Secrets of the Seraphim

Connect with the Goddess Aphrodite to Manifest Love and Abundance

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and Abundance and Ascended Master of the Pink Ray Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess, who is beautiful, gentle, loving and wise. Connect with her and her 33 angels of Love to expand your heart centre and allow yourself to manifest Love and Abundance into your life. Who Will Aphrodite …

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Mary Magdalene: Healing, Messages and Light Codes

Mary Magdalene comes to those who are ready to unify their Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects. Mary Magdalene has definitely enabled me to embrace and understand the Avatar that I came here on earth to be in this lifetime. Without a doubt Mary Magdalene has shared codes of light with me that I am now sharing with those who wish to listen and soak up this higher Source Divine Feminine light into every cell of their DNA. I hope you make it to the end of this blog post and embrace her light that is securely placed in the words that she has shared, in her meditation, message and music.

The Mystical Union of Twin Flames Revealed

I have been inspired to write and share my thoughts, regarding the subject of Twin Flames. I am sharing a video which includes a meditation which unites you with your Mystical Twin Flame. I will also share with you my Twin Flame channelled message, portal picture, together with a Twin Flame mantra, prayer and the corresponding Twin Flame music “The Mystical” from Seraphisa.