Can Anyone Learn to Channel Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides?

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You can Channel, yes you, anyone can and I’d love to tell you more. There are many misconceptions regarding channelling, so I am sharing this to bust some myths and encourage you to open up to the process of a magical communication with your heart, Soul Self, Divine TEAM and the Superconscious heart and mind.

What Does Channelling Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides Involve?

​Channelling involves an intentional shift of awareness that expands your state of consciousness. It is necessary to slow down your mind from a beta state to a theta state, basically going from doing to being and slowing down your brain waves. And focusing on nothing but your breath and finding a clear empty mind, free from chatter and noise.  In doing this you allow your thoughts to leave your mind and become a clear open vessel that is receptive and able to receive information, guidance, messages and knowing from a higher vibration. 

The Super Conscious Mind and TEAM

​ The Superconscious heart and mind is a collective of pure, high vibrating ascended masters, guides and Beings of Light. Within this collective, is of course your own “I Am That I Am Presence.” We could also call this your Higher Self, Divine Self, Soul Self or Angel within.

You also have a Divine team of Guides, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light who are waiting to assist you on your spiritual development and ascension pathway. This team exist outside of space and time, where miracles and alchemy happen. Their mission is to enable and encourage you to connect with your Angel within, so your halo shines and you expand your consciousness, claim your wings and connect to your Divine Self and Divine purpose.

Everyone has a TEAM of Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides

​Let’s keep things simple. Your Divine Self and your team are not restricted by space and time, they are beyond the beyond, in the highest realms which are full of love and light. Your team’s mission is to empower you, encourage you, and enable you to become confident and authentic.

All of the Masters, guides, and beings of light in your team have unconditional love, empathy, healing and compassion you. They know that you have a Divine purpose to play that no one on the earth can fulfil other than you. They believe in you and desire for you to believe in your own Soul’s light, so they will encourage you like a loving friend or family member. This wish for you to think of them as loving equals and to help you understand the importance of the word TEAM.


Seeing the Bigger Picture Through the Eyes of Love

​I feel, believe and know in my heart (and my TEAM have confirmed this) that our Soul chooses a mission for each lifetime; and in the VERY beginning, our Soul chose an ultimate mission. This mission may have many stages and potentially it changes during our life as we travel through it, eventually, the pieces of the puzzle come together and we see the bigger picture and can find the missing pieces.  One of the many wonderful opportunities when learning to channel is that we can discover so much more about our mission, purpose and gifts. 

Now over to my TEAM, if you’d not done so already please watch the video for a channelled message, exercise, meditation and then to finish, listen to some music from Seraphisa, the track Lullaby found on our first album The Mystical sums up what myself and my TEAM wish to share. Listen to the words within the song, for the message is important to your healing.

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