7 Steps to Activating your Journey of Self Love

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A message from Mary Magdalene regarding your Journey to Self Love

“Dear child, I desire that you step into the vibration of unconditional love for yourself and others.  I invite you now to feel with every cell in your body – our love from the celestial realms, it is so perfect, a love so divine but a love that is within you, it is not merely around you.  The love is within you.  We tune you into the love of self.  Self-love is like a seed that grows.  We invite you to allow this seed to grow into a beautiful rose, then allow others to smell the fragrance of this beautiful rose.  For you will be an emissary of this unconditional love for self and others.  And when you fully step into self-love and make this a priority you will understand that there are many things that you will let go of, release.  When you truly look at what you need, what you thought you needed will no longer be a requirement – for you will be nourishing yourself from the inside out.  The external love from the realms of Light comes to support you, yet it is not all that you need – for example, if you begin to allow this seed of self-love to grow into a beautiful flower and you nurture it with self-care (and by self-care, we mean taking time for mind, body and soul – we can support you, we can guide you.  Then if you come along and trample on your rose you will realise this was indeed self-sabotage.  There are many ways in which you can sabotage.  There are also many ways that you can support and nurture.  So in each moment, we invite you to ask “Am I supporting and nurturing my body, mind and soul or am I sabotaging?  Am I trampling upon the flower that is growing, the love that is growing inside of me?”  It is time to make self-love a priority.  And it may take longer for some than others.  It is a continual journey, not a destination. 

We invite you now to imagine, sense, see or know the golden light within your heart centre.  Golden light is the light of the angelic realms, for your essence is angelic.  Allow this light now to expand and grow; feel the warmth, the light, like sweet warm honey.  Smell the fragrance of the blossom.  Feel it in every cell of your being.  Feel it within your body.  Now ask your body “What may I do to support you most, to love you most?  What is it that you require?”  Did you have a sense of the answer that lies within you?  Now we invite you to relax every cell in your body, and as you do we invite you to ask your subconscious mind to step forward and ask “How may I love you more?  How may I make self-love a priority?” and wait for the answer.  And finally, we invite you to ask your soul, invite your soul to share with you how you may love yourself more, how you may invite self-love into your journey on this earth.   Rest now in this space as we hold you in a cocoon of love.  Notice how you feel.  And now from within send love to every cell of your body: send it down to your toes, up to your head, down to your fingers; send love to your organs; send love to your blood.  And breathe, and be, and be, and breathe.   And rest now in our arms.  Aya Shaya Atar….  You are loved, you are blessed.  And so it is.”

Lady of the Rose, Mary of Magdalena

Step 1 Activating Self-Love

You may or may not believe this, but you are perfect, loved and whole. When you embrace and KNOW this truth, you will be able to love yourself unconditionally. This is the first key to all healing, happiness, health and manifestation of your Divine life, creating Heaven on Earth. The version of you that knows and lives this truth is called your Angelic Self. Are you ready to commit to Self-Love

This is the first step to healing is Self-Love and it’s a very important one. If you do not feel worthy of Self-Love ask your angelic team to guide you and nurture you through this process and most importantly taking the first step on this special, sacred journey.  Trust that your angels will guide you and begin a daily ritual of speaking to yourself. Say things that really come from your heart. If you’re not sure where to start simply say something like this to yourself as you look in the mirror and gaze into your eyes. You may find it hard at first but eventually it does become easier. Below are some ideas, where I have written name insert your own name 

“I love you, do you know how perfect and loved you are (name)? “

“ I’m sorry, please forgive me for not fully accepting and loving you before (name)”

Step 2 Writing Self-Love Letters or a Self-Love Journal

Once you have made a commitment to your Self Love Journey, you may like to start a self-love journal. Here I recommend that you choose a special book that you feel drawn to and then you are ready to take the next step on your beautiful journey of self -love. Then what you do is simply spend 5- 20 minutes once a day allow yourself to write messages of self-love. It may feel hard at first to write messages and poems of self-love but it does get harder. To begin with you can always write the messages of self-love  as if you are writing to a child or someone you love. Then as you read them back you will begin to read them for your own heart. Invite your subconscious mind to work with you as you share this messages of self-love .If at this phase you need some support please do get in touch and book a 10 minute free consultation with me

Step 3 Spend Time Saying Beautiful Self-Love Words to Yourself

As you start to say beautiful words of self-love to yourself throughout the day , invite your subconscious mind to listen. You deserve your own attention, nurture and love. Imagine that you are you own child, how would you talk to your own child? You’d say beautiful kind, caring words right? So please do this to for you too. You deserve this. For too long your subconscious mind has head you berate and undermine yourself. It is time to develop a habit of self-love. Have you got my FREE EBook yet?  “7 Secrets to Self-Love” if not you can have the download sent to you by clicking here.  

Please when you download the book, work with it, read the words every day and say them to your subconscious mind. Please listen to the music I share within the book, they are gifts to you from the Creator and the angelic realms. You have to make the commitment to make it work and if you can answer my emails to ensure you are staying on track. I am here to support you on this journey.

Step 4 Spend Time Meditating with Self-Love Vibrations and Activations

I have a few examples of meditations to support you your, self-love journey, so please do give yourself some time to listen to the guided meditation below, and let me know how it made you feel. You can also use it as a way of getting deeper into your journaling. Your Angelic Self will thank you for it.

 Step 5 Joy Therapy for Self-Love

I have found that this is a really effective way to support your journey to self-love. Have you noticed how birds sing? How happy people hum? It is a super way to raise your vibration to love and joy. Joy is love at work in action, it sends sparks of light codes of healing to your brain, mind, consciousness and supercharges the cells. I know that you can do this, sing in the shower, dance in the rain, jump in puddles and smile. You can start using Joy Therapy by singing to yourself and ask the angels to sing through you to support you. Believe this works, it is how I have learned to love myself, I sing and tone to myself with the support of the angels and with the intention of deepening my self-love vibrations and vibrating with the energy of joy, love in action, expressing my Angelic Self. If singing and toning are not for you, then maybe meditate and ask your heart what brings me joy? If you need some support with this you can book a free 10-minute consultation with me  by clicking here,

Step 6 Prayers to Deepen Your Journey to Self-Love

The power of prayer is HUGE, I completely believe , know and trust in the power of prayer. Through your prayers you will be lead to the perfect therapist, healer or channel, location, friend, book or whatever or whoever will support you in your journey to self-love.

I suggest that you pray every morning and night for 9 consecutive days. Say the prayer from your heart and wait for the signs, signals and miracles to appear to guide you on your journey. This works trust me, I will share a true story with you. I knew I my heart I needed to be staying in another location, I knew that my current location was not what my soul wanted or needed to grow and flourish, so I prayed solidly every day and night for 9 days using my 7 seeds of love prayer. I then meditated and was shown a camel in a desert-like landscape with cacti, it was desolate and deserted, quiet with hills, and shining sun. After my self-love meditation, I felt drawn to going to Tenerife, because of the current pandemic I knew I needed confirmation that it was safe for me to travel, so I asked my Angelic Team for a sign, I prayed that if it was safe to travel there and if it was the best place for me to stay, and for my highest good on my journey to self-love that I would see a picture of a camel. Well, my guides have a sense of humour for sure, my son saw a camel in Nottingham High Street, took a photo and sent it to me! (I had not told him about my prayer to see a camel for confirmation) Not only this but unbeknown to me, the apartment I booked on Air B and B was opposite a camel park and 15-minute walk to a village named La Camella in Spanish, which means The Camel and to get there I have to walk across a desert-like landscape, with cacti and hills in the distance. So to sum up the journey to self-love is enhanced by prayer, meditation and asking for confirmation and then noticing the signs your team and the universe sends you.

Try this one but if it’s too long just do one round, this is the 7 Seeds of Self-Love prayer that I wrote, inspired by Mother Mary. In the video, I say the prayer 7 times but if you don’t have time say it once, then listen and meditate or relax and receive the self-love that you deserve.

Step 6 Listen to Music which Raises You Up on Your Journey to Self-Love

Stop listening to music which lowers your vibration and listens to music which feeds you with self-love. Positive lyrics which tell you, you are beautiful, you are loved. You get the idea, it doesn’t have to be “Spiritual” as such but music that takes you to vibration and level of joy, this is what increases your ability to nurture self-love and make it your medicine for your health. This is one of my favourites, “Into the Cosmos” it helps me to self-love and soothe every cell in my body, sometimes I gently dance to it whilst I sing along, I and Marcus recorded it 3 years ago. It is from the album “The Mystical” which takes you into a journey of self-love, if you have time listen to the whole album, you can download it or get the CD here.

Step 7 Listen and Repeat Affirmations of Self-Love

The power of saying affirmations for your Inner Child  is amazing, I completely believe , know and trust in the power of affirmations.

I suggest that you say affirmations for the healing, nurture and love of your Inner Child every morning and night. Say the affirmation for your Inner Child from your heart, with your hand on your heart, look into the mirror and also hold up the picture you chose of your Inner Child. This way you will be saying it to the grown-up you and Inner Child.

You can say something like this or write your own.

“I am aware of my angel within me”

“ I choose happiness and joy, I am completely fulfilled.”

 “ I expand my consciousness into alignment and flow”

“ I am now choosing to be in the flow of my love and joy”.
“I flame the love in my heart, so I may be filled with joy”.

“ I desire and request the most expansive love to manifest”.

“May I flow with love”

“ I ask that I may be a blessing to myself and others, as I share Grace”

I really hope you found this useful Beautiful Soul

The Angel in me honours the Angel in you

Much love and blessings to


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