Pellowah, The Radical Shift in Consciousness The World Has Been Waiting For!

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What is Pellowah

The name Pellowah was given to an energy healing technique channelled in 2003 by the Spiritual teacher Kachina Ma’an. Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness” – its primary reason for being channelled at this time is for awakening the consciousness of humanity.  Although an angelic word, Pellowah energy does not originate from the angelic realms. It is pure Source energy, a direct transmission from the Light.

Unlike other forms of energy healing, Pellowah does not work through the Practitioner.  Pellowah is direct from Source to the person receiving the healing. A practitioner receives the attunements that enable them to initiate the Pellowah energy and hold the healing space for the person receiving. There is no diagnosis or interpretation by the practitioner.

Are You Ready to Radically Shift Your Consciousness?

Pellowah Meets You where you Are!

Pellowah is simple, yet powerful and effective
As the person receiving Pellowah, you may experience huge shifts immediately following a session, or the effects may be subtle, yet profound, unfolding over a period of time. No two sessions are ever the same! You may benefit from a course of three sessions to build momentum.
Now more than ever we are being called to remember and awaken to “Who We Really Are”. Pellowah is an opportunity to shift our individual consciousness and create a ripple effect in the consciousness of humanity! To awaken the truth and light and Angel within us!

Is Pellowah What you are Looking For?

​Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment, spiritual healing, and spiritual growth?
Are you wanting to shift and completely let go of long-held patterns and beliefs?
Are you yearning for a deeper connection to your true Divine Self and life?
Do you feel something is “just not right”, or “there must be more to life” but you just can’t put your finger on what the issue is, yet you “know”, or “feel” something needs to shift? 
Pellowah is an opportunity to create this “shift” If Pellowah is looking for you, you will find Pellowah and you will know it is what your consciousness is looking for. If you already know Pellowah is for you then you can either book a session or you can also book a FREE 10-minute consultation to double check Pellowah is right for you.

How Does Pellowah Work?

Rather like the sound healing that Georgie offers, Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA – ready for activation. It unblocks and realigns all the meridians within the body, giving a feeling of well-being and connection which allows for a Radical Shift in Consciousness.
The physical, emotional and mental healing effects of Pellowah are a wonderful by-product of a “Shift in Consciousness”. You may experience new expanded perceptions and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. This enables you to make healthier choices and intuitive decisions, thus enhancing your health and well-being!

How is Pellowah different from Reiki, Rahanni and Other Spiritual Healing Modalities?

Pellowah is a higher energy vibration than Reiki. and other hands-on distant Healing modalities. Depending on your reason for seeking energy healing, this may mean Pellowah will be more effective.

Pellowah primarily works on the mind and spirit connection (rather than the physical body). Conditions that have a psychosomatic root (i.e. mind/body) will often respond very well. Rather than balancing the “symptom”, Pellowah shifts the root cause of the issue. This means for many chronic issues Pellowah will often get results where others won’t.

Pellowah works to “Shift the Consciousness” in order to build new beliefs and pathways, resulting in better choices, behaviours, awareness and understanding. Because Pellowah works on the root cause at the level of consciousness, changes emerge from the inside out!

How is the Frequency of Pellowah Different to Reiki and the Other Healing Modalities?

If you think of a rainbow, the colours are produced by the energy frequency (vibration) of light. Red is the lowest and Violet is the highest. Each has its own purpose.

If you want to be more grounded, or want more energy then you would choose Red. If you want to connect to your higher self or increase Spiritual awareness, then Violet is the best colour. The energy frequency that serves you best is determined by what you wish to work on.

Healing modalities like Reiki and Pellowah use different energy frequencies. Reiki is more “Earthy” and connected with “physical body”. Pellowah is “Lighter and Finer” connected with Consciousness (Mind) and Spirit.

How Does A Pellowah healing Session Work?

Pellowah is a “hands-off” healing technique. It does not involve touch. The sessions work equally effectively, remotely or in person with the practitioner. In some ways, they may be better performed remotely as the client may go deep and will not need to worry about travelling home.  I now have chosen to work remotely with Pellowah as I feel it is the best option. The client and I decide on a time and I text my client 15 minutes before the session is due to start. then I connect with them again at the end of the Pellowah session. My clients can text me and ask questions as part of ongoing support but I always empower them with my answers.

Once the session starts the client will lie down fully clothed in a position that is comfortable for them, close their eyes, relax and receive the energy. There is no need to do anything to “enhance” the healing. No need to meditate or make the intention. Just relax and receive.

The Practitioner is directed by the Pellowah energy to move in whatever manner is required. Often hand, arm and body movements are used during the session. The session will last from 45-60 minutes.
Pellowah is direct to the client, as such, you may wish to share whatever sensations, images or messages you received. The Practitioner is unable to comment on, or interpret your experience. Practitioners are attuned in order to hold the sacred space for the Pellowah energy to interact with you. They are not there as Intuitives, Counsellors or Interpreters. They may ask you questions to facilitate your own guidance.
Pellowah is about your “Shift in Consciousness” – not the interpretation of another!

What is felt during a Pellowah session?

A client may experience a range of emotions, sensations and imagery during a session. Or they may not feel, see or experience anything other than deep relaxation. Everyone is different, and every session is different. What you consciously remember or don’t remember of the session has no impact on the power of the healing.
Pellowah works on the mental/spiritual level first and foremost so often clients will have the experience of being in a void or not remembering or feeling anything. The energy continues to work through you and whilst some clients experience immediate shifts during the session, others may experience subtle yet profound shifts in the days and weeks that follow.
Remember Pellowah is working with your consciousness and will bring whatever shift is required at the time of the session.

How Long Does the Pellowah Session Work After the Session?

Pellowah’s energy does not stop working after the session ends! It continues to build upon the shifts created during the session. As such you will find that whatever issues you are working on become easier and easier to navigate as time goes on!

Are there any requirements for pre and post a Pellowah sessions?

Remember you are making an investment in your Consciousness, so be mindful of anything that may compromise healing. It is recommended no alcohol or drugs (aside from those prescribed by a Health Professional) be consumed 24 hours prior to, and 24 hours after a Pellowah healing session. It is also recommended you do not have any other healing work for the 24 hrs following a Pellowah session.

Can You Mix Pellowah With Other Healing Modalities?

Pellowah can be used as a stand-alone healing practice. It may also be combined with other healing modalities providing Pellowah is the last healing. For example, you could have an angelic sound healing followed by Pellowah, or angelic guidance followed by Pellowah.

If you receive a Pellowah healing you must not undertake any other form of healing, spiritual coaching or counselling for 24 hrs after the session.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Pellowah and listening to the video., if you are interested but would like to have a FREE 10-minute Consultation first, please do contact me to arrange a time to have a video or audio call. No obligation to book a session. Please do Contact me now

Do you teach Pellowah and can I learn with you?

Yes, I do and yes you can. I teach small Intimate groups at my Spiritual retreat in Suffolk, UK. I know a very reasonably priced BnB that I can recommend. Alternatively, if you organise a group I am happy and willing to travel to you. If there is enough interest I may travel to Europe, and North America.

Pellowah Client reviews

You May also wish to read a few reviews from happy Pellowah Clients

“I recently received Pellowah Healing from Georgie and have felt its ongoing positive effect since.  It was wonderful to feel so held and safe before, during and after our session forming a trusting space for the healing experience to happen.  Initially, my body and mind felt aching and stiff with the energetic release but after 24 hours this had passed and I have felt lighter and better able to deal with the daily challenges of this time and generally more in tune with my inner self which has been a true gift. I have no hesitation in recommending Georgie for any of her healing modalities as one can tangibly sense the gentle generosity, honesty and integrity that she offers of herself for the recipient’s highest good.  Thank you Georgie for introducing me to Pellowah and now the ensuing journey”…

Heidi UK

“I would highly recommend Pellowah Healing with Georgie G Deyn! I have received two distant healing sessions now and both sessions have been truly amazing! Georgie contacted me prior to each session to advise me of the time she would commence the healing. All I had to do was lie in a quiet place, place my earplugs in and enjoy the process. I felt so peaceful! I felt waves of energy flowing through my body. It is so relaxing, that at times, I even dropped off to sleep!!! Visions came to me and also a deep sense of clarity. Pellowah helps promote inner strength and a deeper understanding of the journey you are on. The effects of the healing are particularly evident at this time for me (with the coronavirus pandemic), as I am not getting swept away with fear, instead, I feel calm and grounded. I am able to draw on strength and confidence from within. I would recommend that you read about Pellowah on her website and if you feel drawn to it, give it a try…you will be glad you did! X”

Kelly, UK

“I highly recommend Pellowah Healing sessions with Georgie. The Pellowah energy is so very Peaceful & Loving. I had 4 long distant Pellowah sessions with Great results. I was at a stand point in where I had to make major decisions in my life it was very difficult to do for some reason or another & I really wanted to step into a new path, a new journey. Georgie and Pellowah helped strengthen me to let go of any doubts/fears/insecurities – helped me make firm decisions & to stick to them – Pellowah empowered me to take charge of my life Gracefully. My thoughts do not swirl as they did before. I have a great sense of connectedness with Source, my intuition is awesome, my energy feels renewed & has a natural feeling of strength I never had. I am now able to move forward on my new life journey feeling whole & confident. My outlook on life is completely different. I am hopeful & Empowered. I will absolutely continue to have Pellowah sessions with Georgie and am excited to see where Pellowah takes me on this new journey!!”
Thank you Georgie for introducing me to Pellowah. Much Love Josie

Josie, USA

“I was really looking forward to my Pellowah healing, always open to trying something new, as I lay there I could feel parts of my body tingling, I saw pink angels in my mind’s eye before I drifted in and out of sleep/consciousness, I woke up some 45 minutes later feeling good but tired so decided to sleep as I felt so relaxed. It was not until the next few days that I really noticed the change in myself, there was a certain clarity and an inner feeling of self-love that I had not really experienced before. It’s not until I have sat with this and realised how this healing has helped! It has truly helped to bring me into alignment, which is truly what I have been searching for, I truly cannot describe the loving feeling I have inside at the moment .”

Carl UK

“That was amazing, thank you so much for the Pellowah . I felt tearful at first, then years of recognition and joy. I felt held down but in my mind I was floating and visions of rising in many different ways. I saw a tribal scene and I was being carried on a raffia! Lots of waves of purple and deep blue. Then I heard a tone of angelic sound, more tears, some thoughts of Pellowah and what I need to do. Finally, some stillness and some silent peace. AMAZING”
Rhosalaria , UK

“I had a deeply relaxing distance Pellowah Healing from Georgie. I felt so present and refreshed after the healing. During the session I had lots of inspired ideas and clarity in many areas of my life. I’m looking forward to booking another one soon!”

Rebecca UK

” My distant Pellowah session started with my heart pumping. I think it’s due to adjusting to the incoming frequency, at times I felt like I was floating. I was being drawn to a bright light high up. I was also riding on a white winged horse like animal.  After that I drifted out and in of kind of trance like state, not awake not asleep, I felt like my shoulders were being comforted, altogether a relaxing experience. Thank you so much Georgie”
Morag, UK

“Lovely, the most striking thing about my distant Pellowah session was in my third eye, a really hot tingling and I saw what looked like a chandelier,  I was hearing you singing “the era of peace is at hand”. Thank you very, very much dearest Georgie. Lots of love”
Esther, Ireland

 “I just wanted to thank you for the Pellowah distant work you did on me yesterday. I could feel a lot of energy releasing and was very relaxed. After the session I felt so peaceful it was beautiful. Thank you again you are an Angel xxx”
Celeste, UK

Pellowah is out of this world! The most powerful healing I’ve ever had. I felt like my soul was being serviced by light beings. It felt like thousands on years of damage was being repaired. My poor old broken heart was being healed and yes of course it was a painful moment but I know I needed it. This is definitely beyond the beyond.”

Wendy UK

Much Love and Blessings

The Angel in me honours the Angel in you

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