13 Steps to Make the Most of the Full Moon

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Why Make the Most of the Full Moon?

The full Moon is a magical time to harness the energy of the cosmos, it’s my favourite time of the month and I always try to make the most of the full moon. She is super powerful and brings so much insight with her light. I enjoy treating myself to something special around the time of the full moon, whether it’s a treatment, salt bath or meet up with friends. I hope you will be doing something special this full moon. I plan on doing most of the steps below, I already know which pattern I have decided to let go of during this full moon. You may only wish to choose 1 or 2 steps, remember it’s not quantity but quality that counts. It is far better to choose 1 step and do it with all your heart than 13 steps under taken with only half your heart.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 1

Write and Say a Prayer for the Full Moon

On the morning of the full moon or the day before spend some time writing a prayer from your heart . If you are not used to writing prayers feel free to use the my prayer for the full moon. You may wish to adapt it so it feels 100 % your own

Full Moon Prayer

Divine Beloved, Creator I pray for insight and clarity under the light of your full moon, shine and illuminate my shadows and enable me to know and understand all that I am ready to let go of once and for all, so that I make room to receive your unconditional love , healing, blessings and light. Show me the next small step I am ready to take in order to serve you under your Grace and in the perfect way. And so it is, blessed be. Thank you for listening to me.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 2

Write and say a Full Moon Declaration

When you say a prayer you are asking the power above you ( Creator) but when you declare something you are saying it from your Divine Creator Self, so you know in your heart that you are the sovereign of your life and that you and Creator are one. So on the full moon step into your sovereignty and create your destiny.

You may wish to write your declaration the day before the full moon or in the morning of the full moon. You might want to use the declaration I have written below as a template and change the bold words according to your needs and intentions. You may also feel that writing your own full moon declaration would be more powerful, as it will come from you and your heart. Remember to follow your heart and be in your heart around the time of the full moon.

Full Moon Declaration

I ( say your name) under the light of this full moon, declare that I am a sovereign being of light. I am here to shine my Angelic Self, together we are courageous and strong, for my connection to Source/Creator is unlimited. My angel within is responsible for all the abundance and blessings in my life. My mind and destructive self can have faith in my Angelic Self to be my guiding light. I desire to be, courageous and strong, I choose to be courageous and strong  I am courageous and strong I Am .

Say your Full Moon declaration 3 times and at the end finish with, and so it is , blessed be.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 3

Bathe your crystals and energy tools under the magical light of the full moon

If you have crystals you can start charging them under the light of the full moon, the night before and the night after the full moon, also carry the powerful energy, so you may wish to charge them for 3 nights, I always like doing things in 3 this feels good for me, so check in and ask yourself what feels good for you with your crystals and energy tools around the full moon. I like to place my drum, crystal singing bowls and angelic harp under the full moon light, it cleanses and charges them beautifully and I know they love it . The crystals that I particularly like to work with over the full moon are, Selenite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz and all my milky , white and blue crystals. I do charge all my crystals under the light of the full moon, if you can not put your crystals or tools outside then put them by a window that the full moon’s light shines through.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 4

Choose a Theme for Your Full Moon

Every month the full moon comes and goes and with her light and she enables me to decide on a particular theme regarding what or who I need to release. Hence in the declaration this month I declared I was strong and courageous, for it takes courage to let go of what no longer serves me! So my theme this month is letting go of my mind and ego (limited self) and trusting the flow. of my Inner creator angel. I have a mini meditation below that you may wish to listen to, that takes us to Step 5.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 5

Meditate on the Full Moon

Choose a meditation that speaks to you, it may be a Full moon meditation or one connected to the sea, as the ebb and flow of the waves are heightened too around the full moon. Here is one you may enjoy .

Letting Go and Trusting the flow, Full moon Meditation

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 6

Give Your Body, Mind and Soul a Gift Around the Full Moon

Treat yourself to something special on or around the full moon. I had a Pellowah attunement to celebrate this full moon. You may prefer a hands on healing, aromatherapy or reflexology. Listen to your body and ask it what it would like to receive for a full moon treat to enable you to utilise the energy of the full moon maybe a massage, CST or Sound Therapy.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 7

Connect With the Elements at the Full Moon

Connect with the elements, fire, earth, water and air. During the day of the full moon I like to walk and breath the air in the woods and ground with the trees in the morning and then in the afternoon, weather permitting I visit the sea (estuary) and breathe in the salty air . then for fire element I light a candle when I say my evening prayers and ask for healing to be sent to the earth. I also spend some time during the early evening having a sea salt bath, with aromatherapy, candles and listening to magical music . This brings me perfectly to Full Moon Step 8.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 8

Listen to Lunar Music on the Full Moon

There are lots of beautiful melodies and songs created for the Full moon, myself and Marcus have created 2 melodies perfect for the moon cycles one for the full moon and one for the new moon.  Below is one for you to listen to on the Full moon, it’s called “Lunar Love” from our album “Peace Starts with You” You can listen to it any time of the month but when you listen on the full moon , really allow yourself to connect with the energy and vibrations of the song and the full moon.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 9

Dancing Under the Light of the Full Moon

So I love to dance and sing in my garden and chant with my drum too, under the light of the full moon,  I find it so powerful and healing. If you physically cannot dance or walk then try chanting, drumming, clapping or singing. I can share with you another song from Seraphisa, it’s called Medicine Woman and it’s from our album ‘The Heavens”. Have a listen and if you feel called to dance under the light of the full moon and the music calls you then try out the track below, may medicine woman inspire you under the light of the full moon.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 10

Cutting cords on the Full Moon

The Full moon is a super powerful time to cut cords with people, situations, ties, habits and things that no longer serve us. So I have already written a blog post with lots of information , guidance and steps , so you may choose to use this blog post as your guide for this full moon. If this action step is what is calling you then place your attention on this.. You can read all about cutting cords on the full moon here.

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 11

Make or Deepen Your Connection to Your Angelic/ Highest Self on the Full Moon

Invite your Angelic Self to be more present in your life, you may call it your Higher Self, your Divine Self or angel within. I have a powerful chant which my angelic team gave me, It is in fact angelic language, or Seraphic language to be precise, and the full moon is an awesome time to start to use it and feel the powerful effects it has on your body.

“Aya Shya Ah’’ta “ repeat this as often as you can whilst raising your right arm arms up to the full moon and your left arm down to the earth, then cross your arms over your heart and place your palms on the opposite shoulder, continue to say “Aya Shya Ah’’ta “ then when you are ready take your hands to your heart , continuing to say “Aya Shya Ah’ta “ Then when you feel the connection and acceptance finish by saying “and so it is”

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 12

Connecting with Archangel Haniel and Your Sacral Chakra Under the light of the full moon

The sacral chakra is located halfway between the pubic bone and the navel. It radiates energy out into our pelvis. It is the chalice containing our life force energy. It links with the element of water and it sinks up with the full moon. There are always more births around the full moon and many ladies cycles link up with this time too. The sacral and the full moon links us to creativity, abundance and pleasure. The sacral is where we store our emotions, and they may be quite old and needing to be released. and the full moon supports us to do this. Our emotions are directly linked to our sense of well-being, which comes about when we are in tune with ourselves and where we are in life, so doing this around the full moon is so important. Many of our negative beliefs about ourselves are also reflected within this chakra., so working with the power, light and energy of the full moon will be incredibly beneficial. So if you feel guided call upon Archangel Haniel to come and support you with feeling and connecting into the sacred space of your sacral. You may wish to use the invocation below.

“I invite the holy Archangel Haniel, sent by Creator to connect with me now, and be by my side, be my guide under the light of this full moon. I ask you to help enable me to look into my sacral chakra, releasing that which no longer serves me, so i can fill all voids created with your Feminine light. I choose to create a peaceful balance in all areas in my life, and everywhere I walk. I choose under your guidance to create blessings and benevolent outcomes on my path today and every day. With your love I remember that I am  perfect, loved and whole. Thank you Archangel Haniel and so it is. “

Make the most of the Full Moon Step 13

Surrender to the unconditional love of the Mother on the Full Moon

During her brightest fullest time, reap the harvest of her celestial womb under the light of the heavenly full moon. You may simply do this lying in bed, or out in the open air under the stars and full moon, the energy is there for you to bathe and lap up like a sponge. You can start the process off by simply saying, chanting or singing:-

“I accept the Mother”  

“I accept you Divine Mother”  

“ I surrender to the Divine Mother“  

“I surrender to your motherly love”

“Mother make me whole just for me, Mother make me whole just for me, take away or fear and pain, fill me with your healing ray, Mother make me whole just for me”

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