The Ultimate 10 Step Guide to Cutting Cords Forever

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Have you cut cords in the past with negative family members, friends, lovers, situations, and addictions, only to find out that somehow they have re-attached. That’s so frustrating, right? You may have paid for your healing session or spent time with Archangel Michael cutting the cords only to have them come back! The good news is I can tell you the main secret as to why the cord-cutting did not work permanently. It is simply because you did not address the original core wounding.

You see this is how those sneaky cords attach themselves to you in the first place. I have noticed an increase in many clients having new attachments and cords from lost souls who are not only trying to catch their attention so they may be sent to the light, but also to help the individual to realize that they have an original core wound. If you have not been feeling yourself lately, please don’t worry or be scared simply go into your own energy and notice if there is a cord or energy around you that does not belong to you. If you need help with this please do get in touch with me by email

Cutting cords is not enough, you MUST go back to the original wound. So please follow the steps below and please listen to the Sound Therapy video which will big a major part in the process of cutting the cord forever.

Step 1 to Cutting Cords

Say a prayer in your own words or feel free to adapt this prayer.

“Divine Beloved I ask from my heart and soul for you to be with me now, so I may with your love, light, and healing enable me in cutting the cords that bind me to lower vibrations and take me away from your unconditional love. Thank you for hearing my call and supporting me in cutting these cords once and forevermore. Amen.

Step 2 to Cutting Cords

Declare that you are ready and willing to heal the original wound and ready to proceed in the 12 step process of cutting the cords. You may wish to use this declaration or write your own. Say it out loud three times.

“I (say your name) give full permission from my subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind, my child within, my I Am presence and every cell in my body is willing to follow this process of cutting cords that bind me. I invite all the appropriate Archangels, Masters, and Guides to be by my side and assist in this process of cutting cords forever. So it is, and blessed I be”

Step 3 to Cutting Cords

It is vital that you release all resistance to cutting cords, you may have said the prayer and declaration but if you are still holding onto resistance then you are fighting a losing battle.

A non-resistant person will always find the love and light of source. Cutting cords will be simple and effective. You have everything you need within you, your resistance (held within your subconscious mind is all that stops you from cutting cords forever. So affirm now:-

“I release all resistance that is stopping me from cutting cords forever and I now declare that I Am that I Am, therefore my subconscious mind is ready for Divine Will. Thy will be done, today is my day to complete the process of cutting cords forever and so it is done”

Step 4 to Cutting Cords

Now you are ready to call in your support team. Invoke and call for Archangel Michael to be by your side, with his sword of ultra-blue flames and light, and with all his might may he assist you in cutting cords around you. You may wish to say something like:

“ Archangel Michael be by my side with your sword of blue flames and with all your might I ask you to intercede for me and start cutting cords that bind me” 

Step 5 to Cutting Cords

Next, invoke and call for Archangel Zadkiel to be by your side, with his ultra-violet flames and light, ready to transmute all pain. He too will assist you in transmuting the cords once Michael has been busy cutting cords around you. You may wish to say something like:

“ Archangel Zadkiel be by my side with your ultra-violet flames and with all your light I ask you to intercede for me and start transmuting and cutting cords that bind me” 

Step 6 to Cutting Cords

Call in the Diamond Light of Creator and the angels of healing to heal your original wounding, this is the crucial step after cutting cords the original wound must be healed with the unconditional love of Creators’ Diamond Light. Please do not skip this part once after the Archangels have been cutting cords for you.

Step 7 to Cutting Cords

Listen to sound therapy, angelic language, and guided meditation. This is another vital step on your process of cutting cords once and for all.

Step 8 to Cutting Cords

You are almost there so hang on in, these next steps are like your homework or aftercare once the job of cutting cords has been completed, think you will enjoy these as they are empowering. A fabulous mantra that you can use on going after cutting cords is:

“I Am Free I Am,” says the mantra in your mind as you breathe out say “I Am Free” and as you breathe in say “I Am”. Spend as long or as little as you feel works for you, but believe me it’s very empowering to use after cutting cords

Step 9 to Cutting Cords

Well, the next thing is to give thanks and feel grateful. So simply say something like:

“ Thank you Divine Beloved and all the Angels that have helped me in the process of cutting chords, I am  so thankful, grateful, and blessed”

Step 10 to Cutting Cords

The last step is fun and pampering, it’s giving yourself some well-deserved treats for being brave and allowing the process of cutting cords to unfold. Well Done beautiful soul, treat yourself to a salt bath or a swim in the sea, go for a nature walk and hug a tree. Journal and write yourself a poem of love or simply just be at peace and listen to some awesome music to soothe your soul.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog, video, sound therapy, and music. Much love beautiful soul. The angel in me honours the angel in you. If you feel you need personal one 2 one support with either a video session or a personal recorded MP3 please check it out here .

All My Love

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