A Channelled Message from the Unity Consciousness And Love

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Let the Angel Inside You Guide You

Let The Angel Inside You Guide You

 “Welcome.  Welcome dear ones.  We would like to share with you the importance of connecting with the light inside you, especially for those who are indeed channelling.  For you see dear one, like attracts like and light attracts light, so look towards the light.  For though we are all one and we are all interconnected, birds of a feather flock together.  If the person who channels and connects from their egoic mind to a lower consciousness, a collective of fear-based consciousness, as opposed to the super consciousness, they will indeed attract and feel fear, even if it is not their own fear!

It is imperative that when channelling the only aspect of the channel be their own angelic self, their light self, the higher self.  Therefore preparation before channelling is important.  It is not about protection, it is about awareness.  It is about heightening, expanding, shifting your state of awareness to that of the super consciousness.  We have talked before that there is a lower collective consciousness and a higher collective consciousness.  The lower collective consciousness is in a layer that connects with the astral realms.  The higher collective consciousness connects with a layer that is within the celestial realms.  You may liken it to a layered cake, although in reality it may seem harder to comprehend – for both are outside of time and space, they are dimensions that cannot necessarily be seen by the human eye.  So therefore anyone listening or reading this message, we invite you before channelling messages for yourself or for others: always pray.  Always pray from your heart, always pray to accept your divine self-first: Aya Shaya Ah’ta, Aya Shaya Ah’ta – I accept my divinity.  It is now time to release that which has been blocking you from speaking your truth. It is time to walk, talk and live an awareness of connecting to your angelic self, not only connecting to your celestial team for the benefit of others but also for the benefit of your own sanity and mind.  So we share now a process that our channel and those who wish to follow this guidance will indeed benefit from.

We have in the past discussed focus and intention, and to channel from your angelic self, connecting to your guides.  Your guides act as a support but your angelic self will guide you.  So you set the intention:’ the angel inside me will guide me’.  You say the prayer and ask for your angelic team, your celestial team to be with you, to support you. When you do this you will sense the transformation within yourself.  This is indeed a huge leap of faith and trust, for by doing this you are empowering yourself completely and not giving all your power away to another.  ”

The Unity Collective then invited Love to be the voice, the Angel Love is my Angelic Self, you too have an Angelic Self and most of my work is about enabling others to connect to this aspect of themselves. This can be done through meditation, Angelic Guidance, Pellowah and Sound Therapy. I invite you to listen to Love sing in the below track then continue to read the message below

Loving Presence by Seraphisa; Music for Your Soul

You can find out more about Seraphisa here

 ‘Feel now my vibration, for this is why when I first introduced myself many years ago I introduced myself as Love.  Feel the vibration now.  At this moment in time everyone is being called to stand in their truth, to connect with their light, to connect with The Light, to be free from dramas, problems and worries and concerns and to know that miracles occur.  Problems have solutions.  Questions have answers.  Processing the shadow, the sadness, the pain from the crevices of the mind, of your body, the layers of the auric field, the deeper you dig the deeper you heal.  But we ask you not to dig deeply in a manner that is painful, more like a child at the beach digging in the sand and building sandcastles.  If you liken your pain, your shadow to that which can be accessed, dug up in this way, built into a sandcastle, adorned with shells and flags: and when it is noted, it is honoured: the water comes and washes it away or you stamp on the sandcastle.  If we were to give you another analogy you may choose to write from the child within you to a specific person; acknowledged, and with the celestial support you safely burn the letters.  Some of you will indeed require support from professionals, from counsellors, healers, therapists, wise ones, shamans.  Some of you have been on this journey long enough now to work the alchemy, the healing magic from within.  The angel inside you will guide you to the path of healing, of nurture, of self-reliance, self-love.  It is the light that casts the shadow.  The shadow is not to be feared.  The shadow is to be embraced, acknowledged, for it is the shadow that may indeed be acting as a magnet which attracts.  When the shadows have been heard and healed and the voids created filled with light, there may indeed be more tests and trials to make you stronger, to enable you to stand in your own power, to enable you to take appropriate action.  Never fear for we will support you all the way. For you are loved, cherished and protected with our unconditional love.

We shall say farewell and leave, but we are never far.”

I really hope you enjoyed this message and music

Much Love


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