Archangel Gabriel Prayer: 13 Steps to Connect with Archangel Gabriel

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In this blog post, you will learn 13 simple steps to connect with Archangel Gabriel, through prayers, messages, meditations, and sound activations. But first, let me share with you the significance of this gentle yet powerful Archangel and how he may support you in your ascension process.

Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Archangel Gabriel is the angel messenger, famously known for visiting Mother Mary to announce her role as mother to Jesus. Many people associate Archangel Gabriel with Christmas, and many Christmas carols sing about Archangel Gabriel. Please let me assure you Archangel Gabriel wishes to assist you and your role as a being of light and encourage you to birth the Angel or Divine within you! Archangel Gabriel brings harmony and purification with his white flame, encouraging us with clarity, discipline, and order within our life. Working with Archangel Gabriel on the base chakra can help us trust and get on with tasks with energy and passion to make our life successful. It is important to bring joy into this chakra as this will help stress levels drop and life will begin to flow. Archangel Gabriel’s element is water and his direction is the west, so it can be special to connect with Archangel Gabriel at the sea or by a river facing the westerly direction.

How to Talk to and Call Upon Archangel Gabriel

Anyone can call upon and connect with Archangel Gabriel. Would you like to feel the presence of Archangel Gabriel in your life? If so here are the 13 steps I have used personally to connect with Archangel Gabriel for the past 20 years.

You may wish to use one of (or a combination of) the steps to connect with Archangel Gabriel each day. Feel free to change the order to suit your needs.

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

“The true meaning of success is a life that is in harmony with the spiritual laws. When you are disciplined with your spiritual practices and you find joy in your spiritual practice, life will feel balanced and joyful. If you have a deep trust in your inner Spirit and you remember that the essence of myself, Archangel Gabriel, which is strength, is within you. You are protected by the love of all the celestial beings and I, Archangel Gabriel wish to come closer than ever before to you now. I wish to unfold you in my arms, wings, and love. Call or sing to me and I will be with you. Blessings Archangel Gabriel.”

Step 1: Archangel Gabriel Invocation

Invoke Archangel Gabriel to be with you at the start of your day. Archangel Gabriel loves to be by your side, holding your hand and guiding you along your Divine pathway. Try the following invocation: –

I (state your name) invoke the gentle yet powerful Archangel Gabriel to be sent from Creator/ God to be by my side. I ask with all my heart and from the Angel within me to be blessed with the Divine presence of the Archangel Gabriel on this day. Please hold my hand and guide me, may Archangel Gabriel s presence bless this day with strength, courage, and support. Archangel Gabriel, please surround me now with your white flaming cloak of ascension. Blessed be.

Step 2:  Prayers for help from Archangel Gabriel

Morning Archangel Gabriel Prayer

Divine Beloved Creator God, I ask that you send me the gentle yet powerful Archangel Gabriel to be by my side, to guide me, giving me strength and courage, faith and trust. May his flames of white light purify and clear all blocks and obstacles within my path this day and every day.

Evening Archangel Gabriel Prayer

I give thanks and gratitude to Divine Beloved; I have felt the presence of Archangel Gabriel today. He has given me your strength, courage, faith, and trust. All blocks and obstacles have been cleared away with his purifying white flames. Thank you Archangel Gabriel for being by my side.

Step 3: Play Archangel Gabriel Music

Playing music for Archangel Gabriel is the perfect way to subtly surround your home or car with the presence of Archangel Gabriel There are 2 tracks that I personally use, “As I watch you” by Seraphisa and Archangel Gabriel Base Chakra Affirmations.

Step 4: Meditate with Archangel Gabriel

You may wish to use this step after the invocation and morning prayer. Meditation is silencing your mind and listening, allow yourself some quiet time to connect with the Archangel Gabriel in a place of peace and quiet. Silence your mind, open your heart and listen, feel, go within and look with your soul’s light and acknowledge the presence of the Archangel Gabriel. In time you may notice a particular sign that Archangel Gabriel is with you.

Step 5: Affirmations to enhance your connection to Archangel Gabriel

Say this affirmation out loud

“I raise my consciousness, in Grace, to the sacred place within me that exists in you, Archangel Gabriel, and where you exist in me. Please nourish me with harmony and help me find my peace within. 

Step 6: Chant the name of Archangel Gabriel

Simply chant out loud “Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel” or

“Archangel Gabriel I am you, you are me, we are one, blessed be”

Step 7:  Listen to Sound Healing from Archangel Gabriel

Below is a video containing channelled Angelic Harmony Sound Therapy from Archangel Gabriel

Step 8: Connect with a picture of Archangel Gabriel

Look into a picture of Archangel Gabriel, and ask that you may feel his presence as you look into his eyes. Connect with Archangel Gabriel at a Soul level, remembering you are a Divine being also, affirming in your heart and mind.

“Archangel Gabriel, I am you, you are me, we are one, blessed be”

Step 9: Light a white candle for the presence of Archangel Gabriel

As you light the candle you may wish to say the Archangel Gabriel invocation in step 1 or the Archangel Gabriel prayer in step 2.

Step 10: Carry an object that represents Archangel Gabriel

This is a subtle way of anchoring the presence of Archangel Gabriel to be with you in a heartbeat. Choose an object that feels right for you, maybe a feather, a tiny pocket angel, or a Lily flower. Then dedicate the object to represent the presence of Archangel Gabriel, as you hold the object in your hand you may affirm; “As I hold this in my hand I hold the hand of Archangel Gabriel, he is with me now and always when I ask for his presence.”

Step 11: Dedicate a crystal to Archangel Gabriel

I would suggest choosing a white crystal such as selenite, or milky quartz. Hold the crystal in your hand and dedicate the crystal to Archangel Gabriel by announcing, “I (state your name) invoke the mighty Archangel Gabriel to be sent from Creator/ God and to be by my side whenever I hold this crystal and think Archangel Gabriel.

Step 12: Wear the Colour white to represent Archangel Gabriel

As you wear your chosen clothing state

“I (your name) wear this colour white to represent the flaming cloak of Archangel Gabriel, may the presence of Archangel Gabriel guide me on my ascension journey and his legion of ascension angels be with me today, sent from heaven ”

Step 13

Archangel Gabriel works with white flames of light and encourages us to work with this mantra whilst imagining his white flames of light flushing through us whilst we say the mantra below

“I have the right to be on this beautiful Earth. I am an earth mother with the ability to take care of my life and all my needs and desires. I nourish myself with harmony and find my peace within.”

I hope you found this interesting and helpful, I would love to hear about your experiences, as you follow the steps. Feel free to contact me.

Lots of love

Georgie G Deyn

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