Choose From Your Heart and Soul

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Choose From Your Heart and Soul

 “How amazing it is that once you decide upon something, if the alignment to your soul is correct ,then things fall into place.  You may call it kismet, fate, synchronicity, divine timing.  The key is to align with your soul and choose from your heart, and we can see that you doing this.  You may choose to connect with the light and make the decision to shut out all other influences and to give yourself 100% focus and attention to clearing your mind and opening your heart.  And in that split second decision you are connected as one to the unconditional love of the Diamond Light.  For you know this as truth – we are all one, and as one there is no separation, each and every person has a unique spark of light yet their unique spark of light comes from the one cosmic flame.  Your work is different yet the same.  Your messages are different yet the same, but the underlying core values for all of you are aligned with love and this is why it is easy for us to connect with you. Some give us a voice so  that others may listen. 

So any choices that you must make are best made from the place of your heart and with the intention of that which will bring you joy and what will bring others most joy and may it truly serve your unique light for the highest good; and with these principles in place your choices will be correct and beautiful and bring blessings to yourself and to others.   Have you not noticed that when you have been clear about what it is you wish to share then doorways  begin to open and paths seem to appear and we align you and with the earth angels that can help you with your fulfilment?  We hear your voices of gratitude and this warms our hearts for we know that you are truly grateful.  But we wish to let you know that we are also truly grateful, for we need you as much as you feel that you need us.  It is a partnership, teamwork and cosmic community , it is true, the work, coming together as one and as we say this to you we hope that you feel the joy that we have at this moment.  In this very moment immerse yourself in nothing else but the joy we have to share with you.  We know that you have both suffered pain and loss, but how else can you experience such beautiful joy unless you have something else to compare it with?  Your heart is open to receive, your heart is open to share.

We leave you with feelings of joy and bliss.  Blessings dear one

Georgie’s Message

This really is so true and relevant to me, I have been struggling to make a decision due to the collective fear from those around me, friends, family and the media. So I followed the guidance from my team and went into my heart space, I said a prayer and meditated with my heart and listened to the voice of Love, my Angelic Self . I saw a camel and felt drawn to book some time in Tenerife . I wanted confirmation, so I asked my AngelicTeam to send me a sign. Now I was quite specific, I asked for a camel. Yes and I live in the UK. Well the next day my son sent me a photo of a Camel, he saw one in Nottingham High Street. Let me point out that he did NOT know about my request to my Angelic Team. I know this is where I am meant to be for 6 weeks and I will be able to share some amazing messages, meditations and healing with you all. So have a listen to the track below and then follow the suggestions of my team to make your decisions or at least begin to make a small step.

Angels of Wisdom by Seraphisa Music for Your Soul

If you’d like to know more about the music from Seraphisa you can find out more here

I really hope you found this message and music beneficial.

Much Love


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