Awakening Your Spiritual Super Powers With Archangel Metatron

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A Message from The Unity Consciousness Collective

This was channelled through Georgie over video call to her friend, on 11th of June 2020, on this day she were drawn to wear a pendant that had Metatron’s cube engraved upon it. She was unaware that the message would be regarding Archangel Metatron and awakening your Spiritual Super Powers. You can read the message below and then listen to the channelled Light and Angelic language, and sound activations .

Question (Georgie): What guidance can you give us all regarding incorporating Archangel Metatron more into our Spiritual work and Ascension journey?

“Greetings and welcome.  We have encouraged the channel (Georgie) to work once more with eyes wide open, and we encourage you all to look with the eyes of Love, of Light, and of Truth.  Over the many aeons of time information has been passed down, has been shared.  The many old sacred texts contain many truths, but it is always down to the interpretation and perception of the reader my dear.  So you see, throughout time it has been a human condition to want, to need to be separate and different and unique.  And of course dear ones you are all unique and special in your own right. 

Archangel Metatron is vital to your ascension process. He shares the word of Creator and with his gold energy and essence his vibration is aligned with the Divine Masculine, for he is indeed part of the chain.  His light, the light of many other beings and his communication is direct and directed into your heart where the voice of your Divine Self resides.  We have spoken previously about this chain and about the notion of the pendant, the end  of the chain.  Your pendants may change: how interesting today you wear the Metatron cube pendant, how interesting.  So you see my dear what we would like to share with you is how Metatron has been working with our channel.  He works directly through her voice, the sacred sound, the sacred geometry comes through her voice, through the tones, through the singing, through the language of light, the language of angels.  We ask you in future to listen for the sound of his tones and become familiar with them. We have indeed been sharing his cube around those who listen: they have indeed been given a transportation method.  His cube, also known as a Merkabah, is placed around and gifted to those who are ready.  He is indeed part of the Unity Conscious Collective who are working with our channel. 

The language of angelic light, the sacred codes within the tones, within your cells are transforming you into super humans.   There is nothing to fear, there is much fear amongst you, and by you we mean the human race.  Place not attention on the darkness, place your attention on the light.  By going down the dark rabbit hole you will indeed become stuck.  However if you focus on the light you will set yourself free.  The human beings we talk of now are those who will shift their perceptions, shift their consciousness.  The more you allow this process the quicker your super powers will be revealed dear ones, for those of you who have inherited these powers they come from your direct lineage, from the light of your original soul’s journey.  Our channel, with the intervention of Archangel Metatron, the Elohim, Seraphim and the other members of the Unity, awakens the Spiritual Super Powers within those who listen.  It is imperative to listen and allow, for the sound and the light come together when the storm is above you and the fraction of the light and sound are almost in unison.  For when the sound is streamlined the sound and the light together come as one.” 

“This is an interesting journey is it not, for those of you here at this moment in time?  You are the change makers.  Simply by being open to the love, to the light, and allowing yourselves to be present and to be one with the light.  You may wish to liken yourselves as avatars – outside of space and time, this is where your magic occurs.  Your angel within or your divine self is your avatar and your physical body is merely a disguise.  Your true Spiritual Super Power, your true self is the light within you.  We are most grateful dear ones for your attention.  Thank you.”

I hope you enjoyed this message about Archangel Metatron and awakening your Spiritual Super Powers.

If you have any questions, please do contact me.

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