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Goddess of Compassion, Ascended Master of the Pink Ray and Bodhisattva

Is Quan Yin a Goddess, Ascended Master or Bodhisattva?

Quan Yin is in fact all three, so this makes Quan Yin accessible in all forms, Divine Deity, Ascended Master Bodhisattva and Goddess. Like most faces of a Deity, they may also be perceived in many guises, male, female and androgynous. Those who call upon her or whom she visits or makes her presence known are indeed blessed.  She desires to help and support those in need, enabling them to cease suffering and learn to dance with life. You may also wish to perceive Quan Yin as a Bodhisattva, this is a Sanskrit word that literally translates as  “one whose essence is enlightenment”. We can break up the word into two, bodhi translates as enlightenment and sattva mean essence. It is believed in Buddhism that Quan Yin stays close to humanity to enable them to grow spiritually and become enlightened.

Who Will Quan Yin support and Help?

Quan Yin comes to those who are ready to step onto the path of self-healing, embrace self-love and embody compassion for themselves and others. From my perspective and understanding from connecting with Quan Yin, I see her as an empowered compassionate woman, who is balanced with Divine masculine and feminine completeness. She brings the qualities of beauty, compassion and love along with strength and perseverance.

My personal Journey with Quan Yin

Quan Yin has definitely enabled me to embrace and understand the importance of being compassionate with self and making self-love a priority in all areas of life. Her words of wisdom, love and compassion float over me like the most precious pink silk kimono. Reading or listening back to her words within her song lullaby completely puts my mind, body and soul at ease. Quan Yin’s vibration takes me into a state of calm, relaxation, a sensitivity to my true needs, which is to love myself completely as I am and have compassion for myself, my choices and solitude.

Quan Yin enables me to be more mindful of my needs and attentive to my heart, considerate of the actions I choose and to take care of myself. Without a doubt, Quan Yin has shared codes of light with me that I am now sharing with those who wish to listen and soak up this higher Source Divine compassionate light into every cell of their DNA. I hope you make it to the end of this blog post and embrace her light that is securely placed in the words that she has shared, in her meditation, message and music.

How Can You Work with Quan Yin?

If you are ready to work on yourself and work towards enlightenment then calling upon Quan Yin to support you is a blessing. Quan Yin’s qualities of wisdom, peace, self-discipline, love, compassion and happiness, will be the gifts revealed to you. The ultimate gift Quan Yin wishes to share is that you are the portal, your angel within you is the jewel within you. You may only find this gift in the present moment. You will not find enlightenment in the past or future only in the present. So if you would like to develop a daily spiritual path and blossom as a lotus flower then use the offerings that she has shared with us below.

What Does Quan Yin’s Mantra Mean?

“Om mani Padme hum” is the best-known mantra to connect with Quan Yin and the English translation means, “Hail to the jewel in the lotus flower” You can hear this mantra in Seraphisa’s song Lullaby, which is below.

A Message from Quan Yin

Hail to the jewel in the lotus flower! You, dear one, you are the precious jewel. We invite you to surrender yourself to self-love and compassion, for love and compassion for yourself is key to your healing and growth. This is vital to your journey and the awakening to the angel within you. Please trust and know that we watch over you while you sleep during your dream time. We come from the celestial heavens to bring you love, light and healing. We see you as a perfect vision; whole, complete, divine precision. Allow us closer; invite us in to blend with you together, deep within your heart. Every night please do this; we need your permission to enter your body, mind and heart, to awaken you to your own perfection. Oh, beautiful soul, you are perfect, loved and whole. You are loved, oh dearest one. Feel the love we bring. Love yourself, oh dearest one, for this is where the healing begins.

A Portal to Enlightenment and Self-Love from Quan Yin

A Meditation from Quan Yin

Breathe in the pink ray as you step into the portal and invite Creator to breathe the pink ray into your heart. Declare: “Creator, I invite you to breathe your pink light of love into my heart now. I am ready to accept self-love and compassion. Feel, sense, see or know that Creator’s pink light is flooding your heart with love. Accept this love and breathe it out into your aura. Feel it in every cell of your body as the love of Creator ignites you to love yourself completely. Now stay cocooned in this matrix of pink, heavenly love and allow the love that is within you to unfold, grow and bloom. 

A Mantra from Quan Yin

I choose to raise my subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds, my heart and my soul to understand, believe and know that the Divine presence within me and above is the source of my supply of abundance, enlightenment and love.

A Prayer from Quan Yin

I ask for greater compassion so I may go deeper into my heart. May I attract more loving people and experiences as I learn to have more compassion for myself and others? I surrender myself to love and compassion.

Music from Quan Yin

 “Lullaby” from the album “The Mystical” by Seraphisa

I really pray that this post has connected you to Quan Yin or deepened your connection. If you are feeling you would like to work on loving yourself more then please do download my free book

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The Angel in me honours the Angel in you.

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