Step into Your Divine Self

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Would you like to step into your full power, shine your light and follow your Soul’s purpose? Love encourages you to wear your crown of light and be who you came here to be.

You can watch the video below or read the post. But first I suggest saying an affirmation, it’s one I have been using and I really feel it gets me into alignment and flow.

“Love, open the way for the Divine Design of my life to manifest, let the Angel within me be released and let me clearly see my next step”

This has really helped me to take things at a steadier and slower pace, taking away feelings overwhelm and fear. I hope you find it beneficial

Channelled Message from Love: “Step into Your Divine Self and Wear Your Crown of Light”

Greetings dear ones, it is beautiful to be with you all once more, sharing the messages that we bring, for we bring you the message regarding the importance of allowing the golden angel within you to shine their light. For you see dear ones, each and everyone of you has a golden crown. Are you ready wear this golden crown now and be your own sovereign? When more and more of you upon the earth are wearing your crowns and accepting your role as a Divine creator, a Divine Being, sharing the light from your golden crown, you will begin to join together, creating a golden grid around the earth. For you see dear ones there is no need for competition.

For you see dear ones we see many, whom have chosen to serve as a light- worker but they are slightly misguided, and we are sure that those of you reading this now are not among these souls. However the more you shine your light, the more you will step into your own sovereignty and the easier it will be.  This indeed will cause a chain reaction; there will be an abundance of light amongst you all.

We ask you now to check within your self. There is within you a golden spark, be it a star, an angel, a Buddha or golden Christ. However you see it we ask you to go within the golden light and go deeper and deeper within, breathe in the golden light from the Celestial support, awakening the golden light within you and embodying it. Sigh and release all that no longer serves you. For you see you maybe tested dear ones. There maybe those who come amongst you and try to cover your light, however the more you shine, the more you grow. Feel now not only the golden aspect of the light within you but not , see, sense, feel or know a golden crown that is being placed upon your head now. Know that you are wearing this crown. You are acknowledging your Divine Self. As you acknowledge yours and wear it with love, joy and peace, others will begin to wear theirs crowns once more. This is the crown of joy and bliss.

Now sensing, as we encourage you to work with the Archangels and Ascended Masters but in a way that is allowing you to grow, expand and be who you came here to be, not merely a puppet but your own Sovereign, king or Queen of the light.  As you invite to be with you now, Archangel Uriel, to stand at your left hand side, he brings you peace, he places a ball of golden peace light into your left hand, feel the ball in your hand.

Now to your right stands Archangel Chamuel and the Queen Mary and together they bring you love, a pink ball of love, feel this being placed into your right hand.

Take your attention and reach up to your crown, here there is being placed a white ball of joy, allow now archangel Jophiel and Mary Magdalene to place this white light of joy into your chakra system and the white light fills every cell of your body with joy. Place now the golden ball of peace in your left hand into your solar plexus and the pink ball of light into your heat centre. As the light travels down the coloured balls of light blend together to make a golden shimmering coral colour, this brings the vibration of bliss into every cell of your being. Feel the essence of bliss in every cell of your body tingle, know or see this colour within you. A Divine being of light, that wears the golden crown, which acknowledges that love, peace, joy and bliss are their natural state of Being.

Now breathe this vibration out into your aura, through the many layers. Breathe in and out and be all that you came here to be dear ones, for you are perfect, you are loved and you are whole.”

I Hope that you enjoyed this blog post and the video, I would welcome your feedback and comments. Much love, joy, peace, and gratitude.

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