The Divine Mother Goddess

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I have been on a journey with the Divine mother Goddess since 1996 when I gave birth to my first son. As I held him in my arms, I knew that I too was an aspect of the Divine Mother and that finally, I understood the gap that had been missing in my life, unconditional love. I instantly knew that the love I felt for my child was the same unconditional love that the Divine Mother Goddess possessed for me and all her children here on earth. It is my desire that this blog post brings you closer to that unconditional love of the Divine Mother, she may come to you as Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene or simply pure love and light. You may wish to start this journey with the track  “Into the Cosmos” from the album “The Mystical” by Seraphisa

Music to Help you Connect with the Divine Mother Goddess

Who is the Divine Mother Goddess?

The Divine Mother Goddess is the Feminine aspect of the Creator, you may think of her as a Celestial womb, where the presence of the One dwells, a pure loving presence or even an earthly incarnation. Shekinah is a Hebrew word, the translation means “where God dwells” but is also known as the feminine aspect of Creator.  The divine Mother Goddess has been given many names, by many religions, yet I believe she transcends all religions. I know in my core that her presence within all our hearts has the ability to bring about a world of unity and oneness. The Divine Mother Goddess has a mission, and aims to ensure that we change the current paradigm to that of peace and harmony. Rather like a mother who wants her siblings to love one another, the Divine Mother Goddess wants this for humanity, for she sees us as all her children, no matter what race, creed, religion or colour we are.

What are the Qualities of the Divine Mother Goddess?

The qualities of the Divine Mother Goddess are linked with, creativity, birth, fertility, nurturing, passion and Divine Sexual union. She is linked to the phases and cycles of the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides, oceans, seas and the elements of water and earth.

How can you connect with the Divine Mother Goddess?

I am sharing some methods that I use but please remember that I can support you through holding space in various ways, from Pellowah sessions to Guidance and Sound. You can always book a free 10-minute session with me to see if I can support you and your journey

Why didn’t Jesus pray to the Divine Mother Goddess in the Lord’s Prayer?

The original Our Father’s prayer would have been recited in Aramaic, which was Yeshua’s native mother tongue. The actual translation from Aramaic to English is quite different from that which I had been led to follow over the years.

The prayer begins with the phrase,  “ Father-Mother of the Cosmos”. Interesting wouldn’t you say?

Who is the Most Powerful Aspect of the Divine Mother Goddess?

This will, of course, depend on your belief system and background, so I personally feel for those who are still learning to connect with the Divine Mother Goddess, that you call upon the purest aspect of the Divine Mother Goddess. I personally ask to be led by Shekinah, which is a Hebrew word meaning where Creator dwells and then I chant the Seraphic angel language that I have been given and asked to share with those who hear the call of the Seraphim.

“Aya shya Nara”, which means “I accept the mother”

You can say either, I say “Aya shya Nara”  3 times, whilst I raise my arms to the sky.

From this, I trust that the aspect I need is with me, as I feel her loving embrace and take my arms to my heart. There are many faces of the Divine Mother Goddess, and you may only choose to work with one aspect. I will share a few names and together we will explore these beautiful Divine Mother Goddesses further, in more depth.  

Sophia, Sekmet, Isis, Mother Mary, Kali, Green Tara, Quan yin and the Lady of Avalon to name a few

It really is a personal choice, but bear in mind, the Divine Mother Goddess may choose you. I never set out to work with Mother Mary, she came and found me, because the first song that I penned was entitled Mary Me, which in my mind meant mother me. Little did I know that after 2 years of writing the song I would have a mystical experience with Mother Mary. So keep your heart and mind open and allow her to find you!

The Divine Mother Goddess is waiting for you. In whichever form works for you and in which form you resonate with. I channelled a message from Love saying

“ We shapeshift into who you need us to be”

So take a minute now and call upon the Divine Mother Goddess and say the words

“Aya shya Nara” or “I accept the Mother” 3 times, as you raise your arms,

After waiting for a moment, feel, sense, see or know her presence, then bring your hands to your heart. Breathe and be, be and breathe. You may now have an idea which aspect of the Divine Mother Goddess is with you, you may not, that is absolutely fine. You are on a journey of discovery building your relationship with the Divine Mother Goddess.

The Love from the Divine Mother Goddess is unconditional, so you really would benefit if you build on your relationship with her. I suggest interacting through prayer, meditation, singing, dancing, painting, music and following the moon cycles. Invite the Divine Mother Goddess into your daily life each day. Below are some ways of enhancing your bond together.

A Message from the Divine Mother Goddess

“You are a golden angelic child; this is the potential within you. Birthing the golden child within, we ask of you. Do you perceive this as separate or part of Source-Creator? Please ask yourself now. Am I entwined, like a sunbeam in Creators’ Light? Or am I a separate ray, alone and aloof? We try to make things simple. Fear, and worry – these may harm the golden child, the Divine child. They stop its voice; stunt its growth. The miracle of birth in the physical form is also a miracle within the light realm. Giving birth to the golden child within — the Divine child — can be likened to physical birth. If it is birthed too soon it may well be premature; it may well stumble; it may well wish to climb back into the womb and continue to be nurtured. This is part of the next stage, my dear: birthing this child once it has been nurtured and fed with the light that is within and around.  Do you feel the Divine child within you, my dear one?

A Meditation from the Divine Mother Goddess

We see you as a Divine golden child. And as the Divine child within matures, it soon becomes a Divine star that shines brightly from within the confines of your physical being. It may well be likened to an angel, my dear. How do you perceive us now, my dear one? We ask you to listen to the silence and sense, see, hear or know the light and love of the Source-Creator. Acknowledge this love from your Divine Mother Goddess and feel her light within and around you. We ask you to step into the portal of light, for this will nourish and support you, the Divine Mother Goddess feeds you with her light. Allow the green, turquoise and silver light of your Divine Mother Goddess to surround you now, this light brings peace and love to every cell of your physical body. The silver flecks of light, sparkle and clear your mind and brings you a deeper understanding of your Divine perfection. Rest, breathe, be and trust this Cosmic womb of your Divine Mother Goddess to restore you. to you know

A Mantra from the Divine Mother Goddess

I am a Divine golden child of the Cosmos, held within the womb of the Divine Mother Goddess,  birthed in Divine timing

A Prayer from the Divine Mother Goddess

Beloved, I ask from my heart that you enable me to be birthed as a Divine golden child of your light, hold me within the cosmic womb of my Divine Mother until the time is right, under Grace and in perfect ways, I am reborn, in love.

A Healing Portal Picture from the Divine Mother Goddess

You may wish to gaze into the portal and allow the Divine Mother Goddess to speak to you, through feelings, knowing, hearing telepathically or inner visions. You may also “see” symbols, pictures or signs within this portal.

I really hope you found this blog post inspiring, please feel free to share it with anyone you feel may benefit from reading it or listening to the music. Much love and blessings to you.

The Angel in me honours the Angel in you


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