prayer

7. Listen to Music to Heal your Inner Child

I wrote the lyrics to this song back in 2008 and I have sung it to many people and have had amazing feed back. The majority of listeners feel their Inner Child receive love and nurture . I have been singing this song to myself and others for over the last 12 years. I still sing the song to my Inner Child when she has a wobble.

8. Do What Brings Your Inner Child Joy

Once you have spent time getting to know your Inner Child, you can ask them what brings them joy and do it together. Mine loves to collect shells on the seashore and go on the swings in the park. Simply ask them and trust the answer. Or write the question in your journal and let them write back to you.

9. Read to Your Inner Child

This may seem silly but if you read lovely uplifting poetry or stories that are about empowerment and good conquering evil and after or during the story check in with you Inner Child, you can ask them questions like:

“How does that make you feel?

“What would you wish for” Or “If I had a magic wand and could make you happy what would that be?”

“Does that person remind you of someone ?”

Then you can journal their response and go deeper into your healing journey with Inner Child.

10. Saying Affirmations for your Inner Child

The power of saying affirmations for your Inner Child  is amazing, I completely believe , know and trust in the power of affirmations.

I suggest that you say affirmations  for the healing, nurture and love of your Inner Child every morning and night. Say the affirmation for your Inner Child from your heart, with your hand on your heart, look into the mirror and also hold up the picture you chose of your Inner Child. This way you will be saying it to the grown up you and Inner Child.

You can say something like this or write your own.

“I am safe, cared for and loved.”

“I am blessed and free”

“I am cherished and adored”

” I am more than good enough and perfect as I am”

You can write these into the journal using the colour pen that your Inner Child uses.

11. Invite the Angels to Bless Your Inner Child

The power of blessing your Inner Child  is HUGE, I completely believe , know and trust in the power of blessings.

I suggest that you say blessings  for the healing, nurture and love of your Inner Child every morning and night . Say the blessing for your Inner Child from your heart and wait for the  miracles.

You could say something like this , saying it 3 times will give it an extra boost :-

“ I bless my Inner Child  in success, love, happiness, joy and health. May he/ she always feel the love of the angels and know how perfect they are, in my eyes and the eyes of the angels of Creator.” ( on the 3rd time say “So it is, it is so , blessed be”

12. Make a Special Corner to Honour Your Inner Child

Make this special corner beautiful, have a picture of your Inner Child in a beautiful frame. Place little trinkets and objects that bring you and your Inner Child joy. You can always use this space to say your prayers, affirmations and blessings to your Inner Child.  You can leave little notes and anything that makes you and Inner Child feel safe , supported, cared for, and above all unconditionally loved.

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