Heavenly Harmony- Ascension Energy Healing

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What is Heavenly Harmony (Ascension Energy Healing)

Heavenly Harmony Introduction

Heavenly Harmony is pure Source energy, a pure transmission from the Light, from the Creator to the person receiving the healing.

Georgie was activated by her Spiritual team and channelled the Healing Modality that enables her to initiate the Heavenly Harmony energy and hold the healing space for you, the person receiving.

As a practitioner each time you work with Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing, you will be anchoring in more of your Angelic Self or as I call it your Angel within you. I am very keen to offer this modality at a reduced price until I have the page set up on my website.

How much does it cost to have a session of Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing?

Currently, I am offering this service as distance healing for £44 per session. It will increase to £60 once the new page is on my website.

What are The Benefits of Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing?

I believe that as we are working on ourselves, we are creating a ripple effect and working on humanity. We are all connected and one at the Source level. So the more we do our inner work, the more we can positively affect everyone else. So when you give a session to a client you are grounding more of your Angelic Self into Earth, creating Heaven on Earth. If you receive a session then you are also awakening, grounding and anchoring more of who you truly are. A being of light, an Earth angel, a messenger of the Divine and a conduit for love.

Here is what a client had to say about Heavenly Harmony

“I received Heavenly Harmony distant healing from Georgie a month ago. I had a lovely deep experience, it felt like I had been hugged by an Angel. Since then I have felt better at coping with the current challenges in my life. Thank you Georgie x”

Some other benefits of Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing are::

  • Awaken the Angel within
  • Reduce physical pain and boost the immune system. 
  • Support Ascension Symptoms
  • Increased concentration. 
  • Encourage deep relaxation and peace. 
  • Identify and balance emotions
  • Enhancing creativity and opening the mind to new ideas. 
  • Help to connect or deepen your spiritual path 
  • Helps oneself to find your true divinity. 
  • Connects you to Divine healing love and guidance. 
  • Awaken your full spiritual potential.

How do I know if I would benefit from a session of Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing?

I would suggest you ask the voice of your heart to guide you and listen to the Angel inside you. Place your hand on your heart and ask the question “Would I benefit from a session of Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing? If your heart feels warm and open or you feel a yes, then book in with me through Email or WhatsApp. If you have a tightness in your abdomen then it is potentially resistance and fear that is holding you back. from stepping into your full potential and opening your wings into a heart-centred reality of love, peace and harmony. Often we are too attached to our dramas and the old timelines that have served us so far. However, if you are ready to step into a NEW TIMELINE then please do reach out.

What are the Core Principles of Heavenly Harmony Ascension Energy Healing?

The principles behind Heavenly  Harmony are quite simple. They have been given to me by my angelic self “Love” –

Ask, receive, trust & believe”. I asked her for more clarification, and guess what? I received it! I trusted in the process and I completely BELIEVED it. So to be open to awakening, anchoring and living as your most Divine Self,  you must believe, too. I am not dictating and there should be no shoulds or musts but in this case, it is the baseline principle of working at such a high vibrational level. Remember, you are Heavenly Harmony, manifested here on Earth, Your job is to remember who you are…… An Angel or Light/ Star Being on Earth. You are DIVINE!

What is an Angel Within and How does that correspond with Heavenly Harmony?

Within you an angel is waiting to be sculpted, this beautiful celestial being of light is you, you are the angel!

Potentially, at this present moment, you may be unable to hear, sense or see her or maybe you have fleeting whispers, glances or sensations. You may or may not believe or know of her existence currently, for she may have been covered up over years, enclosed and being force-fed thoughts and beliefs from your mind or other people.  Preconceived ideas or perceptions that have no place in reality, and false evidence appear real, which lead to FEAR of being the totality of all you are.

If you liken yourself and everyone else to a block of ice, stone, marble or crystal, this is the false, fear-based layer that is covering us up, however, within that chunk of solid energy Is an angel waiting to be set free. As you chip away the layers of external influences within and around you, you WILL uncover the angel within, perfect, love incarnated, beautiful, whole and awake to the belief that Heaven is within and reflected out around you, a place that is within, the within and beyond the beyond. The angel is your true nature, the light that will guide you forward and enable you to uncover and discover or re-connect to your Soul’s Divine plan.

Everything is inside you, the angel is waiting to be birthed. The external is not your true self; it is only that which has been projected onto you. I would imagine that if you have been drawn to this blog post, then you like myself, are an empath. You deeply feel other people’s pain, suffering, trauma and even hear their thoughts. You may well have taken these on as your own, you may have absorbed them into the field around you.

The energy that is your earthly self; mind, body and aura, this beautiful soul has been imploded by many internal and external influences. Heavenly Harmony is a healing tool to work with your inner angel, and your I Am presence, aligning you to your perception and belief in the Source, Creator, Mother-father God or Universal power of Love. I believe that Heavenly Harmony is a portal leading you to the door to the kingdom of Heaven within you.

So if you’d like to try a session please do get in touch at hello@georgiegdeyn.com

Heavenly Harmony Reviews

“I received Heavenly Harmony distant healing from Georgie a month ago. I had a lovely deep experience, it felt like I had been hugged by an Angel. Since then I have felt better at coping with the current challenges in my life. Thank you Georgie x”

“I had the most beautiful experience during a Heavenly Harmony session with Georgie. I felt like an Angel was wrapping his wings around me (it felt very cold) and my body which was tense, instantly relaxed. Then I had beautiful visions which filled my heart with love… And the music is absolutely beautiful.”

“I had a Heavenly Harmony session with Georgie last week and it was absolutely beautiful. Beforehand Georgie explained everything I needed to know perfectly, during the session it was so relaxing and beautiful throughout. The music used was just something else. I felt various physical feelings as well as saw and heard guidance throughout. Since the session I have felt some blocks have been removed, a big fear of mine just washed away. I would like to thank Georgie for her beautiful time and loving energy throughout. This is what makes your healing modality as powerful as it is. Because it has been created out of love. Love, light and healing vibes to you beautiful soul.”

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