Mary Magdalene: Healing, Messages and Light Codes

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Mary Magdalene’s Wishes to Empower You,! Do you hear her Call?

I have been working very closely with Mary Magdalene over the last few years. She has been stepping forward, wishing to empower men and women, through her healing codes, guidance and love. If you would like to book a session please do get in touch with me

Why is Mary Magdalene Important Now?

Mary Magdalene comes to those who are ready to unify their Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects. Mary Magdalene has definitely enabled me to embrace and understand the Avatar that I came here on earth to be in this lifetime. Without a doubt, Mary Magdalene has shared codes of light with me that I am now sharing with those who wish to listen and soak up this higher Source Divine Feminine light into every cell of their DNA. I hope you make it to the end of this blog post and embrace her light that is securely placed in the words that she has shared, in her meditation, massage and music.

Mary Magdalene Goddess and Avatar

Mary Magdalene was an Avatar, she descended to earth in an incarnated form, a Goddess manifest. The Avatar is a concept understood in Hinduism, and actually means decent. What Mary Magdalene wishes to share with you is that you too are an Avatar, your body is your material, physical appearance, playing a character in this game of life. The gaming world is a good example, for it conceptualises the process on a screen. Life really is a game, you can choose to play it with the help of those in the Celestial realms, like Mary Magdalene and walk a spiritual path, which includes joy, fun, laughter, health, happiness, love and abundance or you can struggle with life and see it as a chore.

What Qualities Does Mary Magdalene Possess ?

Mary Magdalene wishes to support you in finding your inner strength, she will guide you to go deeper and deeper within the within, to portals held inside you and you alone, no one else holds in their chalice the nectar that is sacred to you and your journey beautiful soul. Your magic and alchemy is waiting for you to be found within your hidden truth. Mary Magdalene knew of this in her earthly incarnation and wishes to enable you to understand and utilise this too.

Mary Magdalene was healed, whole and a healer in her own right, she was a priestess of the Isis Temple and an embodiment of the Goddess Sophia. You don’t need to be a female to utilise Mary Magdalene’s healing power. She wishes to share the secrets of a balanced, wise and unconditionally loving Being who balanced the Divine masculine and feminine within her. Mary Magdalene, helps you to flow with the changing tides of time, for nothing stays the same. For many years she was dishonoured by the church but now she has been venerated and has her own feast day, although she tells me this means nothing to her, what makes Mary Magdalene’s heart sing is seeing the rise of the Divine Feminine and the way the world is slowly becoming more balanced from thousands of years of Patriarchal rule and domination. Every time someone on earth acknowledges their own Divinity and Sovereignty the era of peace gets closer and a world of harmony, love and joy will be the game we play.

What do we know of Mary Magdalene?

There is a lot of controversy regarding the life of Mary Magdalene, there are so many channelled books and articles. There have been a fair few films produced over the decades, unfortunately most portray Mary Magdalene as a women of the night, prostitute and whore. Well that is most definitely not true.

Mary Magdalene was a woman who understood Yeshua’s teaching mentally and emotionally, she took the words of her Beloved into her heart and soul and shared his passion. Mary Magdalene was in fact an author of one of the gospels, a copy of her gospel was found in 1896 in Cairo. Which to me is incredibly interesting, for it seems Mary Magdalene the high priestess of the Isis temple would have known that a copy of her writing would be safe with the Divine Goddess of ancient Egypt. Coincidence  maybe or maybe not?

The accounts and stories of the Gospel written according to Mary Magdalene are celebrated by the Gnostic Christians, within these Gospels Mary Magdalene portrays herself as the chief apostle and disciple to Yeshua and a companion to her Beloved.

What does the Gospel of Mary Magdalene teach?

In this Gnostic gospel, Mary Magdalene is not portrayed as a lady of the night, or in modern-day terms, she was not a sex worker, rather she appears as a disciple, and Mary stands up and attempts to comfort the other disciples, reminding them that Yeshua’s presence remains with them and love never dies

How Can Mary Magdalene Help You Spiritually

Mary Magdalene can enable you to connect with the One, balanced Masculine and Feminine Creator beyond the beyond and within the within.

Mary Magdalene supports you to connect with your Mystical Twin flame, enabling you to balance the inner and outer Twin Flames, activating your union and supporting your Ascension pathway

Mary Magdalene dispenses knowledge and codes into your Angelic Self and reminds you , that your are an Avatar and instrument of unconditional love and the Diamond Light.

A Message from Mary Magdalene

Your body is made up of a high percentage of water. Just like the oceans, you are affected by the moon. Allow your essence to flow and change with the tides of time. Nothing ever stays the same; life is constantly changing in cycles. Now is the time to call upon your inner Creator to express your own perfection. Remember you are whole when you align to your I Am Presence and awaken the angel within you. This is the sweetness inside you that embraces the sensuality of the Divine. This will allow you to speak words of beauty and love, as if sent from above. You have a creative soul and a yearning to create and communicate the ultimate reality of love. So flow with this river of love and ride the wave of a higher consciousness.

A Healing Portal from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene invites you to look deep into her portal, within it are hidden symbols, light codes and messages for your soul. Allow the colours, vibrations and codes to awaken the dormant magic within you and connect with your own truth.

A Meditation From Mary Magdalene

Are you ready to confront your own truth? Are you ready to enliven your own reality to its highest perfection? If so, you are invited to step through the green and turquoise portal and connect with these rays. Say out loud, “I request the cleansing rays of Creator to work with me now, under Grace and in Divine perfection.” Imagine yourself stepping into the portal and invite the cleansing rays to bring healing and balance, harmony and joy. Within this ray, now allow your mind, body, heart and soul to be cleansed and enlivened by the frequencies of the light. When you feel that you have been cleansed by the rays, call upon your inner Creator to express your own perfection as love floods your consciousness and dissipates every condition that is not for your highest good. Love is the most powerful essence in the universe and dissolves everything that is not love. You are now ready to be a full-time emissary of love.

A Mantra from Mary Magdalene

My consciousness flows with Creator’s love and my Divine Self opens her wings to express perfect creation of Divine Truth. I communicate this truth with harmony, balance and love. I remember that I Am whole as I align to my I Am Presence, Creator and the angel within me.

A prayer from Mary Magdalene

Creator within, Creator above, I request that my words may bring beauty, harmony and joy . May I manifest as a clear expression of Divine perfection.

Music Inspired By Mary Magdalene

“Avatar” from the album “The Mystical” by Seraphisa 

I Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you feel you would like a deeper and more personal healing, message and connection with Mary Magdalene then please do contact me to book a session

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