Clear You Mind and Connect to Your Guardian Angel

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I have been inspired to write and share my thoughts, meditations and messages regarding connecting you to your Guardian Angel. I will start by answering some frequently asked Questions that I receive from clients and students. Then below these I am sharing a video which includes a meditation which unites you with your Guardian Angel. I will also share with you a channelled message, portal picture, together with a Guardian Angel mantra, prayer and the corresponding Guardian Angel music track, “Clear Your Mind”  from the album “The Mystical” by Seraphisa.

What is a Guardian Angel?

Your Guardian Angel is a Being of Pure Light and unconditional love, who is sent to you by Creator at the moment of your birth. Your Guardian Angel has never had an earthly life time, they were created solely to assist humans on their spiritual path in an incarnated body. Your Guardian Angel has never had a body and sees only with the eyes of love. They would never demand that you do anything, for they know that you have free will, however your Guardian Angel will gently guide you, they will subtly encourage you to take the most appropriate actions for your souls growth.

Your Guardian Angel wishes to serve you and get to know you on a deep level , a soul level that resonates in the strings of your heart like a harp being played by a cherub. Stop now, pause , listen to the silence, feel the presence of your Guardian Angel as they pass by you, as soft as a feather, as quiet as a church mouse and as subtle as the morning dew.

There have been many modern and classic songs written about Guardian Angels, and angels, I bet you can name at least 5.  My favourite has to be “Angels” sung by Robbie Williams.

Does Everyone have a Guardian Angel?

Yes everyone has a Guardian angel, not everyone maybe aware of the presence of their Guardian Angel but whether you believe or not you have a Guardian Angel. You can never do anything to make them angry or to stop them from loving you. For they are as pure as driven snow and the only vibrations they understand are joy and unconditional love. Your Guardian Angel holds the frequency of unconditional love for you even when you cannot conceive it yourself. They have your back and never give up on you.

Have people seen their Guardian Angel?

Some people see their Guardian Angel as clear as day, some people hear their Guardian Angel, some people feel their Guardian Angel. Some of my friends are simply happy knowing and trusting that their Guardian Angel is always with them. Which category do you fall into?

I feel the presence of my Guardian Angel and sometimes I see or hear my clients Guardian Angel. I see them as coloured lights with my vision and hear them as whispers or music in my ears and the fragrance that floats into the room believe it or not smells very similar to the perfume “Angel” . How funny is that? I used to wear that brand of perfume, so I guess my team thought it would be really funny to start bringing the fragrance through to get my attention that my clients Guardian Angel was near and wanted to get their attention.

Can my departed Grandmother be my Guardian Angel?

Your departed loved ones are now on a spiritual journey, they have their wings and halo but they once walked the earth and had a physical body, so in the true sense of the word they are not technically your Guardian Angel but more a guiding angelic presence. They will of course also try to uplift you and gently guide you to make appropriate choices but they will never say you must do this, think of your Guardian Angel and guiding angelic loved ones as a compass, trying to point you in the most benevolent direction.

Why should I ask My Guardian Angel to be by my side rather than God / Creator?

Your Guardian Angel is sent to you by God / Creator, therefore your Guardian Angel is ‘of God”, a messenger of God/ Creator, who helps you to align with your Divine will as apposed to your limited will. However if you prefer to call The One, to be by your side the choice is yours. I always pray to Creator and ask for the appropriate Angel to be with me. I KNOW that my Guardian Angel is with me, so I bless and thank my Guardian Angel for being by my side.

What does my Guardian Angel want to tell me?

Your Guardian Angel wishes you to know that you are perfect, loved and whole. They will NEVER leave your side and are always trying to subtly reach out to you and guide you to your Divine Design of health, abundance, happiness, love, joy, peace, and self-expression

Does my Guardian Angel have a name?

Yes your Guardian Angel Does have a name however their name may not be one that you could comprehend, so your Guardian Angel will work with you and use a name that you can relate to. Mine Guardian Angel calls himself Jeramiah.

How do I know If I have connected with my Guardian Angel and not a Mischievous Spirit?

Your Guardian Angel will bring the most empowering, unconditional love, your heart will feel so expanded, you can’t fake a true angelic encounter! If in doubt , you can say something like……

“ If you are sent to me by Creator God, to serve as my Guardian Angel , then I now command that you are flooded in Creators light of truth”

If the Being of light stays then they will be your Guardian Angel.

How Many Guardian Angels do I Have?

As far as I am aware we all have one main Guardian Angel but we also have a Soul Angel, Healing Angels, Messenger Angels and many more. You have a whole Celestial team, enough to have a game of football.

A Message About Your Guardian Angel

It’s time to rest your weary mind. For far too long you have been blind, blinded by the fear and pain, stories replaying again and again. Release the need to be in control. Clear your mind, body and soul, for there is an angel standing near, and your love she holds so dear. She waits patiently by your side, call her close to be your guide. Open up your heart and see, her mission is loving unconditionally. Feel, listen, look and know, love forever to you will flow. Open up your heart and see.

A Meditation to Help you Clear Your Mind and Connect with Your Guardian Angel

A Healing Portal to Prepare You To Meet Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel is waiting for you within the portal. This beautiful being of light was assigned to you by Creator when you were born. This beautiful being of light wishes to be in service to you, to enable you to remember that you have a Guardian Angel, who is just waiting to be of service to you and complete her mission and enable you to step into your Divine mission. So step into the portal and ask for your Guardian Angel, who was sent by Creator, to make themselves known to you now. Breathe into your heart and expand your love.

A Channelled Video Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Before you start the meditation say a prayer and ask that Creator sends you your Guardian Angel and that you connect with them in the most appropriate way.

Channelled with Love, Connect with Your Guardian Angel

 A Mantra to Help you Clear Your Mind and Connect with Your Guardian Angel

I invite you to repeat this mantra out loud and whenever you are guided, daily, morning and night just feel the words in your heart . For you are loved and your Guardian Angel is standing near

“The Love from my Guardian Angel forever flows to me, I am blessed unconditionally. I open my heart to their Love Divine and share my light so I may shine. I send  blessings of gratitude , unconditional love and peace to you my Guardian Angel sent by Creator “

A Prayer to Help you Clear Your Mind and Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Here is an example of a prayer to help you deepen your connection to your Guardian Angel, you may wish to say the prayer morning and night, you may wish to write your own prayer. Be guided and always say the prayer from your heart.

“ Creator, I open my heart to you now. I ask for you to show me the way to connect with my Guardian Angel more and more each day. Thank you for your love and care, my love for you I wish to share.”

A Channelled Song to help You Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Here is a song from Seraphisa, called Clear your mind, it will enable you to relax and know the message within the lyrics is sent to you from your Guardian Angel true. You can download the album or track here

May this blog bring you blessings, love peace and clarity

The Angel in me honours the Angel in You



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