Connect with the Goddess Aphrodite to Manifest Love and Abundance

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Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and Abundance and Ascended Master of the Pink Ray

Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess, who is beautiful, gentle, loving and wise. Connect with her and her 33 angels of Love to expand your heart centre and allow yourself to manifest Love and Abundance into your life.

Who Will Aphrodite Support and Help?

Aphrodite comes to those who are ready to step onto the path of self-healing, embrace self-love and embody love, abundance and compassion for themselves and others. From my perspective and understanding of connecting with Aphrodite, I see her as an empowered compassionate woman, who is balanced with Divine masculine and feminine completeness. She brings the qualities of beauty, compassion and love along with strength and perseverance.

My Personal Journey with Aphrodite

Aphrodite has definitely enabled me to embrace and understand the importance of being accepting and loving myself and making self-love a priority in all areas of my life. Her words of, love and compassion float over me like the most precious pink silk wings. listening to the music specifically created for her “Call to Love” completely puts my mind, body and soul at ease. Aphrodite’s vibration takes me into a state of love, and an understanding of my true needs, which is to love myself completely as I am and have acceptance of myself, my choices

Aphrodite enables me to be more mindful of my needs and attentive to my heart’s desires, wishes and dreams. , Aphrodite has shared codes of light with me that I am now sharing with those who wish to listen and soak up this higher Source of Divine compassionate light into every cell of their DNA. I hope you make it to the end of this blog post and embrace her light that is securely placed in the words that she has shared, in her meditation, message and music.

How Can You Work with Aphrodite?

If you are ready to work on yourself and work towards enlightenment then calling upon Aphrodite to support you is a blessing. Aphrodite’s qualities of, self-love, love, abundance and happiness, will be the gifts revealed to you. The ultimate gift Aphrodite wishes to share is that you are the portal, your angel within you is the jewel within you. You may only find this gift in the present moment.

A Message from Aphrodite

The 33 angels of love sing to you, opening the portal of your heart, to the optimum capacity. They work with you as a consciousness from the Creator. They are inviting you to lift up your heart, for they cherish and adore you., they honour and love you. Their wish is that through Grace you honour the love and abundance within and around you.

A Portal to Abundance and Self-Love from Aphrodite

A Meditation from Aphrodite

A Mantra from Aphrodite

I choose to raise my subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds, my heart and my soul to understand, believe and know that the Divine presence within me and above is the source of my supply of abundance and love.

A Prayer from Aphrodite

I ask for greater acceptance and self-love so I may go deeper into my heart. May I attract more loving people and experiences as I learn to have more love for myself and others? I surrender myself to love and abundance.

Music from Aphrodite

This music will be available very soon

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