The Importance of The Lion’s Gateway Portal

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Meditation for the Lion’s Gateway Portal 08/08

The Lion’s Gateway Meditation

What is the Lion’s Gateway Portal?

The Lion’s Gateway is an auspicious portal that occurs every year. The Lion’s Gateway occurs when the star Sirius is in alignment with the Galactic centre. The Lion’s Gateway brings with it so much light, blessings, fertility, abundance and illumination. The light from Lion’s Gateway is so electrifying, it is like a laser beam that activates and clears precisely where it is directed.

Where do the Origins of the Lion’s Gateway Portal Originate From?

The Lion’s Gateway dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt and beyond the beyond, back then the people would honour this conjunction, for the Sirius Star would be so illuminated over the pyramids of Gizza, that it bestowed blessings from above, beyond the beyond in the Celestial realms

When is the Lion’s Gateway Portal?

The opening of Lion’s Gateway occurs on the 26th of July and continues to the 12th of August. However, the Lion’s Gateway has the most piercing penetration on 08/08, the 8th of August.

What Healing Modalities are Best To Have During The Lion’s Gateway Portal?

Pellowah, radically shifts your consciousness, so a great modality to have at the Lion’s Gateway. Also, Channelled Sound Therapy will really help to support your ability to utilise the Lion’s Gateway. Whichever healing modality you are drawn to receive will be beneficial and supportive. Choose from your heart, not your mind at this auspicious time of the Lion’s Gateway.

Who benefits from Connecting to The Lions Gateway Portal?

Anyone and Everyone can benefit from the Lion’s Gateway, but most certainly if you are a light worker, healer, shaman or awakened one then the Lion’s Gateway gives you a chance to dig deep, clear out what and who you don’t need and set some awesome boundaries.

How Can You Prepare for the Lions Gateway Portal?

The most important action you can take is to ground, see my Lion’s Gateway Grounding video to help you below. Another way you can prepare for Lion’s Gateway is to de-clutter your house, car, or garden. Also during the Lion’s Gateway, you may wish to look at your boundaries and who and what you have in your life and how these people, situations or addictions are benefitting or sabotaging you and your life. During these 18 days, Lion’s Gateway awaits a fantastic time to release what no longer serves you and bring something new into your life, like abundance, new opportunities or more of your Angelic Self

Watch My Lion’s Gateway Portal Video To Help You with a Powerful Grounding Technique

Are You Ready to Utilise This Time and Prepare Yourself For Divine Blessings?

How can you Increase the Benefits of the Lions Gateway Portal?

I believe that through prayers, conscious eating, and chanting, you can increase the benefits of the  Lion’s Gateway. Also walking in nature, meditation and grounding will be fantastic ways to increase the benefits of the Lion’s Gateway.

What sort of Benefits Can You Gain from The Lion’s Gateway Portal?

You can totally start owning and being who you came here to be for a start and not to forget to mention that Lion’s Gateway is a time to raise your consciousness and get back to the truth of who you are, what you think or have been told that you are. The Lion’s Gateway is a time to be in your heart and not in your thoughts so do things and activities which reflect this. You can really choose to clear out the parts of you that are holding you back, insecurities, beliefs, old stagnant thoughts, energies and attachment. The time to let go and Flow is a huge benefit that awaits you in the Lion’s Gateway.

he Written Message of The Lion’s Gateway Portal

“Indeed dear ones we would like to begin by expanding upon the language we shared, and we shared last time “Aya Shaya Nara”: I accept the Mother.  And once you have allowed yourselves to accept her we then invite you to accept her blessings, her love: “Aya Shaya, Aya Shaya, Aya Shaya, Yatari Nyata”: This means I accept love and blessings.

The music, the tones, and the voice create a space, creating an expansion of gateways, of portals.  These portals have indeed been painted, the visual along with the sound along with the messages.  There are many gateways and many opportunities.  You can indeed create your own gateway to the angelic realms, your own portal to the celestial realms of love.  For this is indeed your birthright.  There are also standardised portals that are waiting to be utilised, gateways to blessings and love.  The Lion’s Gateway comes during the month of August: 0808.  This gateway is an opportunity to accept abundance and blessings.  It is an opportunity for you to align with your divine design.  It is an invitation to connect to the Mother-Father, an opportunity to align and receive.  This particular gateway comes but once a year and it is indeed connected to Leo, therefore you understand it has been given the name Lion’s Gateway.  There is within all of you an aspect of Leo the Lion.  This aspect is within each and every soul.  However, you choose dear ones to align at this time on this day year after year is your choice.  You may choose to spend time in the sun, you may choose to spend time with the moon, or the stars, or you may choose to spend it within your heart.  You may honour the Divine within you and with you.

It is indeed imperative that each and every day you keep your thoughts to ones of abundance and love.   However on this day, the day of the Lion’s Gateway, it is imperative that you keep your thoughts aligned to love, and all that is not love you dispel, dissipate and transform to love: Love is the key.  You may choose to use the key of love and enter the gateway with an open heart, expanding your auric field, for this dear one is how you connect the Divine within to the Divine within all, the Divine within everything conceivable.  Everything which vibrates with frequency has a divine aspect. 

Are you willing to expand your own Divinity?  Aya Shaya Ah’ta, Aya Shaya Ah’ta, Aya Shaya Ah’ta: I accept my Divinity, I accept my Divinity, I accept my Divinity.  We ask you to use these words dear ones.  And as before, with your hands and arms facing up, saying the words Aya Shaya Ah’ta, Ah’ta, Ah’ta.  You hear dear one the Ah and notice dear one how this Ah is within many sacred names: Jehovah, Shekinah, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Maria, and Yeshua.  The Ah is the Divine sacred name: “Ah”.  Dear ones you are all avatars, you are all of the Divine, each and every one of you, you are the creations of pure Divinity, therefore on this gateway, the Lion’s Gateway, the king of the jungle as it were, you reclaim your own sovereignty, you choose to wear the crown, you choose to be the ruler of your life by claiming and honouring and expanding your Divinity.  Aya Shaya Ah’ta.  If we break down the words Avatar: my earthly Divinity.  You are not your body, your body is merely a suit to house your Divinity.  Wake up!  Wake up now beautiful souls to your own Divinity.

So are you ready to step through Lion’s Gateway?  We invite you to join us, the Unity Consciousness: together as one we step in and become the gateway to sovereignty.

And so it is if you choose.  And so it is.”

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Love and Blessings


The Angel in me honours the Angel in you

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