11 Steps on the Path of Ascension  

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I liken Ascension to living from the Angel within you. Yes, YOU have an Angelic Self within you. It’s the voice of your heart. So are you ready to go further on your Ascension pathway and embrace the Angel Within You?

Why 11 steps and What is Ascension?

You can read the blog post below whilst you listen to the video

Why 11 steps? 11 is a portal number that enables us to connect to our Angel Within, it has a huge impact on our Ascension pathway and the frequency of this sacred number allows us to dive deeper into the sacred portal of our Ascension heart. Do you often see the number 11:11? If so this blog and videos within it may be for you!

For me 11:11 has a few meanings:-

  1. Firstly a sign you are on your Ascension pathway and on the right track.
  2. Secondly, it may mean you are being asked to listen to your Ascension Angel and your Angel within
  3. Go deeper into your Ascension heart which is within the within and beyond the beyond.

Have you seen pictures of Mary and Yeshua (Jesus) with beams of light coming out of their hearts? This is the Ascension heart which knows it is Divine, a child of the Cosmos. The work I offer as a Teacher and a Practitioner aims to support you on your Ascension Pathway. For me, the Ascension pathway boils down to awakening the magnificent light that is within you and living from love, not fear. It’s not about floating off on a cosmic cloud somewhere, although it is lovely to do that sometimes.

If you are resonating with my words and wish to book a Free Clarity Call to see if I may support you please do reach out to me here.

Step 1  on the Path of Ascension

Intend that you are now living in the 5th Dimensional Reality

I guess if you are reading or listening to this then you believe in Angels and have an interest in Ascension or the concept that there is more to life than what we see in our 3d reality, which is based on fear. The 5d or Ascension reality is based on love, just as Yeshua and Mary taught. Love over Fear. So step 1 is all about intending to live from love in the 5th Dimension of Ascension.

Step 2 on the Path of Ascension

Awaken to the Angel Within You

Do you believe that you are an incarnated angel, sometimes known as an Earth angel? You probably are but what if I told you we all have an Angel within us, waiting to be set free, like a genie from a bottle, that just needs a little bit of a rub? This is the next important step on your Ascension pathway. Intend to connect with this aspect of you and just as importantly connect to that aspect within others. We all have the ability to walk the path of Ascension, not just a chosen few!

You have an Angelic Being of light that is part of you and your Ascension path.  They are the part of you that tells you everything is going to be ok and it is only fear and one’s limited self that gets in the way.

Step 3 on the Path of Ascension

Connect with your Angel Within

You may connect with your inner angel and your Ascension angel in this meditation, I hope it resonates with you and I would love to know how the meditation went. If you struggled on your own, and need some support you may always book a Free clarity call with me to see if we may work together.

A Channelled Meditation for you to use every day on your Ascension path

Step 4 on the Path of Ascension

Ask your Angelic Self to Align and prepare your Ascension Path

You Angel within can go into the future and back into the past to give healing to situations, people, and events. They have the ability to align and prepare the way ahead for you. You only need to ask them. Please, ASK, BELIEVE, TRUST, and RECEIVE.  Are you ready? Try it out now and whilst you do have a listen to an Ascension Track by Seraphisa Music. Can you guess what it’s called? Remember as you listen your Ascension path takes you within.

ASCEND: Music for Ascension

Ascend: The ultimate Ascension music track:

Step 5 on the Path of Ascension

Listen to the Angel Within

Call upon your Ascension Angel to support you, then listen to the voice of your heart, your inner Being or Angel within, call that loving light what you will, whatever you find comfortable and accessible.  All I know is that this part of me is the part of me that I have chosen to guide me, especially on my Ascension pathway. When I am connected to this part of me, I make decisions from a place of Love. When you choose, see, hear and understand EVERYTHING from a place of Love then life gets easier to handle, and the lessons are learned more quickly. You then find your Ascension pathway much smoother to journey on. Another way of doing this is to buy a special journal and pen and write first thing upon waking up. Address the first line to your Ascension Angel

Step 6 on the Path of Ascension

Ground your Angelic Self

Grounding is so important, if you are not grounded then you will find it harder to connect to your Ascension Angel, your Celestial team, and of course the voice of your heart. When you are ungrounded you will potentially be knocked off course and your Ascension path. Decisions may be harder to make. Others will potentially be sneaking in their wants and needs and this then may lead to unclear boundaries along with you not focusing on your Ascension path and self-love but on other people.and their desires, needs and wants.

Step 7 on the Path of Ascension

Choose your food, beverages, and intake with love.

It is so important that whatever you eat, drink, or ingest that you do so from love NOT fear. Please consume your meals from a place of love, gratitude, and peace. Bless everything that you eat and drink. Being on the path of Ascension does not mean you have to restrict your favourite foods and drink, but rather follow your heart/ angel within and ask it, is this what I need? Will this nourish and fuel me?

Step 8 on the Path of Ascension

Dance to your own drum and rhythm

Remember no one knows your Ascension path clearer than your inner Angel and the voice of your heart. The map towards your route of Ascension is within YOU! That is why when I channel and work with clients I refrain from advising and telling but rather I support the space, my team nurtures that Soul, so they may know the voice of their beautiful heart and Ascension angel

Step 9 on the Path of Ascension

Speak your Truth

Please do not be afraid of speaking your truth. Your Ascension truth is yours and yours alone. How your Ascension angel and voice of Love supports and works with you is unique for you on your path to your Ascension. So when we speak our truth we can choose to focus on love or we can focus on pain and suffering, I know what I prefer to focus on.

Step 10 on the Path of Ascension

Own Yourself

You are awesome, you are unique and your light is ready to shine so brightly that everyone around you will have to put on their sunglasses.  If you own yourself and accept everything about you everyone else will either love and respect you more or they will fall away from your path. You are needed here on this planet as a beacon of Ascension light. So just own your love and light please beautiful soul. This is so important on your Ascension path.

Step 11 on the Path of Ascension

Have fun and play the game of life.

Life can be a game if we choose for it to be, yes we may well have things thrown our way which is hard to bare. Life is about how we react to the cards we are dealt. Being on an Ascension path does not mean that we a skipping into the sunset of a fairy tale story.  No, it is about putting on your big girl/ boy pants and smiling and knowing that the Angel within you will guide you on your path. Your Ascension angel with support you, along with your Celestial team. Remember to ask, believe, trust and receive. Only people who believe in magic and miracles will see them in their own lives and in the lives of others. I will sign off with a poem or mantra that you may wish to use. It is of course about Ascension. Each line starts with a letter from the word Ascension.

A-cceptance of myself is the key, therefore I choose to

S-ing my hearts song and

C-ount my blessings all day long

E-njoying the game of life is the best way to play it

N-urturing my Soul, will make me whole

S-elf-love is my friend and a necessity

I am enough, I know can see

O-pening my heart to love and light

N-avigates me to shine sparkling and bright

I really do hope you enjoyed this Blog post about Ascension

The angel within me honours the Angel within You

Please do get in touch with me if I can assist you on your Ascension journey with a Free clarity call to see which session or training course is right for you. Blessings and much love Beautiful Soul.

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