Your Guides and Angels Are Waiting

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You have a celestial team of guides, archangels, angels and Ascended Masters, all waiting patiently to connect with you. Your Guides and Angels have so much love, light, knowledge and guidance that they are longing to share with you. Would you like to know more.? You can read my blog and watch the video, which also includes a guided meditation.

Meditation to Meet Your Guides and Angels

Private Video session to Connect you with your Guides and Angels

If you are interested in learning to channel and connect with your Guides and Angels, please do let me know., you can book a session with me, via or contact me via WhatsApp. Investment £60 per hour or 4 sessions for £200

​What are Guides and Angels?

​Guides and Angels have one very specific difference and yet many similarities. Angels were created as Beings of Light, without a body and have never had a human incarnation however guides have lived at least one earthly life, with a physical body and incarnation. Both are now beings of light that have chosen to work with humanity at this time, to enable us to grow spiritually, sharing high vibrational healing, information and so much more. They work with us on many levels including that of the Soul. The angels and guides that work with me transmit information into my brain and I then, speak, sing, write or paint the frequencies and transmissions that they have shared with me.

​ Guides and Angels Encourage You

​When you work with high-frequency guides and angels they will never control or manipulate you but gently coax you to learn to develop your inner knowing and guidance. Guides and Angels will always encourage and support your Soul’s mission and Divine purpose. However, because we have free will we must ask for them to help us. With your team of guides and angels with you, you will never feel alone or unsupported. There are exceptions to this rule, for instance, Mary, Queen of the Angels, stepped into a dream of mine in 2008, at this time I had already written and began to sing the song I had channelled with her help “Mary Me”. You see I had been singing this song but unaware of the impact that it would have on me. The song was a call to Mary, her song was a prayer and just before my darkest hour she came to me, with support and love. I will never forget the moment of feeling her hand upon my heart. This is how Mary, Queen of the Angels connected with me and has never left my side.

Connecting with your Guides and Angels

​You see later I discovered that the veils between the celestial and earthly realms are thinner at night. I would not have been ready to connect with Mary in another way, other than a dream at this time. However, there are many ways you can begin or deepen your connection to your guides and angels. Firstly you can intend that you would like to do this, secondly, you can read or watch my 11-step series on connecting with the various archangels, angels and guides. You can pray to the creator to send you, your Guides and Angels, then sit and meditate and wait for your Guides and Angels to connect with you and then you them. Remember it is a relationship, like any other it takes time to develop, grow and flourish.

Another way to connect with your guides and angels is to read books and articles about channelling. The easiest way is probably to attend a workshop or course on channelling. I am teaching numerous courses on channelling your guides and angels, but currently, these are taught as private sessions and tailored to the individual; If you are interested, please do let me know., you can book a session with me, via or contact me via WhatsApp.

I connected with my main Angel Love, whilst I attended a spiritual development group. I went into an altered state of awareness, with the support of the teacher and my Angel Love, who spoke and sang through me. The students in the group saw my face change and heard a very different voice from mine speak. 

​Different Types of Guides and Angels

There are many different types of guides and angels and each one has a different purpose. More often than not, the guides and angels align with the channel because there is a similarity in talent or Divine mission. It’s rather the same as saying birds of a feather flock together. The angels who work with me have a keen interest in ascension, healing, music, creativity and love. I would love for you to deepen your connection with your team of guides and angels. You may already be aware of some of them. Below is a list. I invite you to read through and notice if any feel as though they wish to step forward and work with you.

  • Guides and Angels of Awakening
  • Guides and Angels of Ascension
  • Guides and Angels of Healing
  • Guides and Angels of Teaching
  • Guides and Angels of Creativity
  • Guides and Angels of Guidance
  • Guides and Angels of the Cosmos
  • Soul Angels
  • Guardian Angels
  • Archangels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Powers
  • Principalities
  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim

​The list is endless, we will look more deeply at each type of guide and angel another time, but for now, let’s try a meditation together and see if you get a sense of which angel or guide steps forward steps forward. 

A Meditation to Connect You With One of Your Guides and Angels

We ask you now to check within yourself, your heart centre, and focus on your breath. Take a few moments to breathe in the celestial light and breathe out that which no longer serves you.

There is above you a golden spark, be it a star, an angel, or an orb of light. However you see, sense, feel or know it, we ask you to take your attention and focus to this light and go deeper and deeper within, breathe in the golden light from the Celestial support, awakening the golden light within you and embodying it. Sigh and release all that no longer serves you.

Feel now not only the golden aspect of the light within you but not, see, sense, feel or know a golden light that is being placed around you now. You are acknowledging your Divine support As you acknowledge your guide or angel, they bless you with love, joy, peace, and bliss.
Now sensing, as we encourage you to work with your Guide, Angel or Ascended Master.  They are allowing you to grow, expand and be who you came here to be.  As you invite them to be with you now, notice if they stand at your left or your right, behind or in front of you.

Take your attention and reach up to your crown, you may notice a tingling sensation as they connect you to the Source, Creator, All That Is. As this light travels down, it brings the vibration of bliss into every cell of your body. Feel the essence of bliss in every cell of your body tingle, know or see this vibration within you.

Now breathe this vibration out into your aura, through the many layers. Breathe in and out and be all that you came here to be dear ones, for you are perfect, you are loved and you are whole.

Now ask the Guide, Master or Angel who is with you, what their mission or reason for connecting with you is. Ask them who sent them to you and how you may work together for the greater good.

Ask if they have a calling card, a sign, a picture, a feeling or a sound, so that you know it is them wishing to connect with you at another time. Stay in their energy for as long as you wish, then when you are ready thank them and give them a blessing for connecting with you today.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and the video, I would welcome your feedback and comments. Much love, joy, peace and gratitude.
​Georgie G Deyn

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