Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray of Truth and Integrity

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A channelled Message from the Unity Consciousness

Dear ones, we would like to share more with you a message.   We would like to share with you that you may liken us (the Unity Consciousness) to a rainbow.  However within this rainbow there are many colours, some that you may have never perceived with your physical eyes. However when you look with your third eye and allow us to connect with you, you will indeed have the potential to perceive us with all your senses. There are many rays within our collective rainbow.  There are many masters, archangels and star beings.  If you liken yourselves to a rainbow, ,you too will have many colours and it is vital that the rainbow within you has balanced colours; and these colours cover your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.  Each colour has a frequency.  You will all also carry your own unique colour and frequency that shines from your physical heart, This is your own song’s note and colour,: this note may not always be visible or audible to your human ears but this is how you will learn to connect to the angel within you, this is your guiding light, your guiding colour, your guiding note, your frequency. 

The Consciousness Collective of Unity brings together all colours, all frequencies; but for the purpose of this transmission we invite you to see, sense, feel, know the vibration of Archangel Michael and the colour of his blue ray.  This blue ray of truth and integrity will enable you to cut through all illusions.  Your truth dear ones is your truth – it may be an illusion for another, but dear one we invite you to fully embrace your own truth, and we ask you to do this now as we transmit the healing frequencies and activations to work with the blue ray within you – for you all possess this blue ray.  Some of you may carry more of this ray than others.  Some of you may have the gift to share this ray with others, but you also have the gift of sharing your own, your colour and sound, your own unique essence and vibration that lives within you – the angel within you, within the within, the celestial beings as we are indeed.  We come to support and guide you to connect with your own essence, your light, your own colour, frequency, sound. 

We invite you now to sense the Archangel Michael.  We ask you now to surrender your mind, body and soul; invite your subconscious mind to allow the frequencies and the rays of Archangel Michael to connect with you now.  We invite now Archangel Michael to give you a sign that he is indeed with you: his calling card for you and for you alone and your communion with him.  Sense, see, feel, know his calling card now.  Beautiful soul, know that Archangel Michael is but a call away: he is indeed a messenger of the Divine and within the Unity Collective.  Call upon him, call his name: “Michael, Michael, be with me now under the grade of Creator’s love.  I surrender all illusions to you and invite you to help me see now your blue light of truth and integrity”.  And breathe, and be, and breathe, and be, and relax into the certainty that you are loved.  Michael is within you and is within me.  Blessed be and so it is.”

Truth and Integrity Set You Free

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