8 Steps to Make The Most of The New Moon

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If it happens to be a SUPER New Moon then all you need do is follow the same words in the prayers and mantras and just add Super in front of New Moon.

The New Moon is a magical time to harness the energy of the cosmos, it’s my favourite time of the month after the full moon and I always try to make the most of the new moon. She is powerful and brings so much support and opportunities to re-set with her new light. I enjoy treating myself to something new and special around the time of the new moon, whether it’s an aromatherapy oil, candle, crystal or book . I hope you will be doing something special this new moon. I plan on doing most of the steps below, I already know which new thought and action  I have decided to embrace during this new moon. You may only wish to choose 1 or 2 steps, which is perfectly adequate, just remember it’s not quantity but quality that counts. It is far better to choose 1 step and do it with all your heart than 8 steps under taken with only half your heart.

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 1

On the morning of the new moon or the day before spend some time writing a prayer from your heart . If you are not used to writing prayers feel free to use the my prayer for the new moon.

New Moon Prayer

Divine Beloved, Creator I pray for insight and clarity under the light of your new moon, shine and illuminate my own inner light , so you enable me to know and understand all that I am ready to bring into my life, so I may receive your unconditional love and light to support me to have new intentions, goals, ways of being and to wipe the slate clean and start a new. Show me the next small step I am ready to take in order to serve you under your Grace and in the perfect way. And so it is, blessed be.

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 2

When you say a prayer you are asking the power above you ( Creator) but when you declare something you are saying it from your Divine Creator Self, so you know in your heart that you are the sovereign of your life and that you and Creator are one. So on the New Moon step into your sovereignty and create your destiny.

You may wish to write your declaration the day before the New Moon or in the morning of the New moon. You might want to use the declaration I have written below as a template and change the bold words according to your needs and intentions. You may also feel that writing your own New Moon declaration would be more powerful, as it will come from you and your heart.

New Moon Declaration

I ( say your name) under the light of this New Moon, declare that I am a sovereign being of light. I am here to shine my Angelic Self, together we are loving and powerful, for my connection to Source/Creator is unlimited. My angel within is responsible for all the abundance and blessings in my life. My mind and destructive self can have absolute faith in my Angelic Self to be my guiding light. I desire to be, Loving and powerful choose to be Loving and powerful I am Loving and powerful I Am .

Say your New Moon declaration 3 times and at the end finish with, and so it is , blessed be.

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 3

Choose a theme for your New Moon Intentions and Goal Settings

Every month the New Moon comes and goes and with her new light that she will grow and develop over the weeks ahead, she enables you to decide on a particular theme regarding what you are ready to begin or start as a good habit, way of being, project , goal or intention.  Hence in the declaration this month I declared I was Loving and powerful for it takes courage to step out on a new path or begin a new project or goal.  My theme this month is to start writing my new book “Secrets from the Seraphim”.

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 4

Choose a meditation that speaks to you, it may be a New Moon meditation or a specific goal setting New Moon meditation. Here are 2 you may enjoy .

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 5

Treat yourself to something special, I had a Pellowah attunement to celebrate this New Moon. You may prefer to buy yourself a new gift like a book or candle or music. Listen to your body and your Inner Child ask what would be most precious and uplifting for you to support your intentions and goals. You deserve to receive  a treat at the New Moon, maybe a massage, CST or Sound Therapy.

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 6

Listen to music for the new moon

Myself and Marcus have created 2 melodies perfect for the moon cycles one for the Full Moon and one for the New Moon.  Below is one for you to listen to on the New Moon, it’s called “Moonlight” from our album “Pure Presence” You can listen to it any time but when you listen on the New Moon , really allow yourself to connect with the energy and vibrations of the song and the New Moon.

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 7

Invite your Angelic Self to be more present in your life, you may call it your Higher Self, your Divine Self or angel within. I have a powerful chant which my angelic team gave me, It is in fact angelic language, or Seraphic language to be precise, and the full moon is an awesome time to start to use it and feel the powerful effects it has on your body.

“Aya Shya Ah’ta “ repeat this as often as you can whilst raising your right arm arms up to the full moon and your left arm down to the earth, then cross your arms over your heart and place your palms on the opposite shoulder, continue to say “Aya Shya Ah’ta “ then when you are ready take your hands to your heart , continuing to say “Aya Shya Ah’ta “ Then when you feel the connection and acceptance finish by saying “and so it is”

Make the Most of the New Moon Step 8

Connecting with Archangel Chamuel and your Heart Chakra under the light of the New Moon

“I invite the holy Archangel Chamuel , sent by Creator to connect with me now, and be by my side, be my guide under the light of this New Moon. I ask you to help enable me to look into my heart chakra and create a peaceful balance in all areas in my life, and everywhere I walk. I choose under your guidance to create blessings and benevolent outcomes on my path today and every day. With your love I remember that I am  perfect, loved and whole. Thank you Archangel Chamuel and so it is. “

The Heart chakra is located to the right of the physical heart; it balances the physical heart’s energy and the thymus gland and when it is strong so is our immune system. The colours associated with Archangel Chamuel and the heart chakra are white and pink. This centre revolves around our capacity to be, give and receive love at an unconditional level. We are all born innocent and pure with open hearts yet our life lessons may have caused us to close our hearts and now is the time to open our hearts to our own love that lies within us. We can choose to forgive and rise above judgements and criticism and instead nurture our own spirit with love. By loving ourselves unconditionally we may ask for help to forgive the hurts that we have caused ourselves and others before we can fully open our hearts.

Archangel Chamuel governs the heart chakra’s development. He will help forgive the past and expand the flame of love in your heart. We can work with Chamuel to help us when the heart feels broken or bruised or if it is blocked through emotional pain or inability to forgive another. Chamuel can help dissolve the rocks and stones of fear, guilt, anger and shame that have built up within.

A New Moon Affirmation for your Heart Chakra

I am love and I have the right to be filled with love: I am my own lover and best friend. Loving oneself as a free spirit, generous, happy and in touch with my feelings. From I am made, from love I grow. I hear now my heart beat to the sound of love and life. Feel it open and expand, blossoming with the healing from within as I open my wings and learn to fly.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, meditations and music, much love to you beautiful soul.


The Angel in me honours the Angel in you

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