The Importance of the Divine Feminine

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A Channelled Message from Love and the Unity Consciousness

“Greetings beautiful soul.  We invite you to breathe into your heart as you listen with the ears of the angelic self, as you listen with an unlimited mind.  There is so much we can and will indeed share.  But we would like to share with you today the importance and the need of the Divine Feminine.  We have spoken about balance – the need for the balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine within you – and we have spoken about the energetic vibrations.  When they are blended they indeed become one.  However there are times when one must indeed step forward, when the focus is on one particular ray, one particular aspect of Creator, of Source, for the  two are needed.  Still now there is a leaning towards one or the other.  We wish to make clear that the two are equally important, however the need, the necessity to work with the Divine Feminine, the oceans of love in the womb of Creation.  If you liken the Divine Feminine to a cave, and within this cave there is vast water, the water represents the fluid that surrounds the embryo.  Your soul in essence is the embryo.  The mother holds the space for the cleansing, the clearing, the nurturing and she will indeed work closely with certain vortexes within you: the lower vortexes, the worlds within the body, and indeed the vortex that connects you to her heart, deep within the earth itself.  There are indeed energetic lights and codes that will heal and nurture and prepare you to receive. 

We invite you now to feel into your abdomen, to feel into this area and allow that which arises to be recognised, honoured, loved and blessed.  We would like dear one to translate this if you will: “I accept the Mother, I accept the Mother, I accept the Mother”.  Join in.  We invite you to raise your arms from the sides up high above your head as you say: “Aya Shiya Nara, Aya Shiya Nara, Aya Shiya Nara.”  Feel the energy, the vibration, the Divine Feminine.  Frequencies come into your hands.  Lay your hands down in front of you to your abdomen as you do so.  “I accept the Mother.  I accept the Mother.  I accept the Mother.”  And breathe dear one.  And now we ask you to relax and allow the tones from the Mother to wash your abdomen, the lower vortexes within you, and remember your navel still has an energetic connection to the Divine Mother.

Now placing your hands upon your thighs, notice what arises.  Accept love and allow.  If there is pain, feel into the pain.  Feel into the pain dear one.  Allow the tears to fall.  The Mother cries with you but she cries tears of joy for she sees how you surrender.  She is now sending you energetically – through the umbilical cord of light that connects you to the celestial realms – she now sends codes of love.  Relax into the codes of love.  Shed sends one of her avatars to you now, an angel or a face of the goddess.  Embrace who comes to you, embrace her and know that you too are a child of light.  Listen for she may have a message for you which comes as words, pictures or a knowing; but allow, accept, receive.  Beautiful soul, we invite you to nurture your hearts your mind and your body.  We invite you to do that which brings you joy.  We ask that you commit to an hour of self-love through an activity that brings you joy, brings love, peace and harmony.  Commit to joy in your heart.  And so it is.  And so it is.  And so it is.”

A Channelled Song Which Includes Angelic Language

Below is the track “Lady of the Lake” from the album “The Mystical” By Seraphisa .Within this song you will hear the above light language, “Aya Shiya Nara, Aya Shiya Nara, Aya Shiya Nara.”  If you hear the call in the song make sure you email me for details of how to purchase the Divine Feminine MP3 “Mary Magdalene Activation Codes Meditation and Blessing” This is a £13 downloadable track , for more details please see below the video

The Mary Magdalene Activation Codes meditation and blessing MP3 download

This will include a 1 HOUR meditation, sound activation and blessing . THIS WILL BE SENT TO YOU AS AN MP3, FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD I ask for a donation of £13 ♥ which can be sent via PayPal, invoice or bank transfer.


Are you feeling the call to the Goddess energy and Divine feminine,?

Are you ready to awaken or strengthen your creative energy?

Would you like to be taken on a guided journey to meet the Lady of the lake, a feminine consciousness , an ocean of love within the Celestial realms, within a healing cave? . Here you will be cleansed and cleared.

Would you like to be then taken on an initiation, sound activation and blessing ceremony to have more of your creative vortexes activated.?

If you feel the call then please email me to have the detail so you can donate your contribution of £13

Much Love


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