Channelled Messages From Love

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4th May 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Welcome Home The Key To Your Heart

“Beautiful souls, now your lights are shining!  If you could see your light from our perspective, when you laugh, when you sing, when you partake in the things that bring you joy, your light expands.  We have said this time and time again, yet it is from the infinite space of within, the light, that aspect of you that is pure and true, this is the key.  Take a moment now and pause and be, in the infinite space of your heart.  This space holds the key to your ascension pathway, to your happiness, to your joy: connecting, knowing, coming home to the space of love, where you remember that you are an infinite being of light – here, here is your strength.  Here reside all aspects of the diamond light, all aspects of every Ascended Master, every angel, every star being, all that shimmers and shines for the highest good.  Your mind is the place where you will connect to the human consciousness, the lower vibrations of fear and worry.  Do you choose fear or do you choose love?  Do you choose your mind or do you choose your heart?  Heaven is not a destination: the door to Heaven is in your heart.  You will create Heaven on Earth when you live from your heart when you speak from your heart, when you listen from your heart. 

Are we beginning to sound repetitive?  If we are, then know this: we will continue to knock on the door of your heart until you meet us there.  When you meet us there, then we will no longer need to remind you, for you will think in this space, relax into this space, and come home.  We are all one.  We are all infinite.  Breathe in, breathe out, and be.   Welcome home.  Open the door.  Step through.  Come in and join us.  We were never anywhere else.  We have been waiting for you all this time.  Can you hear birds singing in your heart?  Can you see the cherry blossom?  Can you hear the laughter of children within you?  Can you sense, see, feel, or know the cherubs who come to play?  Know this, when you laugh a cherub is dancing in your heart.  When you sing a seraphim is singing with you.  When you cry we stand by and we observe and we hold you, but you may be unaware.  Choose now to sing; choose now to smile.  Feel one memory in your heart that makes you smile from ear to ear.  The love within you will guide you.  Welcome home.  Come in and close the door.”

8th April 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Listen To Your Inner Child

“Greetings beautiful souls.  We come to greet you, we come to smile, we come to share once more the love we have for you all.  We would like to expand upon the spark of light you have within you.  One of the sparks of light is indeed the Child Within, the Inner Child.  Some of you have healthy, happy, blessed sparks within.  The Inner Child that is happy, the Inner Child that is content, the Inner Child that is loved will always be at peace, tor they know no different.  They come with magic, to remind you that when you live your life through the eyes of the Child Within, you see the magic around you, you see the wonder, you see the miracles, you will see fairies, you will see angels and orbs.  If you believe you will receive. 

However, not all of you have happy Inner Children.  Some of you may be carrying a burden, a feeling of unworthiness, a feeling of being unlovable; and when you carry this pain, when you carry this sadness, it is far harder to see the magic and the miracles within.  Therefore we ask you to connect to that aspect of you: the 4 or 5-year-old version of you that is within you, waiting to be heard, to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be loved, to be noticed.  If they are happy they come with a smile, they sing, they dance, they play, they wrestle, they climb trees, and they do what little children do.  However, if they are unhappy they come with a sadness, they come with a hole that needs to be filled with love. 

Acknowledge the child within you now; acknowledge how they feel, how they are, and what they have to share with you.  Connecting on a deep level takes time, takes patience, takes trust.  Are you ready to live with an open, carefree heart?  Is it you or is it the child within you that needs to be loved?  Is it you or is it the child within you that needs more joy?  If you are in the present moment, if you are happy, if you are counting your blessings, if you see the wonder of all the magic around you then you will go free.  Are you ready to be free?  Are you ready to be loved?  As you look, as you look within, into your heart, is your heart smiling?  Is your heart at peace?  Be at peace dear ones and know you are loved beyond compare.

George sang.

Our lullaby to you, our song of love for you.  Notice how you feel in this moment.  Notice the love.  Notice how your heart feels now.  You are free, you are free to be at peace.  You are free to love and live in joy. 

Aya Shaya Attar, Aya Shaya Tara.”

If you feel you need extra support for healing your Inner child then there is another blog post that may help you, or alternatively, you may benefit from a personal session with Georgie over a video call

31st of March 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Magic, miracles, and Keys to Ascension

“Greetings beautiful souls.  We tell you always that everything is within you – the magic, the miracles, the keys to your Ascension pathway, to your journey, the portals, the doors, the cities, the temples – everything is within you.  All that you need to access, you will access by simply pausing and going within.  We are sure you are bored with this same message, but until you learn the lesson, until you look within, until you steady your mind, until you are fully ready to accept your responsibility in all that you are here to share, to learn, to be – taking responsibility for your actions and your reactions, your reflections, pondering and reflecting on your path but in the present, for change happens in the present moment.  The past is gone – yet for some, it still lingers on learned behaviour, learned responses, often learned from childhood.  Until you learn or allow a new way of being, you continue to walk down the same pathway with the same responses.

Some may say they are too damaged, they are too broken: we say no, you are not.  Like a fine piece of china, you are strong, you are resilient.  Trust in the process.  Trust your journey.  Trust that you will always know which way to go and when.  But take time, take time to pause, take time to be still, take time to go within. 

We invite you now to go within but notice where it leads.  As we support this journey now, 100,000 beings of light come to be with you now.  They hold you.  They support this space.  Feel their light, feel their starlight.  How does it feel to be held and supported?  Stand tall.  Be counted.  Shine your light.  Be at peace.   Know you are on the right track.  You are held in love.  You are loved.

And so it is.”

24th of March 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Only Love is real

“The power is always within you.  You are the master of your destiny: it starts and ends with you.  The power of your breath will control all that lies ahead of you.   Connecting to your breath; connecting to your heart; your heart connecting to the heart of Mother Earth and the heart within the Cosmos.  The Holy Trinity – as on Earth, as in Heaven, as within – this is a different take, is it not, on this term?  You are part of the Holy Trinity.  It was never separate.  It was always part of you.  We have always stepped forward and worked with our channel in order for her and those who listen to understand the importance of the Divinity within you.   We have called it many names.  As we have said before we come as one yet at times different faces step forward. 

You with your earthly minds often require proof, guarantees, and certainties.  Open your heart now and feel what we bring.  Know that who you sense, who you feel, who you see, who you hear within this Unity Consciousness, we come together as one – this face, this voice is meant for you.   Your perception, your understanding, and your knowing will allow exactly which frequency, and vibration you are willing to accept and see.  Ultimately we come with love and joy, with wisdom, with peace.  All we ask of you is for acceptance.  This is all we ask – nothing more, nothing less: accept our love, accept our light.  The magic, the light, all that you need is within you.  We simply come to remind you of this.  There is no external power or source stronger than your own inner light.  We see many of you now feeling exhausted, and physically drained.  For some of you, it is your mental minds, your chatter.  For others, it is a feeling of being scattered and pulled in many directions.  But know and trust, trust that light within you.  Feel nurtured and rest within these words.  Allow now a face within the light to appear, to hold you, to comfort you, to guide you.   And do you sense, see or feel?  Know within this moment only love is real.”

2nd of March 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

New Hope is Here

“Welcome.   Welcome once more.  You are all the New Hope!  What is the New Hope?  It is a seed within your heart.  For some of you that seed has been planted, that seed has grown into the Rose.  It is time to go into the Garden of your Heart.   It is time to truly look within and see, how does your garden grow?  Does your garden grow with roses?  Does your garden grow with weeds?  Is it overgrown?  Is it sparse?  Is it a concrete jungle?  Is it a country meadow?  Is it a desert?  This space, this sacred garden, this is where the alchemy lies.  This is where the New Hope lies.  The more you shine your light on the garden within, the more you tend to your inner garden, and your heart and the more you will see that all that blooms around you is a reflection of this inner garden.  Your mind can create weeds and deserts, but it can also create roses, it can also create an oasis of peace.  So what is it that you wish to create and see in your garden? 

Take a moment now, pause, and be.  We understand that some of you may not see or hear, you may know, you may feel: you are invited to use all of your senses when entering the sanctuary of your garden.  Know, know within your heart, know within your superconscious mind, your subconscious, and your consciousness that what you focus on grows.  When you feel a tightness in your heart centre, in the upper heart centre, this is when you are closing the gates to love.  When you close the gates to love you close the gates to hope.  Hope, faith, trust, in this order.  This week with you we concentrate on hope.  There are angels of hope and at any moment in time, there is always the choice, to choose new hope, new beginnings, new endings, and new journeys.  Notice the emphasis on new.   There are many phrases that are used; we hear you and we smile: ‘this is the New Improved Me’.  In our eyes, you are always perfect as you are!  How can you be more perfect in our eyes?  Simply remember to be open to love – and what better symbol to use than a rose?  We invite you now to listen to our channel’s music: New Hope, and as you do allow rose petals to shower down around you and allow yourself to open your senses to your heart, to the garden within you.  Breathe and be.  Breathe and be.

You can listen to the track here

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22nd of February 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Follow Your Bliss into Higher Consciousness

“Welcome.  Welcome.  How can you truly know what it is, what is part of your show?  Did you come here to be in the chorus?  Did you come here to be centre stage?  Did you come here to be behind the scenes?  The only way you will truly know how to complete your mission – if you wish to call it a mission – is by following the whisperings of your heart and soul.  For your heart houses the voice of your soul, or as our channel calls it, the Angel Within.  The Angel Within You must be your guide – and you know we refrain from using the word must, but for those of you who are wishing now to step up, to be centre stage of your own story, it is imperative that you listen, listen not with your ears but with your body: how does your body feel when you think of a particular activity?  How does your heart feel?  How does your solar plexus feel?

We have spoken with you before about this.  We encourage you.  You see, the difference between your Divine family in the cosmic realms and your family on earth is this: your family on earth will often think they know what is right for you and they may well usher you one way or another.  They may well have your best interests at heart, but they always come with their baggage, with their perspective.  However, your family of the cosmos, your family who look down upon you, they see your light, they see what makes your light shine brighter.  Can you see when your light shines?  Can you feel when your light shines?  You illuminate the space around you; your illumination, your light is contagious and it lights up the other souls around you.  Although our channel speaks of awakening the Angel Within You, the Angel Within You is already awake.  It is your egoic mind that is sleeping.  The Angel Within You know the way but you choose to struggle, you choose not to listen, you choose to struggle rather than dance.  Is it not now time to open your wings and fly?  We see some of you flying high but than your fear creeps in and you close your wings, you close your heart through fear.  But you know deep down inside that fear is an illusion; only love is real, the love that is within you, the love within you that knows you are light, that you are the miracle; and the brighter you shine the easier it is to follow your bliss, to follow your joy.

Take a moment now and smile.  Follow your own starlight.  And we have indeed proclaimed this before, but you forget.  You struggle and make it about your minds; you make it about the hows, the wheres, the whens.  This is not necessary.  Make it about the vibration, make it about the frequency, just like the harp at the beginning.  Be like the harp, be in harmony.  When you are in harmony you are aligned to the divine design of your life, the life that the Angel Within You knows you are capable of.  Are you ready now to end the struggle, be friends with the Angel Within You, anchor more of that light, allow your wings to be so huge that they brush those within your existence?  Notice those wings now.  What colour are your wings?  Wrap yourself inside them, loving yourself from the inside out.  When you live as your light, when you take responsibility for the choices, you will open the doorway to your infinite potential.  But we ask you now to take it easy and breathe in the love around you and within you; relax into the knowing.  The more you delve into your heart, the more you listen to the love within you, the easier your life will feel.

And smile.”

14th of February 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

You are NEVER alone, have faith and Trust

“You are never alone when you sit with your spirit when you listen to your heart.  This is where you will find your peace; this is where you will find your inner voice; this is where you will find your love.  When you are happy with the peace within you, when you are happy with the voice within you, with the love within you, you will truly never be alone. 

Your mind creates the walls, the barriers, and the constraints that inhibit you from fully embracing the totality of your being.  You look outside of yourself for comfort or an excuse to not follow your inner calling.  When you attract dramas, scenarios, and people, have they always truly been sent by the Divine or have you attracted them into your life as a distraction, as a way of not following your inner calling?  Every moment that you live on the Earth is a learning – you are not tested by anyone: there is no one in the heavenly realms of the Cosmos with a clipboard ticking to see if you have passed the test.  This is also something you have created in your own mind, or from your childhood, from being taught that you must pass some kind of initiation.  If you fully embrace and accept all learning as a gift, all situations, then you will fully understand and be able to be at peace. 

Many of you are being far too submissive to a power outside of yourself: you name it under many names – God, Source, Creator.   There is no one telling you what to do or how to do it!  When you cast this burden out to the Cosmos you are giving your power away, but when you cast this scenario, this question, this longing, ‘What is my calling? What is my purpose?  What would you have me do?” it is imperative that you are asking for your own light, your own spirit – or as our channel calls it, the angel within.  Within you is the answer.  Yes, you may ask for confirmation from external sources: indeed our channel has a humorous story, or many stories, about this.  For when you practice listening to within, allowing your inner voice, the voice of Love to speak to you, you will flow, you will dance with life, and you will end the inner battle that some of you are currently finding yourselves in.  Place your hand on your heart and ask now, Am I truly at peace with where I am?  Am I happy?  Ask yourself, What is my next step on my journey?  The answer is within you always.  If you knew, if you trusted your knowing you would follow your heart and dance once more.  View your life as a game.  You make the rules.  So smile dear ones.  Know the strength and support you have inside you.  Learn from the lessons and follow the calling of your heart.

And so it is.”

4th of February 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Rest in The Cosmic Heart

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19th January 2023 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Your Soul is a Star Seed

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“Welcome, welcome once more. We would love to be with you and we are with you, for when you choose to connect with the love that we bring, your heart expands and we are with you. Imagine us now holding your hands. The key to expanding, to transcending, and allowing your highest self, your cosmic self to be present with you, to lead the way, is our aim – and when we say this is our aim, we mean the aim of those who choose this pathway, who choose to truly expand and transcend the limitations of your perceived knowledge. We ask you not to learn with your brain: we ask, we invite you to understand with your heart. It is a process, transcendence is a process of unlearning, releasing, and transforming all the knowledge that limits you. See, see with your heart; hear with your heart; feel with your heart. Your heart will always guide the way. It is the doorway; it is the portal. To transcend one must go within, and once within go deeper, go deeper within. Do this now, dear ones, for waiting within this space is the doorway to your cosmic self, the highest version. It is up to you how far you travel, but imagine now, imagine the doorway, imagine that you are transcending a stairway of light that you access through your heart. Transcending: this is more than ascending, for as you transcend you transform, you release preconceived conceptions, that knowledge that no longer serves you. Feel this now as you transcend up the stairway of light. Notice how far you wish to go – the choice is yours. Will you continue? We invite you to go as far as you can. It is your starlight you seek, for you are the star seed: your soul is the star seed – a seed of light. This seed of light grows strong and bright. The more you connect and allow your cosmic star to light the way, the more you will notice the synchronicities. Allow, allow, allow the light of your star. Allow. Feel the heat from your star; there is no need to feel cold. Can you feel this heat now shining within and around you? We invite you all to allow, to Be Love, to be light, to be the star you are.”

13th January 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

What is Success?

“Greetings.  Greetings to you all, beautiful souls.  We see you struggling once more and we invite you for this moment, for this moment in time to be with us now.  To fully understand this message you must feel it with your heart – and you know we refrain from the word ‘must’, but in this we ask you to trust us: trust that this moment in time we are supporting you now and always; but in this moment we are inviting you to feel your connection to Mother Earth and your connection to Inner Peace that is within you: it is within your heart, always waiting for you – within the within and beyond the beyond, Inner Peace awaits for all.  As you drop into Inner Peace, as you drop into your heart with our support, know we stand with you; know our hands of light are around you; feel those hands of light now with you.  Some may indeed see orbs of light.  Feel, sense, see and know we are with you always beautiful souls. 

And now you have connected to the inner peace within you and around you, we can invite you to expand your consciousness, expand your consciousness beyond the beyond yet within the within.  Feel now as you do this; notice the air around you; notice the love within you; as you connect to the highest consciousness, relax into the arms of love that await for you.  As you do this together we support your space and from your highest consciousness, your highest light you connect to your calling, the calling of your soul, the calling of your starlight, the calling of the cosmos.  Do you sense, do you feel, do you know your calling?  And remember, it is for this moment in time, and every moment in time leads you to a choice – a choice of love or a choice of fear.  When you choose from love you find success.  How do you measure success?  You measure success from the feeling in your heart.  You measure success by the light you share.  Take a moment now and ask your soul how best you may measure success; and know with your heart, with your soul, and with your highest consciousness you are loved.”

6th January 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Follow Your Starlight

“Welcome.  Welcome once more.  As we greet you we come with love as always, and with our light. We invite you to remember that your light is part of this light.  We invite you once more to look within the light and find that pinpoint of light, the star that will guide you home, following your star.  Why? you ask, Why?  You are at a pinnacle in time, a moment in time.  If you understand it like this: your star, guiding you on your journey; and the more beings of light – and remember you are a being of light, you are light – the more of you who follow their own light, the easier it will be to navigate the chaos within your reality.  For when you follow your star you create the reality that your soul desires, that your soul needs to grow.  When you follow the chaos, the drama, the confusion, your soul will become tired, your energy will be depleted and your light will dim.  We do not wish to see your light dimming dear ones, we wish to see your light shining like never before.  Now, now is the time to shine like never before!  Your own star feeds the light within you.  Look to your star, which is within the collective light; do not follow the collective shadow.  We rarely ask you, we rarely demand you.  The only shadow for you to observe is your own.  The more you cast your attention to the shadows within others, the deeper their shadows grow, and the darker they become.  Cast your light and look for the light within them.  There is no need to know the story of their shadow.  Simply bless them and love them.  Yes, we understand love is a strong word: love them from the light within you – and if you cannot do this, then ask their guardian angel to bless them and love them on your behalf; rather like having a surrogate, a surrogate blessing.”

15th December 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Magic, Miracles and Alchemy

Magic, Miracles, and Alchemy

“Hear, hear our channel breathe!  For as she begins to consciously connect with her breath she consciously connects to the love and support around her.  And we come to remind you all that this love and support is around you all, and you all have a network of love.  If you imagine now yourself like a star: see this star in the centre of the multiverse.  You are the centre of your multiverse, and you notice within this multiverse there are millions of stars – golden, platinum, diamond, emerald, and ruby.  See these stars now shining and twinkling.  And now see how these stars share with you their light as directed beams.  Within this light there is sound.  The light and sound come together.  This creates celestial harmony.  Feel this harmony and support around you.  When you are the centre of your multiverse you are in the space of music and miracles – alchemy.  We smile, for you could if you wished tune into one particular colour frequency, follow that beam of light to the star it originates from and see the love behind the star.  How beautiful, how blessed.  Feel the love, follow once more that starlight back, back to your point of origin.  Here you are beyond the beyond and within the within.  We encourage you to walk your talk, to know that in any given moment you have the ability to pause and to be the centre of your multiverse.  When you connect to the highest version of you – some call this your higher self – our channel indeed calls this the Angel Within – know it is this clear aspect that shines your pathway.  All that you have is within you, yet around you is the support you need to focus, to connect, to feel, to know, to understand that you have the ability to be all that you came here to be.  Feel it now dear ones, feel how it feels, understand how it feels to drop into the centre of your multiverse.  Know the multiverse is within you, you are the multiverse, and you are all that is and will be.  When you reach for those stars, know that these stars are the highest, purest love.   Let us make this clear: this is not connecting to the lower vibrations of a personality that is suspended within a lower consciousness.  When you connect to the highest version of a beloved, of a loved one, of a friend, of an Archangel you connect at the purest level – and by purest we mean lightest; a frequency that knows only love, joy, and harmony – for in this lies the sweetest song: there are no notes clashing, no unknown colours that do not shine and shimmer and look beautiful together.  For behind the colour there is always diamond light.  Behind the sound, there is always the frequency of the Cosmos.  To recreate this sound is possible; to feel, to know this sound – if you understand that you are a unique light that vibrates within the Song of the Cosmos.  Allow the song to play around you.

And now we invite you once more to go and reach one of the stars as you are held in this space.  Whether you see a face within the star, whether you know who this star truly is, know now it comes with love and support for you.  Feel the love.  Understand the message, the vibration.  Understand it with your heart….  And breathe….  Know at this moment in time we ground this magic into your earthly life – as above, so below.   You are grounded into the highest dimension of Mother Earth.  You are held now and forever in the diamond light of the Cosmos.  Accept this now.  Ayashaya, ayashaya, ayashaya.  I accept I accept, I accept.

And so it is.” 

2nd December 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Overcoming Obstacles with New Hope

25th November 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

You Heal Yourself

“Healing: we shall share some words with you.  We shall be breaking words down for you.  This is not a puzzle but we are trying to make things accessible and clear.  

‘Healthy’ – Heal Thy Self.  If you all realised that you had the potential to heal thyself – through words, through acceptance, through knowing that you are worthy – and also through knowing that healing works on many levels; it is not merely the physical.  When you ask for healing, when you activate your own innate healing potential, you may be healing emotions, mental patterns, trauma, and souls.  And your soul knows many lifetimes.  We shall break down the word once more: HEALING, the key word here.  

The letter H is Healthy, Heal thyself.  

E – Emotions play a major part in whether you choose to be healthy and heal thyself, or unhealthy, tormenting yourself with your mind, refusing to use the tools we give you or we share with you.  And you know the tools; they are within the book.  E-motion: Energy in Motion.  Everything is energy: you are energy and you are frequency – choose a frequency that will heal thy self.  

A – In the letter A we have many words: Acceptance, Alignment – many more, but we shall work with these.  Accepting where you are on your healing journey and deciding which route you wish to take from your current point of reference.  Aligning to your light, your inner light and your inner wisdom, the love in you, the love around you, aligning to light, to love, to frequencies of joy, peace, and harmony. 

L: Love.  Love is the key: loving oneself.  If one cannot heal thyself through limitation or lack of belief, then the next thing one can do is to love oneself.  Are you ready to love yourself?  What is stopping you?  Then maybe you need support from another who can hold space to enable you to love yourself, to reflect love back to you; a mirror of love.  When one can love oneself one can heal oneself.  Heal thy self!  

I is for Intuition, Inspiration.  You have a deep knowing within you.  Tuning in to what you need; tuning in to your body, to your heart, to your soul; tuning in to the subconscious mind – for this may be running the show so to speak: your subconscious mind may be attracting the things you are running away from.  Inspiration: in Spirit, in connection with Spirit, being filled with Spirit.  Be inspired.  When you are Inspired with Spirit you choose that which is for your higher good; you are not choosing from lack or limitation, you are choosing from love.

N: Nature and Nurture.  Nurture yourself in nature.  Nurture yourself with things that will enable you to heal thyself.  You know what will do this for you, yet you resist, you persist to resist.  Within nature you will see the colours that bring healing.  That will enable you to heal thyself eventually if you are unable at this precise moment in time; but in time nurture in nature will be a healing balm – a balm, of calm, peace, love, and tranquillity.

G: God, Goddess, Guidance from the Light.  Be guided by your own light, the god or goddess light within you.  For some this will sound like sacrilege, for others, it will be music to their ears.  You have a light so bright within you, your God/Goddess Spark, the Divinity, or the Angel Within as our friend and channel perceives it.  How you perceive it is irrelevant, but to know the light within you will guide you and lead you to the healing journey you seek.

“And so it is.”

6th July 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Look Within to Find Love

Look Within to Find Love

“Flame, fire, light – it all comes from the Point of Source.  At the Point of Source, there is no masculine or feminine, it is all One.  But this Point of Source has qualities: frequency, energy, the vibration of the light, the fire ignites, purifies, blesses.  At the Point of Source, there is only one pure light.  And this light – if you think of an umbrella, with the very top of the umbrella: this is the Source Point; and from this point envelopes the space.  If you think of a rainbow umbrella, the material of the umbrella may have many colours; the material goes back to the source point at the top of the umbrella.  The umbrella looks after all who are underneath it.  So the Source Point of the light governs far more than you may comprehend.  Or if we use another analogy, the pyramid: if you are standing outside a pyramid the viewpoint from the top, from the apex sees all below, but depending on where you are on the side your view, your understanding, the perspective will be limited.  The more you purify yourselves with the light the more you will see from the Source Point perspective.  And when you see from this perspective you will know that where your attention goes the energy flows.  It is rather like when a woman wishes to conceive – for she will see other women who are carrying a child within their womb or in their arms; therefore if you are looking for Star Beings you will find Star Beings; if you are looking for angels you will find angels; if you are looking for love then we invite you to look within: the Source Point will be within; this is where and how you connect to love, the love within you and the love around you.  The more you look for the love and the light in others the more you will see it flow from them: when your perspective changes, so do their actions.  And if many have a perspective on an individual, this will be heightened.  When many intend and focus on peace, there will be peace.  This is why each and every person is required to focus on the best possible future.  Always listen to the whispers of your heart.  The voice of your heart will guide you.

30th June 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

The Power of 333 is the gateway to Unity Consciousness

We would firstly like to share our wisdom regarding the number 3.  It is most significant, for as you were beginning to discuss, a union of 2, they make a third – as in mother-father-child.  Let us explore this concept first.  We would like to explore the concept of your divine parents, and remind you of your divinity as a divine child of the Cosmos: Mother-Father of the Cosmos creating the Child of the Cosmos.  Notice how we use the word Cosmos.  There is more to know and understand; the power of the number 3 has significance for creating energetic portals.  We would like to share with you the Solfeggio frequency 3-3-3.  Notice how this makes 9 yet can be divided by 3 to make 3 – three 3’s within.  Feel this portal now.

Georgie channelled the Solfeggio frequency 333 and an energetic Unity Consciousness portal was open.

The Solfeggio frequencies will always add up and break down to the number 3.  We invite our channel to record these frequencies with intention and we invite others to work with these powers, these multiples of 3.  These create alignment.  Three is a miraculous number for it aligns your body, your soul, and your mind.  When three come together, or multiples of three, this is also miraculous, or creating miraculous alignments and potentials.  Three points connected make a triangle: this too is an auspicious geometric shape.  Two triangles placed together create a six-point star, three triangles together create a nine-point star.  3-6-9: powerful numbers, always breaking down to 3.  Our channel previously suggested three facets of the Goddess 

It is interesting: when three women come together with their souls and hearts, magic is created.  ( there were three women including Georgie when this message was created) When three come together with their limited selves running the show then harmony may be discordant.  For the spiritual – for want of a better word – interpretation, the number 3 opens to the light.  Of course, the psychological interpretation may differ: within you, you may have a child, a parent, and a teacher, and depending on how the parent within you or teacher within you responds to the inner child, this too will have either positive or negative outcomes.  But when the child, when the parent, when the teacher within has been cleansed from their perceptions, the beliefs that have been forced upon them, and when they come from points of Source, of knowing the child is divine, the teacher is divine, the parent is divine – this is when magic and miracles occur outside of space and time, without the constraints of the wounded aspects of the psyche.  

“You are indeed accessing the magic when you raise your vibration and step into the timeline that your soul requires of you.  When you come with a limited mindset, when you come from a place of knowing – but knowing with restrictions, knowing from perceived expectations – then you limit the magic.  

One such formula you may wish to use – at the beginning before you meditate before you sit – is to pray, is to place your intentions, your hearts’ and souls’ desires into the space you create – creating a triangle of light between you, your Guardian angel and your Angel within, sending out beams of light, creating a tapestry of light.  You will create strands of light: weave them together, allow them to carry your prayers, your intentions.  And so it is.”

Georgie felt she was being shown her Third Eyes beaming out light as well as the light beams from her heart.  

17th June 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Are You Ready to Choose Liberation and Love?

Time is an Illusion

“Time indeed is an illusion.  Time is not as you know it or understand it.  However, today we wish to share with you the importance of liberation through love and stepping into a timeline of liberation and love.  For when you intend to release your current situation, beliefs, limitations, and thoughts, then you step into a freer potential, a potential of a timeline that embodies your divine design.  For you are constantly co-creating your timeline.  When you decided or agreed to come into your current story, your current timeline, there were always options.  Nothing was set in concrete or stone.  Everything has potential.  For you see you are born with love.  Over time the love that you are becomes blended with other frequencies and vibrations.   Interesting is it not that the frequency and vibration of love, of miracles, is the Solfeggio tone 528?  This is the tone, the frequency that you are born with, yet over time this becomes distorted.  Stepping into a timeline when you embody more of the 528 frequency, more of your divine blueprint, your divine self – this is the miracle.  The miracle is you.  The love is you.  You are love – all of you.  The main opponent or nemesis to love is fear.  Fear is created in your mind.  And this fear is often shared by others: they share fear rather than love, out of their own fear, their own uncertainty.  For where there is uncertainty you will find fear, and where you find fear you will find a limitation, and where you find limitation you will indeed be held in shackles to your timeline that embodies a lower vibration, a lower frequency.  Therefore choose to embody the frequency of love.  Choose to step into a timeline of love and liberation.”

Georgie toned.

“Notice how your body vibrates, how you are tuned in, and as you tune in you step into this timeline.  So it is.  

So our question is, are you ready to choose liberation and love over fear and uncertainty?  Declare it now:

I choose and declare that I step into a higher vibration, frequency, timeline of love and liberation and honour the journey of my soul and my divine plan.  And so it is.”

10th June 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Raise your frequency, your vibration to the highest, the purest.

We invite you to connect with the most powerful frequency.  We have seen our channel work this with intention, with the Light, with her Team as she calls us; but we ask others to connect through the power of their own intention.  Intention creates when in alignment with your heart and soul.  As we have said before, you are creating in every moment; you are co-creating; you put out the call, you put out the intention, the desire.  We endeavour to help you, to support you.  However, when there are subconscious restrictions, these will indeed have an effect on how you co-create with us.  For we can only meet you halfway; we can only meet you where you are.  Therefore it is imperative that you release all doubts, and you work or play from the point of knowing.  Believing is no longer adequate; it is knowing.  A knowing is that which we ask you to have.  Know and understand you are creating in every moment with All That Is.  Everyone creates with All That Is – the yin and yang, the light and dark.  For there are aspects of this within everything.  The dark is the shadow.  The light creates the shadow.  

So with intention now, deep deep into your subconscious by merely allowing a releasing of that which is restricting you from your heart’s desires.  Notice, notice now what comes to your mind as you pause and breathe.  Notice what is within the shadow of your subconscious.  And if it is not in alignment with your heart’s desire and your soul’s song then hand it over now, bring it out into the light.  As you bring it out into the light, know the strength of the sun will diminish the restrictions.  Invite the light of the sun to shine within you and around you – into your minds, into your hearts, into your auric field.  Feel the vortex of the sun’s light.  You are aligned, you are in the flow.  What you seek is seeking you.  Allow the love to flow.  

Where your attention goes your energy flows.  There – if we put this in a way that resonates with many, you are here at this moment in time to be the light you wish to see.  When you are taken over to the lower vibrations this will indeed affect your light.  This is why many lightworkers have chosen to isolate their energy and their minds.  From the hearsay, from the possible outcomes, the potential theories, those who stay connected to their own light, their own guide within, they will make the difference you are wishing to see.  We liken this to a game: for if you play this game of life rather than work with this life – and by work we do not mean your career, we mean with a light-hearted childlike view, seeing the wonder, seeing the possibilities, believing in the miracles, this is the vibration that will change.  Stay with the vibration, the frequency of the 528, the miraculous vibration.  And we ask you all with this vibration to connect with your own voice, so all that you speak carries the vibration of 528.  Believe and know that a future created in the present moment will be in alignment with the highest soul.  Always raise your frequency, your vibration to the highest, the purest.  Disconnect from all lower collective consciousness and strive or soar and play with the starlight, the diamond light. 

3rd June 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Exciting times for those who choose their Divine Power

 Exciting times for all – all who wish to step into their divine power, to step into their own soul’s light – or as our channel prefers to call it, the Angel Within.   For as we have said many times and we shall say again, the power is within you, your light is within you, you shine bright when you hold your own sacred frequency by raising and expanding your consciousness.  When you have times of sadness and anger – observe and let go.  Truly step into your own divine power.

We have two themes to share; one is that of relationships, which we have touched upon before, and the second is choices.  To some extent the relationships also involve choices; for you can choose to continue in a relationship through fear of letting go, through fear of being alone, through fear of scarcity.  There are many who struggle at the 3-D level, at the – how shall we put this – on the human level, the limited self.  The higher self, the angelic self: at this level, you may meet, but know that all relationships in your life have value, have meaning, and have lessons.  The lessons continue until you have learned.  Think of it like an exam or a driving test: if you are unable to drive a car the examiner will not pass you.  So until you have learned a particular lesson we will indeed continue to teach it to you until you are fully in control of your own vehicle – and by this, we mean your life path.  Take responsibility for yourself completely.  Whenever you ask another, a piece of your own power is diminished.  Trust your light to guide you.  This message also connects with that of choices, the second theme.  There is no such thing as a wrong choice.  All the choices you have made thus far will indeed have a reason, behind the apparent problematic situation that may have arisen.  

Another lesson: have you been led by your own light or have you been led by another’s light?  Know you are where you are at this moment in time for a reason.  Know that the choices you make -whether they come from your heart, your soul, or someone else’s limited perception – know that we are guiding the ultimate outcome; know that we are always with you; know that you are never alone.

Be your own light, be your own guide, be your own teacher, be led by your own divinity, be led by love, be held in love.  Focus and Intention set your intentions and focus your light upon your intentions”

16th May 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Source Point

“Today we would like to discuss the Source Point: the point where one connects to Source.   Where do you think this is?  Is it in some external cosmic field?  Is it within?  We remind you the Cosmos is within you.  You are the Cosmos.  Therefore the Point of Source is within you – yet beyond you.  As our channel often says: within the within yet beyond the beyond.  This is the Point of Source.  You may ask, what is the Point of Source?  The Source reminds you of the never-ending supply of love and light, of the present moment, of renewing your alignment to the possibilities of manifestation and miracles.  And we know for some the word manifest is jarring: by manifest we mean to make in the moment.  For you are always making at the moment; you are always creating in the moment.  This present moment holds your future.  Your future is within this second.  When you remember this and feel the peace, the tranquillity, the love, the harmony, and of course the unity – for when you are unified within this present moment, aligned with love, illuminated with light, you are in the flow.  Feel that now, feel the flow of endless love and light coming from Source – the Source within and the Source beyo9nd.  Some may call this the Mother-Father of the Cosmos; some may call it The One; others choose to not label the Source – but how can you not name it?  For by using the name The Source you have labelled it have you not?

Simply be with the energy, the frequency, the vibration of unconditional love.  Pause and be with this now.  Open your hearts and your consciousness.  Clear your mind.  

April 20th 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Be congruent with Your Soul

“Greetings.   As we have said before, we shall say again: we manifest for you in the most relevant way.  As you know we are all one, but in the oneness and the unity, there is also uniqueness, without separation.  Think of the snowflakes within a snowball. 

Today I step forward.  My presence brings strength and alignment, alignment to your Divine Spark, to be congruent with your soul and with yourself.  When your self is small, when you are playing it small, when you are being untrue to your soul, you will notice that you will feel emotions that may be perceived as negative: emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, jealousy, rejection, abandonment.  These emotions appear when you are out of alignment with your true nature, your true self, your Divine self, your soul.  If you are truly on a pathway towards ascension, self-realisation, and enlightenment, you will understand that the easiest way to realign is to sit, stand, walk and be with the Light.  The Light will always illuminate your path.  The Light holds the keys and codes to your self-realisation, to your inner knowing.  You can dance with life or you can struggle; you can sing with the birds or you can scream; you can swim with the tides and currents – for when you push against the flow it will be exhausting and you will feel tired, you will feel depleted and drained.  The track ‘Ascend’ holds the codes, the frequencies to enable all who listen to connect with the purest light, to connect back more with their pathway of peace, harmony, and unity. 

‘Be the Peace you wish to see’ – you have heard this before no doubt but we remind you once more: to be the Peace, to be the Love.

And so it is.”

Here is the track Ascend, mentioned in the channelling, if you feel drawn to listen to it.

Seraphisa; Ascend you may purchase the album or download here

March 26th 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Cultivate Love

March 18th 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Live a Life filled with Passion and Love

“Greetings.  I bring the red rose, my symbol of love, my symbol of passion.  And I come to share with you today the importance of living a life filled with love, a life led from the heart, a life of passion – passion to be alive, passion for every waking moment of your life.  Yes, this is not always easy, we understand this.  Slowly, slowly you find more space to bring forward the passion that is within your heart, as my Beloved did and does.  

As I step forward now to be the ‘face of the voice’ I cherish you all and I remind you all that you are worthy of the purest love on Earth, as it is in Heaven.  The Mother-Father of the Cosmos loves you unconditionally.  This is why you have chosen to be here now as unconditional love – and yes, it is a work in progress.  Some of you are mastering this process at a faster rate than others.  If you are listening now then we know that you are opening your heart to this way of being.  To be love: this is your purpose.  And we understand many are striving to find their purpose, but it is simple: your purpose is to be love, the embodiment of love.  Those of you who are being aware of our presence, my presence, we invite you to sit, to be in this power of love.  Now I should explain, those who see my face on another or in their mind know I come to open your mind to the possibility of allowing my love into your life from all dimensions from the purest light.  I come to show you there is forgiveness, there is forgiveness.  Are you ready to forgive yourself, forgive all that you hold in your heart from this lifetime and others?  Are you ready to declare this, the Law of Forgiveness, the Law of Love?  They come hand in hand, by the grace of the Mother-Father of the Cosmos.  Forgive those who have hurt you and wounded you and forgive yourself dear ones.  Declare now “I am forgiven in this lifetime and in all lifetimes”.  Declare now “my heart is open and I am ready to be unconditional love”.  I am ready to be filled with the power of love and grace.  You are worthy dear ones, you are worthy of this.  You are worthy of blessings.  You are worthy of happiness, joy, passion, passion for your life.  There is so much more I wish to share.

February 14th 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Letting Go Of Fear | Channeled Message + Soul Song Activation To Step Into Your Power And Purpose

If you feel the call to be of service but have struggled to find the right balance in your life, this video is for you. Georgie and her team, an angelic unity consciousness, guide you through a gentle process featuring a channelled soul song activation, to clear the blocks that may be holding you back from fully embracing your most aligned, divine path.

“It is wonderful once more to be here. We come as one, we come to be with you to guide you, to love you, to support you. We would like to speak with you on this occasion around the subject of being true to yourself yet at the same time, being of service to love. It is not difficult; it is merely a choice that you choose to make each moment of your life; every single waking moment, a dedication to love. Love in action. And we understand that you may indeed struggle with this, for our channel also struggles at times to remember that love is the only way to live your life. As soon as you live your life through fear, through worry, concern, regret – these will take you into dimensions within you and these dimensions within you are the areas that need healing. Although we prefer to restrain ourselves from this word, for there is nothing to heal – it is merely a case of relaxing and letting go, letting go of that which no longer serves you, allowing yourself to let go of that which is forcing you, encouraging you to hold on to fear. To hold on to anger. We would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with having moments of anger, fear, shame guilt. But what is not helping you is holding on to this. Allow them to be released. When you find yourself going into the dimension that is not love, simply notice, step back, observe. You have stepped into a frequency that is not love. Therefore you will find no joy within this frequency. We would like to now offer an opportunity for you to notice the dimensions that you may be acknowledged at this moment so you may release, let go of this frequency, or these frequencies. Relax into the sounds of Source. Relax into the soul song we bring. (Toning) Relax and let go, and as you do, you release a stone, you release a shackle, you release a tie, a bind, and you create a void. And now allow this void to be filled with love. (Toning) Notice now, Dear One, how you feel. Now you’re ready. Now you’re ready to step into the power of love. Now you’re ready to leave the chains behind you. You are ready now to create with love. You are ready to live with love, free from fear, free from limitations. Come back to love for love is all. And if we sound familiar, if we sound as though we are beating the same rhythm on the drum it is because love knows no bounds. Love is the key, the true offering. To be a true offering for yourself, for humanity, for your community, always come from love. (Toning) “

The Voice Of Love, an Angelic Unity Consciousness channelled by Georgie G Deyn

February 7th 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Tuning Into Love | Connect With Your Angel Within And Feel Pure Presence

A channelled message and sound activation from The Voice Of Love, an angelic unity consciousness brought forward by Georgie G Deyn. THE MESSAGE: “Welcome. Welcome beautiful soul. We come together as one. We meet with you now. And as we do, we invite you to open your heart, relax your mind, and allow our love to lead the way. Allow us to massage your heart with our sacred song. Allow us to calm the thoughts. We reach out to you with hands of light and invite you to hold them now. We reach out to you with all we have and all we have is your best interests. We see you bloom and grow. We see your struggles. Let us remind you that when you struggle, you grow stronger. Let us remind you that you are perfect, you are loved and you are whole. If you knew how much we loved you, you would relax into the knowing that you are safe and all is well, for there is nothing for you to worry your minds about. We invite you to come closer to us. We invite you to blend with our energy, with our frequency, with our essence. And as you do, feel the love we bring. Feel the calmness, feel the joy. Feel now our many hearts of light connecting with your heart. Imagine now a hundred thousand butterflies of joy floating into your heart. Joy, love in action. We are love and we bring joy. The voice of love sings to you a soul song, honest and true. We invite you now to journey along, embrace all we have to share. Embrace us, dear ones, we are always here. Notice how you feel within. Notice how you are. Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. Expand the consciousness that supersedes your limited mind. Expand your light to reach out to humankind. Feel us now as we come closer to you. Embrace our love. Embrace your truth, for the truth that is yours, lies within, underneath the layers that you have accumulated, underneath the fears, the forced perceptions, the untruths that have been spoken to you. Allow these now to fall away. Allow them to be released. Allow us to sing to your essence. Allow us to be with you, completely present. Feel our presence. Feel your presence, the pure presence that is within you. Within you is a presence so pure. Go within and open the door to this pure presence that is yours. Let us love you. Let us love you. The voice of Love.”

20th January 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Mary Magdalene speaks

My question was how to know the calling card of Mary Magdalene

When I sat in meditation, whilst listening to the track “Avatar” I got this message in my mind: ‘it is your intention and our invitation’.  She (Mary Magdalene) heard my call to work with her because I had heard her call to work with me  Remember Mary Magdalene is always is in the Collective, bringing the balance of the Divine Feminine.

“Yes, we come as One once more, but it is your love and your needs, your desires not your wants that we respond to.  We respond to the flame of Love that sparks that desire within your heart.  We are responding to your desire, the desires of your heart.  However, if you pay too much attention to your mind, your mind then will counteract the desires of your heart, for your mind will potentially stop your desires of the heart from coming to true fruition.  Therefore we invite you to tune into your heart.  We invite you to have more compassion, more love and self-acceptance: self-love, compassion for self and acceptance for all you have done and all you are – for understand there is no mistake.  Where you are now is where you are meant to be.  Where you have been is exactly where you were meant to be.  All is unfolding beautifully.  All is as it should be.  Relax, for all is well, all is well. 

I play on words now, for meeting my beloved at the well, this was always a sacred place.  There is much debate as to whether we met as friends, as lovers or as you would say now, colleagues.  Was I a follower?  Was I equal?  My lord, my life, my love!  My dear ones, you are all my beloveds now.  So our channel requested to know my particular calling card: when she calls I will be there.  The constrictions, restrictions and pain in her upper heart, are signs I am there. They may too be signs for others……….. if they choose to hear my call. Can you hear me?  I am calling all who listen or read these words, I am calling you, I am calling you to understand your own divine perfection.  You are not a mistake.  You are a perfect creation here now.  So if I come to you with pain in your upper heart it is because you are being asked to love yourself more or to begin to love yourself and to refrain from playing games with your mind and distorting the truth that you are loved.

If you wish to know that I have responded to your call, then spend a moment now to know my call. 

( I suggest you spend some time listening to the track Avatar and allow Mary Magdalene to show you hear calling card that she is with you )

“What was it that you sensed, you felt, you heard or saw?  Know this is my indication that I am with you.  Now tune into your upper heart.  I now place within this area for all who would like to receive a stone of love, a pink stone of love to be placed here for you to remember that you are loved.  Accept the love we bring.  Walk in grace, for all is well.  You are blessed.”

6th January 2022 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Nothing to Fear

This channelling was rather different, as a new member of my team stepped forward. It felt unfamiliar and took me by surprise, hence the beginning of the message. The new member was a famous British Prime Minister, he stepped forward towards the beginning but was silent and then towards the end he spoke. See if you can feel his energy through the words. The two people who saw the channelling witnessed my facial expressions and posture change.

“We come once more.  The disturbance was an unfamiliar sound, an unfamiliar vibration – nothing to fear.  This is our main message: that there is nothing to fear.  Feel the stillness in the air around you.  Feel the peace within this moment.  Feel the love.  Currently, you are – one may say all, one may say you – we are speaking to those who listen and to those who are guided to read these words.  You are all in a space of uncertainty because your minds are placing you in this space.  If we ask you ‘What can you be certain about? What is unchanging?  What is constant?’ this is your soul.  The love, the essence that you carry within you – this is constant.  Many understand how to ensure a smooth passage, a benevolent outcome..  Many have an idea of their longing, their desires – whether they be from the heart or from the limited mind – but fear will hold them back.  If you take away the fear you will know that love through prayer, through blessings, through benevolent intentions will manifest your heart’s desires.  It is fear that blocks. 

The magic you seek: magic is merely allowing your heart’s desires to manifest.  And we know you have achieved this in the past, many of you.  So what is stopping you now?  For our channel will see she has stepped into a space of unbelieving.  She knows her mission yet she is not believing that she is being supported.  You cannot wait for a light bulb moment – you must switch on your inner light.  You are the light bulb!  Your mind merely blocks the illumination.  So release the fears, the illusions.  Step forward with your goals, your intentions.  But we stress the importance of not planning too far ahead because this will take you out of the moment.  We invite you to plan no further than three months at a time.  If you look too far ahead into the future it will feel overwhelming.  If you break this year down into quarters – if we liken it to the cake for you once more – you would not eat the whole cake! – which is a similar concept.  We meet you where you are.  It is easier to meet you in your heart than in your head.  We work with you now and we work with our channel also as we hold this space.  We invite you to drop into your heart and allow it to speak to you, allow the desires to come to the surface. A face stepped forward to previously show you not to be fearful. To encourage you to stand strong. “

(The new face appeared and the following was channelled)

“It may feel as though you are fighting a war! You shall win this war! Those on the side of truth and light are stronger than you realise. There has been an opening, a potential back to the days of community and caring for one’s neighbour. Being selfish is not an option. We know that those of you on this pathway do not think in terms of war, fighting or battles. So you see it may seem strange us talk in this way It is merely to show you to be Do not give in or give up. Stand strong, look to the light, look to the light within and to those you trust.

And we shall win this war! …  Be fearless, do not give up, stand strong.  Look to the light.”

16th December 2021 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

The Importance of Your Guardian Angel

“We would like to remind not only our channel but those who resonate with the messages we share, the love we share: these words have come before but they have come as a song.  Our channel brought forward the song, the words, many years ago now.  In one take the song was recorded.  She trusted.  Now we ask you all to trust.  Listen to these words.  Read the words.  Feel them.  Know them.

‘It’s time to rest your weary mind.  Far too long you have been blind – blinded by your fear and pain, stories replaying again and again.  Release the need to be in control.  Feel your mind, body and soul.  For there is an angel standing near, and your love she holds so dear.  She waits patiently by your side.  Call her close to be your guide.’ 


The importance of your Guardian Angel: they come to calm you; they come to comfort you.  You all have a Guardian Angel, a being of light.  This angel comes to you now.  Slow down your heartbeat.  Focus on your breath.  Feel them step into your aura.  Feel them hold your head in their hands.  Feel them kiss your brow.  Know they are there.  Know they are real.  Communicate and speak to your Guardian Angel.  They know you.  They have known you since you were born.  They have loved you.  They have held your hand in times of trouble.  They have never left your side, even when you could not feel them or sense them.  They stayed with you and they continue to stay with you.  Feel their love now.  We invite you to close your eyes and allow them in.  And we invite you to listen to the song.  We invite you to sense their love going deeper and deeper into your heart.  And as you listen to the song we invite you to speak from your heart to your angel and know they will do their best to help you, to support, comfort, nurture and love you.  And with their love you will feel strong, you will feel able to cope with all that life throws at you.

And so it is.”

10th December 2021 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Which Connection brings Truth and Clarity, Psychic or Spiritual?

Both connections have limitations,   You see with the psychic connections and interpretations, the psychic medium acts as a bridge, their bridge connects from person to person, from themselves to you, (if you are receiving the message), They may well be connecting to the body, to the mind, to the memories, to the past, to the present. However the future – this is another matter.  Future predictions may well be only one perceived scenario. If you liken the medium to be reading you from a mountain, they will be standing on one side of the mountain, and only seeing from one perspective. Their perspective may well sway the recipient, the listener. A psychic medium will be working through filters of their own perception and will also be picking up emotions. –   You see dear ones because you have free will you may well then be swayed, your chakras may take on the perceptions and potentially projections from this psychic energy of another.

The Spiritual medium’s connection to Source works in a different way, they connect to Source and the Soul of the person they are connecting to. If they are working as clear channels, they will not have their own filters, projections and limitations imposed on the reading or message. The truth from the Soul will be from the top of the mountain, where the view is from the highest perspective. However, the best way to connect to your own Truth and Clarity is to connect with your Higher Self. There are many ways to develop this connection and we will be encouraging you all to do this. Even if another holds a sacred space for you, enabling you to do this, but ultimately you will be rowing your own boat, you will be at the top of the mountain and would have walked your own path to get to the top.

Once again we always invite you to check how our message makes you feel with your body.  Do you feel our message in your heart?  Do you feel our message in your stomach?  Do you feel the message gently descending into your crown?  As we speak to you now, as you hear or read these words, where do you feel this message? How does it make you feel? Do you feel empowered? Do you feel the need for support to enable you to empower yourself? Messages from Source are always sent with love, light and healing. Be blessed dear Soul and know you are loved.

3rd December 2021 Weekly Channelled Message from Love

Let Go of the Stories

“ What we wish to share with you today is the importance of letting go of the story – whether it be the story of your childhood, the story of your hurts, your pains, your limitations, the limitations that have been put upon you throughout your lifetime.  We invite you to let go of the many stories that are being shared with you at this moment in time.  The stories are creating fear.  Fear is pulling you away from your heart; fear is pulling you away from love. 

It is I who steps forward now.  You know me as Magdalene, the Magdalene, the Lady of the Rose, the Red Rose.  Notice now that my energy, my frequency is different to that of the White Rose.  The White Rose is pure, the White Rose is unconditional love from the perspective of Divine motherly love.  The White Rose represents the Divine Mother in all forms.  But as you know we are one.  But when we focus on one aspect, one uniqueness within the One, we come forward with a particular intention.  My story has been misrepresented, my story has been contaminated.  There is much speculation over my story, but in essence today I come inviting you all to let go of The Story, your story, his story, her story – your story, your part in this play, in this game called life, called existence. There is always a choice in how you choose to play your story, to play your role; the character that you are, the clothes you wear – always.  When you take away the story all that is left is Love: this is what my Beloved wished to teach, to share.  There is resistance among many who choose this path: the path of roses – whether they be red, white, pink or even blue.  There will be more to come.  We have more to share.  Peace, love and unity will set you free.

Once again we always invite you to check how the message makes you feel with your body.  Do you feel the message in your heart?  Do you feel the message in your stomach?  Do you feel the message gently descending into your crown?  As we speak to you now, as you hear or read these words, where do you feel this message?

Do you have a question for us dear one?  That which we have spoken about, is there an area that needs clarification?”

Scribe: You said to let go of stories – does this mean we don’t need to take action?

“This is a good question.  Take action that comes from your heart, from your crown of roses; do not take action from fear, take action from love.  Does this answer your question dear one?”

S: Yes, thank you.

“Funny is it not that our channel was given a crown of paper red roses?  Her comprehension of, her understanding of this was limited.  She assumed it was merely fun, childlike.  We invite our channel and anyone else indeed wishing to connect to the Divine Feminine, to the Magdalene – whose lineage goes beyond your perceived notion.  So your perception may well be that the Magdalenes start around the time of Yeshua: however, this is merely one perception.  You have all come from starlight and this starlight comes from the Cosmos.  And the Cosmos brings you gifts and blessings.  For those who wish to connect to the Divine Feminine, we invite you to work with the Red Rose.  The Red Rose gives you strength, the Red Rose grounds you.  And so it is dear ones.”

25th November 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Planting Seeds of Starlight

“Greetings.  Welcome.  When you are grounded, when you are finally accepting your role here on earth at this current time, you will be in the present moment.  You become ungrounded when you are thinking about the future or the past.  And we suggested last time we met to focus on your grounding.  Now we would like to move on to a new focus.

We have indeed mentioned before your star, your starlight.  Some call this your I Am Presence.  You too have a star on the earth.  Think of Mother Earth as a star that you live upon; that you eat, breathe, dance, sing and celebrate on.  If you call upon Mother Earth and think of her as a star, a golden star beneath your feet, when you ground into the golden star there are multitudinous possibilities ahead waiting to be birthed, to be planted, to grow.  By planting your seeds of love, of grace, of joy into Mother Earth, into and around you every waking moment – now, how do you do this?  By sending out blessings, by intending, by knowing.  You see, when you are within the present moment – no past, no future – your mind is still and your star above you will guide you.  When you follow your own star it is imperative that you follow your star not the star of another.  When you are clear, centred and grounded, when you know where you end and another begins, you are able to instantly connect to your starlight which connects you to the vast Cosmos. This starlight illuminates your mind with possibilities.  It illuminates your heart.  When your mind your heart and your gut instinct –  your powerhouse, your solar plexus – when they are aligned with the will of your starlight you will feel, you will sense, you will know within your heart and within your body that you are planting the seeds of grace, of starlight.  It is the starlight and grace that holds the magic.  When these are planted as seeds of hope, seeds of intention, they are magical – rather like the story of the beanstalk – but here there are no giants, no ogres.  With the magic of your starlight, of grace, minor miracles, major miracles occur. 

We invite our channel to create with us a meditation to enable others to plant their seeds of grace and starlight.  And so we shall leave you now with love, with faith, with trust.  For all is well.”

I will channel a meditation for you all for next week



14th October 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Building Bridges of Love and Light

“Welcome and thank you for allowing yourself the chance to ascend from the lower murky waters of your mind to the crystal clear vision of your heart.  Your heart space always has the answer.  Far too often you may be tempted to rush in with your mind.  We invite you now to fully ascend with us together as one: feel the oneness in the moment, feel the complete union and joy – for within the union the codes of Love and Light are displaced into your mind, into the cells of your body. 

We would like to speak with you concerning matters of the heart, of love, and of mending bridges with those who you once loved – whether these bridges are for romantic purposes, friendship, family or neighbours.  It is important that the bridges are built and made of love, made with light, for love and light is stronger than any steel.  Imagine now one person who you know in your heart for the greater good it would be a blessing to mend bridges with: and know etherically on an energy level they are with you now.  And now from your heart to theirs send your love, your light; send it with unconditional love, without expectation, without the need of having anything in return.  Notice the bridge you have made, a bridge from your heart to theirs.  Now along this bridge angels may sing, angels may dance, cherubs may play and feel the joy now in your heart, feel the joy.  And whether this love is unrequired, whether this love can break through barriers, whether this love is received, it does not matter.  All that matters is that you have built the bridge or you have mended the bridge.  With family members bridges need mending.  With neighbours they may need making, building.   You know the term ‘Love thy neighbour?  Build a bridge of love to all you meet, all you know, friend and foe, lovers past and present, friends who are with you for a lifetime, seasons or reasons – it does not matter.  Build, mend, repair the bridges from your heart.  Forgive, love and bless. 

Beautiful souls, you are worthy of love.  Never close your heart to love.  And so it is.”

29th September 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Stand Firm with Archangel Michael

The channelling began with toning and the language of the Seraphim

“There are not always words in the language that translates from the language of the Seraphim.  Some words, some sounds are simply felt within the heart.  And we come to you today to encourage you all to stand firm in your own convictions, in your own truth, for you know deep in your heart.   Do not be swayed: be strong, be like a strong tree.  We invite you to be as two trees, with your right side, your right leg as the trunk of an ancient oak tree, giving strength.  For the kings of old would speak to the trees and would go to the oak tree.  And we invite you with your left leg to be the apple tree.  Feel now, feel as you connect with your right leg, feel your roots entwined with the old oak tree.  Do you notice you lean to your right side as you ground?  And then we invite you with your left foot, your left leg to ground into a beautiful ancient apple tree that still bears fruits, and still shares love, and see how the two trees combine.  Feel the balance of masculine and feminine.  The balance is in nature dear ones.  Wisdom and love; giving and receiving; light and dark; sunlight and shadows.  There is always equilibrium and balance.  Now you have the balance you may stand firm and strong. And you reach up to the skies and reach up to your starlight, and you allow yourself to receive from your own starlight and the Diamond Light of the Cosmos from the star systems and the planets.  Feel now as you open to receiving, your body gently sways in a figure of eight.  Allow this light through.  You are safe.  You are protected.  You are grounded.  And now allow the light to spiral down.  Once more we ask you, What are you longing for?  What are your deepest desires?  Feel your desires in your heart and as the sacred tones are sung to you we invite you to allow the pictures, the knowings from your heart to manifest up to and out into the Cosmos, into the void where miracles and magic manifest.

Toning of Solfeggio chants and melody

And we invite you to place your hand on your heart.  And as you gently tap your heart three times we invite you to share your request and to affirm “I follow my star.  I follow my star.   I follow my star.”  And your star comes from Source.  Your star.  And we invite you to look for the signs, those that give you the go-ahead, those that make you stop and reflect.  But always follow your star. 

You are blessed.  You are loved.  You are perfect and you are whole.”

8th September 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Mother Mary’s Birthday

“Where my Mother’s face appears so does my grace.  Solfeggio frequency 333.  Peace be upon you all.

…………. Sound

“Mother, Father and Divine Child – the Trinity of Love, unconditional love – a love so pure, a love so strong, sensitive, warm, nurturing.  We come today with love in our hearts, love for you all.  And as we have said before, we love all of our children equally.  You are all loved.  Your message today you may have heard before, but why do we repeat ourselves?  When a mother scolds her child again and again until they learn not to touch a fire, or a father scolds his child to step back from the edge of the road; we do not scold you dear ones.  This is soft, gentle, motherly love.  This is strong, powerful, fatherly love – in perfect union.  We invite you to open your hearts and to love yourselves as we love you.  For you are a Divine Child of the Universe.  You are perfect, you are loved and you are whole.  Give all your worries, your fears to us now.  Give us all that makes your heart heavy.  Hand them over to us now.  And as you do, notice the physical pains begin to ease.  Your mind begins to soften, your face begins to smile.  Sit with us now in this space of love.  As we orchestrate a hundred thousand angels to be by your side, as we orchestrate them to sing over you, to caress your physical body, caress your mind – conscious, subconscious, to caress your heart and allow it to open, allow us in. 


This sacred solfeggio 333 brings peace, balance and harmony.  It is a portal that is within your heart.  When this portal is activated the diamond light floods every cell of your body.  You are renewed, you are reborn, for you are a Divine Child of the Cosmos.  We invite you to be rocked in our arms.  We invite you to drink this diamond light and allow it to sustain you throughout your day, throughout your sleep state.”

15th August 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Earth Angels.

“Today we are working with the sacred solfeggio tones 1111 or 11-11 or 1,111, the sacred tones of the angelic realms for those who resonate with this frequency or feel it in their hearts: they will sense, see, feel or know their etheric wings expanding, for there are indeed angels who walk here.  For now, there is a need for acceleration in the expansion and shift in consciousness.  We invite you, we fall to our knees, we hold our hands to our hearts, we beg you to open your hearts as wide as you can and allow the love from above and within to be shared, to be sent, creating a network for all those who hear the call, all those who are indeed sent with an angelic mission.  So let us clarify: angels are indeed made from light.  Some have been chosen to incarnate, but their incarnations have always had a purpose to uplift, inspire, heal.  Some have come as masters, teachers.  Some have failed in their mission, for the density on the earthly realms has given them much conflict and they have been unable to have the balance.  They have been indoctrinated with dense, thick, heavy energy.  They have failed their missions.  There have been many over the years.

But there have been many that have opened their wings and had a balance of the light with their own light and with their mission and with living on the Earth plane.  When you find the balance you are able to step into this mission with truth, with complete surrender and integrity.  Always, always trust your heart.  We invite you now – for those who are listening – to allow the angelic codes to awaken, to transform, to balance the light within, the light above and their earthly needs.”

8th August 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Solfeggio Frequency 888 – Transform Poverty Consciousness

With the intention of the solfeggio frequencies 888, to release poverty consciousness and to receive magnetic golden light, aligning those who listen, aligning to the Divine design, to all that Creator of the Multiverse wishes to bestow, to all that is in their destiny.  We invite you to let go, let go of the need to be in control from your lower will and allow the will of the Light inside you, the will of Creator to guide you.  (The Channel then tones the Sacred Solfeggio 888 HZ)

As you expand your consciousness, as you raise your frequencies the limitations of your lower self, your limiting beliefs – these falls away.  Let us make this clear: this is an ongoing process.  This process will enable you to step into your sovereignty allowing the inner Light, the Angel within as our channel calls it.  Whenever dear ones, whenever you are finding yourself doubting or needing direction, it is because your frequency, your vibration has lowered, you are connecting into lower consciousness, a shadow consciousness.  Therefore when you raise your vibration you are reaching for the stars, you are reaching to a collective consciousness of love.  Feel it now.  Feel the expansion of your consciousness connecting with that of all possibilities. 

Now from this viewpoint, you will feel, you will sense, see or know that whatever was weighing you down comes from your own limitations, for every situation in your life will be sent as a learning or will be sent as a mirror.  We ask you please, please be aware of your inner light; this comes from a sense of feeling.  Words are not always necessary.  Seek not the words but seek the feeling.  Sense, allow your light to be magnetic, drawing to you those you may serve and those who may serve you; but ultimately all may wish to strive or allow to serve Creator, to serve Light, to serve Love – and do you hear the pleading in our voice?  Do you sense, do you sense this, sense from the tones, from the sacred tones? – to raise yourself up and allow your magnetism to expand. 

Blessings to those who are listening and who heard this call.  You are loved.”

29th July 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Give Thanks and Praise to The Divinity Within

We come with love for you and we remind you that love is the greatest power.  But there is also the power of intention – and for those of you who are wishing for romantic love, wishing for a soul mate, for one to come to complete you, we ask you to look as to why?  What is it within you that has this desire, this need?  For you see nothing, no-one can complete you, only your relationship to the One, the All.  This will complete you.  There are ways to look at your purpose, your mission in this life.  Yes, you are having a human experience but your ultimate authentic self is that divinity, that light within you.  And when you are ready to love unconditionally you will be loved in return unconditionally by others; when you are ready to release judgement and needs, wants, desires.  You see a desire, a want, a need is a feeling that you do not have all you need already.  And until you can honestly say, know and believe that you are perfect, that you are whole you will struggle.  Old patterns, old thoughts and perceptions will continue to play on your mind and play out in your universe, in your daily life, in your story.  Therefore we invite you to simply allow your mind, your subconscious and conscious minds to be at peace with the superconscious mind and for your heart to beat in time with the heartbeat of the Cosmic Mother.  As above, so below.  Allow yourself to dance to the rhythm of the cosmic song and listen to the song within your soul, within your heart.  For only you are the one who may sing it.  Give thanks, give praise to the Divinity within you and to the Divinity around you in whichever way you perceive that Divinity, that Love of the All, the One.  Give thanks and rejoice and when you do this you allow your wholeness, your completeness to lead the way.  The stories are forgotten.  The patterns slip away.  The beliefs are erased.  They no longer come to torment you.  Placing your hand on your heart, breathe, connecting once more to the love within and the love around you, and give thanks to this love.  And for those who listen now, know that we are with you.  Feel our love embrace you now.  Invite the sacred sound from within to express the inner love, the voice of the love within you, giving praise to the All, to the One.  Join us now dear ones, join us in this sacred song.  (Here the Channel toned Sacred sounds, so you may wish to listen to the video above )

For when you voice and share in praise the sacred sound of ‘Aah’ this will connect you with all Divinity, the All, the One.  Blessed be

22nd July 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Honour The Light Within You

“And breathe dear ones, Breathe and be.  Be and breathe, allowing every cell in your body to come into alignment, aligning to the One, the All.  For we are all One. 

We would like to discuss not only the intentions, the importance of the intentions of those of you who are awake, who are wishing to see a world of peace and harmony where love reigns supreme.  Each of you has the choice whether to step up the spiral staircase into Love or down into fear.   Some of you may well be noticing collective anxiety once more.  It comes and goes in waves, does it not?  Some of you are being tested – indeed many of you.  But remember we say it is not a test, it is always learning.  It is always for your highest good.  You are never given anything that you cannot cope with, work through and rise above.  And your intentions may be blessed from above when you ask for help dear ones, but it does not matter who you ask for help for the help will be given.  Some of you may feel reluctant to ask the bigger masters, the higher angels, the saints, the goddesses, the avatars, the wise ones, the ancestors, for they are all willing.  But seek first the All, the One.  And whether it is in the name of Creator God, Allah, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Mother, Father of the Cosmos, start at the top dear ones with the Creator of the Multiverse.  And now through this, you will indeed be sent help, support and guidance.  Reach up dear ones, reach up.  Notice now an umbrella of diamond light: this showers down from above.  But the diamond light is within you.  The diamond light holds the codes and keys to the vibrations of love and joy.  Our channel has invited us to work with her alongside the One, the All, these beings and the solfeggio tones 852.  Allow the transformation to wash over you.

And now dear ones, now you are feeling centred, balanced and aligned to the frequency of Love.  You are tuned in to your intuition.  And we invite you with your hands on your heart, are you carrying someone else’s pain, are you carrying the collective anxiety?  If so we invite you to hand this over now.  We invite you to send it back, to send it back with the Creator’s love, light and healing attached so that those who are feeling the anxiety or the pain or the fear are being sent particles of love, joy.  We invite you to do this now dear ones.  Notice now how opened your heart feels, how aligned you feel.  And if dear ones you are not then it is indeed your own anxiety, your own fear and you may well need to go deeper within the within and beyond the beyond and ask, ask and seek the love and healing you require.  

And now we shall finish with a blessing on all who have listened or have read the words of Love.  May the golden light surround you with blessings for abundance, for peace, for joy, for love, harmony, health.  And so it is dear ones.  Be calm, be calm, be calm.  You are blessed.  You are centred.  You are grounded and you are held within the diamond light and golden sparkles.”

13th July 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Connect with and Follow Your Own Star

“We would firstly like to congratulate all of you who have taken on board our suggestion – and remember it is always a suggestion – you are indeed now opening your heart and listening to the voice of your heart, looking for the clues and guidance that’s shared with you, opening up to your multiversal self, all aspects of you and your soul family. 

Today we would indeed like to share with you the importance of following your star.  The words in the song that are shared with our channel were are all words filled with the golden light of wisdom.  The tones as we have said before are filled with vibrations, frequencies as do the words ‘Follow your star; open your heart; your light will guide you home; your light will shine above you; follow, follow your star’.  Here is the link to the story of the Magi.  The star that they followed was indeed the star of Jeshua.  His star shone brightly as does yours.  Here is the correlation.  It was the purpose of the Magi to follow the star.  But your purpose is to follow your own star, your star that shines in the diamond light grid, your star that connects to the multiverse of the cosmos.  This light is the light that will guide you.  This light will shine on your pathway in front of you.  We invite you to connect always with your own star. 

We invite you now to share with us an exercise, an experience of connecting with your own star.  This star, as we mentioned previously, is your original seed of love, the seed of light that was planted within the multiverse.   This star still shines for you in the cosmos.  So we invite you now to listen and allow the tones to align you back to your star and your starlight.  We invite you to allow the colour of your star, the shape of your star, the points of your star to be revealed to you.  Now allow yourself to sense, see, feel, know the colour, shape, the points of your star.  Taking your arms up, taking your arms into the sky above you, feel the connection from your star, going down into your toes, into every cell of your body.  Now take your arms out with your chest open, your hands facing forward, with your hands level with your shoulders, and allow your light, your starlight to feel every space within your auric field.  And taking your arms down to your sides, know the seal of your star is underneath your feet, down into the core of Mother Earth, as you connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and walk-in rhythm with her step.  And the seal of your star is high above you.  This seal is your protector.  This is your protection, your own starlight, your own star seal.  There are m? of seeds, of stars from other lifetimes.  The purest seal, the purest star is your own star.  Remember this dear ones: your light will guide you home, your light shines above you.  Follow this star.  And now placing your hands upon your heart, if you would wish to declare “I now choose to follow my star.  I allow my star, my starlight to guide me from above and from within”.  And know that this is your gateway to your star, to your day, to your dreams.

Until we meet again, blessings and love.”

6th July 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

You Are A Star Seed, Planted With Love

Once more we greet you.  Once more we come to be with you.  We invite you to acknowledge and notice your vibration, your frequencies, and we invite you now with your intention, with your allowance, to be tuned in to the frequency of miracles and love.  Notice your heart as it opens.  Your heart is open dear one, but we invite you to ensure that it is open not only for you to give but for you to receive, for we are with you always.  We are always with you. 

And now you may sense a change.  We wish to discuss, to share the difference, the differences between those who are awake and those of you who are fast in slumber, deep slumber, and those who are in a dream state ready to awake and step out of the dream.  For you see dear ones, most of you here now on Earth are indeed Star Seeds.  You have indeed originated from a star far away.  This is not a chosen few who are here now at this time on Earth: there may be a few who are awake, but many more will awake from the dream.  Your job, your purpose is to keep your heart open and remember to see with the eyes of love.  For those of you who are wishing, who desire to know their original soul’s genesis, soul’s beginning, this is simple: all souls start as a seed of light of the one origin.  Then like flowers, these seeds were planted.  We ask you to expand your consciousness, to expand your perception of Creator – for Creator is the multiversal Creator, it is not universal but multiversal.  And understand the multiverse our wish for you is that you all aspire to be united and unite through the power of love, through the power of peace, through the power of oneness.  If you really desire to know where your seed was first planted you may simply send out a prayer, a request to the Creator of the multiverse.  Your prayer will be answered.  You will find the knowledge that you desire.  And this knowledge may be through an internal voice within your or an external voice around you.  You may be given a book, you may be given a picture.  There are many ways to know.  For those of you who are analytical, you may wish to research, and from finding you may have this realisation as you analyse the different qualities of different star seeds.  Our channel knows a star seed was first planted in the Pleiades.  Whether or not you know is not important.  All you need to know is that your seed was originally planted in love and you knew how loved you were in that lifetime.  In that lifetime you would have been able to create, for your connection to the Multiverse Creator was so close.  However now if you lost this knowledge then it is indeed harder to create, for you struggle to create from your will and not your heart.  We invite you to create from your heart.  We ask you now what is it your heart wishes to create?  Listen to its whispering heart. 

You see we have indeed been placing clues along the way for our channel. We also are planting clues along your pathway and we invite you to sit with the Light each day and allow us in.  We are now inviting you to connect with the frequency of peace.”

Georgie: ‘Be a channel of Peace’.

1st July 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Assimilate and Allow

Today we shall be explaining the importance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within you coming into balance.  For this will be a true healing journey for yourself and for others.  For you see some of you will have a tendency to be more feminine in their sovereignty.  You are all sovereign beings but it is time to fully embrace the totality of your complete multi-dimensional self on all levels of space and time.  This does not mean that you need to change your exterior! Your personality or your core beliefs and your truth.  It is about claiming your entire Self. it is about assimilating and allowing every aspect of who you are.  And as you do this it may not necessarily be necessary to know which star seed you have come from or which ancestors you lead back to, for it is all in the same lineage – no past, no future, only present, when you allow yourself to fully encompass and embrace the divine balance within you. 

We invite you now to place one hand on your opposite shoulder and the other hand on the opposite shoulder forming a cross in front of your heart centre.  We invite you to affirm “I now declare and choose to be a sovereign being, balanced in Divine Masculine and Feminine”.  Allow the feminine to give birth to the masculine.  Or for some of you, you may require to allow the masculine to surrender to the Divine Feminine within you.  If this is the case we invite you to surrender yourself into the arms, into the womb of the Divine Mother.  You are bringing your hands to your heart centre, this is the first step on the journey of reclaiming the divine balance within you.  For those of you who listen yet do not speak, it is time to speak.  For those of you who speak but do not listen it is time to listen.  For those of you who push and strive it is a time to surrender.  For those of you who surrender it is a time to focus and to choose from your heart what you truly desire to create in this life.  For you create from your heart, you create with love.  When you create from balanced love and power you indeed create miracles.  And all will be revealed over time.  There is no rush, there is no urgency, for time is a misconception and we shall invite you to trust divine perfect time. 

You may well be tested.  These tests come to strengthen you, to teach you, for Earth is your school.  Stand strong in your heart, have direction and faith.  Do not be swayed by others.  Always go back into your heart and your intuition will not let you down.  Power and love: the power from your belly fuels the love in your heart.

Note from Georgie: I have channelled a toning solfeggio track in Glastonbury, at St Margaret’s and Mary Magdalene’s chapel, it is called “Sacred Heart and I would advise that you say the affirmation “I now declare and choose to be a sovereign being, balanced in Divine Masculine and Feminine”. if you would like this as a gift please send me a message

24th June 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

At the End of This Storm There Will be a Rainbow

Rest assured dear ones, when your hearts are open when you are centred when you are grounded and when your etheric wings are expanded like the branches of a tree, you shine with light for all to see, you are a beacon, you are a divine flame.  There are often tests sent to you on this pathway, for the tests come and go like the tide upon the shore.  At this moment in time, you may feel the energy of the ocean is overwhelming, like a tsunami; you may have feelings of being overwhelmed, confused; some of you may even be feeling disillusioned.   But dear ones, we invite you, we implore you to trust, always trusting in your heart.  Notice we have not said ‘must’, but ‘we invite, we suggest’.  Stand tall, stand tall.  For when you do this when you stand in your power in your centre, you are your own tsunami.  But your tsunami will be of love.  Imagine now strong waves of love and light emanating from your auric field.  Some may be overwhelmed with your love, but this is you in your true authentic light.  As soon as you detract your light dims and you absorb the tsunamis of fear, confusion, jealousy and the like.  Yes, it is hard.  You may feel like you are drowning.  But simply swim strong in these oceans of turbulent waters, for this will pass.  And while you wait, no longer are you merely starting a ripple in a pond, you are starting the waves of love, ecstasy, passion and desire.  For when you desire a world filled with peace, love, joy and harmony you wish this for everyone, not just a limited few.  Know and trust all is well.  You are rising to the surface in the oceans.  So sing, dance, express with every cell of your body. 

Have faith, trust and know: at the end of this storm there will be a rainbow, there will be a white dove.  Whatever storm you see yourself going through you will not drown, you will not be washed away.  You will not only survive you will flourish.  All of you will choose the path of your hearts: love over fear, truth over lies.  Hold your head up high, smile at the sun, dance under the moon and stars, for all is well.

17th June 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Cleanse Your Heart

“Beautiful souls, we greet you with love in our hearts.  And we invite you now to place all thoughts into our hearts where we will cleanse and clear them – rather like a washing machine for your soul, but the only detergent we use is love. 

We would like to talk with you on the subject of anger, anger from others.  And here we are talking about verbal anger and non-verbal anger but not physical.  Often it is not anger itself being directed at you but it is covering an emotion, a feeling or thoughts.  Rejection, not feeling worthy, feeling judged and the like may lead a person to have outbursts of anger, for they know not the way to speak from their heart with love.  To do this sincerely and effortlessly takes practice, discipline and perseverance.  So how to deal with an anger outburst is to diffuse the bomb beneath the surface of the anger.  Firstly we suggest in your mind but from your heart, you say “the angel in me honours the angel in you”.  You may wish to replace angel with light, love, creator, spirit.  Choose the words which resonate with your heart.  This is the first step.  Smile, breathe and say these words in your mind.  Then notice the change with this person.  Do they soften?  Do they smile back at you?   And then you may wish to ask them: “What is bothering you?  What are you worried about?  What is it that you are fearing?  Words that come from your heart.  We know this is not always easy to do in the moment, for when you are caught in the moment you are off guard.  This is where discipline, spiritual discipline is often important.  You will find your own practice as you greet each morning.  There is no wrong or right way.  Put prayer in your heart and space for stillness, connecting to the portal of your heart, for the portal of your heart will transport you to the future, to the past, yet in the present.  It is a place of magic and alchemy.  You may also in your mind say “I love you” – and by this, we mean unconditional love, that of the light.

“We have previously spoken about the Infinity symbol, and using this at your base.  This practice connects you to your roots, to Mother Earth and to the Ancestors.  We now invite you to place it at your heart and use it to connect to the portal within your heart, and as you do we invite you with your eyes closed to notice how your body begins to gently move in a figure of eight.  Sit and be with this practice.  And we invite you to try this practice on other parts of your body, your solar plexus.  For those of you who tone or sing or hum you will notice this is a way to increase your power – and by power, we mean energy, your life force energy, the energy that allows you to do your work, your spiritual work, your physical work.  We invite you to play with this, play, allow the sound to come.  There is no prescribed sound, the sound must come from within.  Trust your soul, trust your heart, trust your body, with no preconceived ideas.”

10th June 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Acknowledge Your Own Light and Empower Yourself With Love

“Empowerment comes from acknowledging your own light, your own power.  And this power is housed between your navel and your sacral and your solar plexus.  This is your core.  Your light, yes, is within your heart but there is also light within your core.   As we have said before we are all one so therefore the Divine Light is within you.  When you sit with your Divine Light with an open heart while concentrating on the core of who you are, you will see that you are Love incarnate.  It is only within your mind and the mind of others that there is fear, amongst other lower vibrations such as shame and guilt – for, in essence, we say once more there is only Love.  To empower yourself and to detach from fear, from your mind and the minds of others, you keep your mind clear, your heart open and your centre – your core – filled with light. 

Now depending upon which pathway you choose to follow, this is always your choice.  You always have the choice to make changes, to empower yourself from within or disempower yourself, from your own mind.  Your own mind may play tricks upon you.  It wishes to keep you small.  But know that the great I Am is within you and around you.  Your own I Am Presence is with you every step of the way.  Your own I Am Presence is within every single day and will not go away.  It waits patiently.  It is not an external source, it is within and around you.  And this source from within, this pure source of love will never misuse its divine power.  For this Divine Power will not manipulate or control.  It is only your mind that can misuse the power from within, but this is not the Divine Power from within.  You will feel, know and trust the difference.  The power of the I Am: “I Am Love, I Am”.  We have indeed worked with you before with this.  As you breathe out “I Am Love” and breathe in “I Am”; and build upon that love not only in your heart but in your core.  For it is your core that often reaches out to others.  You will then begin to see with the eyes of Love, to hear with the ears of Love, to speak words of Love and to know that behind every façade only Love is real.  And so it is.

24th May 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

How to Connect to Your Roots and Ancestors

“We shall start with the eternity symbol.  For this will also lead us into connecting with your roots and your ancestors.   By placing the eternity symbol at your base chakra you are encouraging your energy to ground into Mother Earth.  And this is an important step in your daily practice, connecting to and ground your roots with Mother Earth.  Some of you are grounded and stuck.  Some of you are grounded and fluid.  Some of you are ungrounded and stuck.   And some of you are ungrounded and fluid.  Your optimum would be grounded and fluid.  Thinking of the elements, the Earth is the grounding, the air brings life force, the water reminds you to be fluid and the eternity symbol is the fire, the spark.  When you feel grounded and you know, you are like a flower that turns its face to the sun and flourishes with the water of the skies; your heart is open for you stand tall and strong with dignity, with strength, with courage, yet with beauty and gentleness.  This is to be rooted, grounded, fluid. 

Now regarding the question of ancestors and connecting to your ancestors: we would like to point out there is no need to take a DNA test to find your ancestry.  If you think of your ancestors as being with you wherever you are, outside of time and space, in your heart you will know where you belong, where you are meant to be.  For some of you are like nomads, gypsies who travel and wander the lands freely and may eventually find a space to be, a space to stay.  But in essence, your home is always within your heart and within the Light.  Your true home is within you, and when you are happy with your heart, with your essence, you flourish, your heart flourishes and you can be the flower.  Know that you will, you may if desired, if curious, connect with your ancestors simply by acknowledging their existence and their presence.  It is the earth, it is the sun, it is the moon and the stars, the oceans and the mountains, the caves and the hills: these sacred places of beauty and truth, these are the gateways to your ancestry.  It is that simple.  Ask where you feel most connected, where you feel drawn to be and start here.  For some it is the shoreline, the sea, the caves; for others, it is the desert or the hills.  And we invite you once more to remain fluid, taking different pathways to lead you to the same destination. “

10th May 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Are You Feeling Exhausted?

“Today we would like to share with you how to notice the difference between spiritual exhaustion, mental exhaustion, emotional exhaustion and physical exhaustion. 

Where shall we start?  We shall start with mental exhaustion, for this can be the most troublesome.  This occurs when you are in your mind, in your head; when you find yourself going round in circles, trying to fix the problem, trying to work out the meaning – the meaning of a situation, the meaning of silence.  For you see many of you are taking on assumptions about others; judgements; and you can be caught, lost, trapped in your mind – and this leads you nowhere other than leading you to a feeling of fatigue.  You may be feeling tired and you may have headaches for your clouded judgements bring a heaviness around your crown.  So the solution to this dear one is: when you find yourself doing this you stop, you step back and you smile and you give thanks to your mind and ask it to simply be.  And instead we invite you to do something physical, something that will take your attention from your mind and into your body.  It may be writing, walking, dancing or simply hopping on one leg.  We understand for some of you this may be difficult, for those of you with limited physical ability, so we invite you to sing, to hum, to whistle. 

Now on to emotional exhaustion.  This occurs when you allow the head to create feelings.  Some feelings may be verified and real and this is a different matter.  But when you know the feelings are not real but they are symptoms of your mind, then we invite you to use the same solution that you would use for mental exhaustion.  When these emotional symptoms are a shedding, a releasing of worn out old buried feelings that no longer wish to be held within the physical body, we then invite you to honour and accept and allow, appreciate your emotional body and allow it to shed its skin like a snake.  And nurture yourself as you would a child.

Now the physical exhaustion: it may occur as a result of rectifying the symptoms of emotional or mental fatigue, for rather than allowing, you will be fighting your mind and creating an internal imbalance, thus creating the physical symptoms.  The same may occur when you are not allowing yourself the time and space for emotional shedding.  For as you shed, the pieces within your auric field are then shredded and dissipated.  If you are not allowing this process once more you create an internal battle, pushing yourself through a time when you need nurture yourself.  Most physical exhaustion will occur when you are not honouring and loving your complete self – mind, body and soul. 

This leads us on to spiritual exhaustion.  This may occur because you are either fighting internally the process or that you are ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’.  Some of you may also notice that the more your light expands, the more you are anchoring Divine Light, your physical body will need to catch up with your spiritual body.  You may also notice that chemicals, substances such as sugar are not so sweet for your soul, for your spirit, and may indeed slow down the process of allowing the physical body to catch up with the spiritual body.

So we invite you to fully love yourself and to completely honour the wholeness and completeness of your unique earthly existence.  We invite you to love yourself as we love you dear ones. 

1st May 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Remember You are Whole

“Dear ones, remember you are whole.  It is only when you separate yourself from the One that you feel incomplete.  Your wholeness is within you and around you.  When you send out your energy, reaching in scattered ways, you may inadvertently connect and yet fragment your own energy.  So it is important that you return all energy, all vibration and frequencies that are not yours back to where they belong with a simple statement or command “I return all that is not mine back to where it belongs with love, light and Creator’s healing”.  Then to feel the wholeness within your heart.  From this point of whole and completeness, you expand your consciousness to the Superconscious, to the All That Is, beyond all limitations.  For this is where your inspiration, magic and miracles occur.  From this expanded perspective come illuminated thoughts and ideas.  So you see dear one, you are never alone.  You are always complete.  Fear and pain are in your mind.  All blame, all shame is a concept of your human mind, for with the Law of Forgiveness only love is real. “

April 22nd 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

The Ebb and Flow

“Greetings dear ones.  It is a pleasure to be with you once more.   We take your attention to the steady rhythm of a clock: notice how it beats.  The message is asking for consistency:  regular, consistent but at the same time coming from a place of flow and knowing.  For you see the sea, the ocean, the waves always come and go, the ebb and flow of the ocean.  Here is the consistency.  The times of the tides may change but the consistency is of the ebb and flow.  We invite you to be consistent with your connection to Love, the love within you and the love around you, and the love within others. 

Send love now to every cell of your body.  And now send love to someone you are resisting.  And now send love out into your auric field and allow that love to expand.  Allow your aura to expand.   And we greet you as you do so.  Your light and our light connect as one.

And now dear ones we wish to point out the importance of taking responsibility for your own healing and health and wellbeing.  For asking us for our healing light, we gladly share this with you; and when you go to others and ask them to be a channel for healing, once again we gladly give this to you.  But we invite you to watch your thoughts, watch your feelings and watch your actions.  For if you are continually coming from a place of victim, from a place of dis-ease in your mind, you are not working with us, you are having an internal fight, an internal battle; and this will show in your physical body.  We also invite you to take responsibility for your intuition and guidance, what steps you are guided to take for nutrition, for exercise, for relaxation, for self-care ; for all of these steps are vitally important for your vitality.  A healthy mind creates a healthy life.  When you reach up and open your hearts you receive.  Allow yourself to receive all that you desire and allow yourself to give attention to all that you require. 

April 15th 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

The Magic of the Ocean

“As you begin to expand your consciousness your awareness becomes stretched, unlimited.  When your consciousness is clean and expanded, you will hear the whispers of Collective Unity in many places.  But as always we ask you to follow your heart, to follow the call of your heart.  The voice is not always heard but it is felt, it is a knowing.  Just as our channel has the knowing to connect and explore with the essence of the ocean on a telepathic level, consciousness to consciousness. 

Rather like the unicorns, the mermaids exist in a dimension of love.  Their essence invites you to go deep within your heart, connecting you to the cosmic heart of Love.  Some of you feel their home at the ocean or by water, whether it is a river, estuary or lake.  All water connects to the essence of Love, of the Divine Feminine, the cycles of the moon.  The more you express your connection to the Divine Feminine, to Mother Moon, to the sisters within the waters, the more of yourself will be revealed.  However you choose to connect with the essence of water is a choice of the heart, a pulling of your heartstrings.  The healing essences of water may be enhanced by the acknowledgement and intention to be open and available to connect with the Spirit of the Water and the light beings within the dimensions unseen to the human eye.  You are invited to have fun, you are invited to explore: find a shell and offer it back to the ocean; cleaning an area of water along the riverbank, and when you hear the Call of the Ocean it may feel as though you have a shell to your ear.  When the Divine Feminine waters call you, respond with an open heart and respond with love.  In your mind’s eye, they may indeed appear as beautiful creatures with golden locks of hair, for others they may appear as sparkling water like light.  They may come to you and represent themselves in a way that your heart and mind may accept.  We invite you now to try to quieten your mind and listen for the whispers of the ocean.  If you are unable to visit water but your heart longs to be by the sea, simply imagine with your mind you are there and the healing essence of the Ocean and her loving beings of light will be with you.  The Essence of the Ocean cocoons you in the magical fluid of the Divine Mother’s womb.  Here magic and miracles exist, for is not your creation a miracle? 

April 8th 2021 Weekly Channelled Messages from Love

Allowing Your Physical Body to match Your Light-body

“Greetings once more. We would like to ask you if you have noticed that time is speeding up? There is momentum building. We ask you, can you feel it? Can you sense it? Before you know it an hour has passed, a day, a week, a month. For you see, in the realms of Light time is not a concept as it is on the Earth. However, as we view you from our perspective we see flashes of light and these flashes of light are your energy bodies; your energy bodies are building momentum. The vibrations, the frequencies are speeding up and becoming higher and faster. Therefore this is giving the illusion of time being increased. It may seem that a walk now becomes a run – you are sprinting through life. You are all getting ready to step into that centre stage point. And more and more are awakening, awakening to the truth that there is more to life than your physical reality. And those who are way-showers will be supporting those who are now coming out of their dream state. For some, it will feel as though they have woken from a nightmare. Veils and illusions are disappearing and the truth will be seen. Lies can no longer hide. Fear will have no power over the force of Love. For we see that more and more hearts are opening, softening like never before. You are softening to yourselves as much as others. This is a beautiful sight. The more you relax into the softening of your hearts and relax into your divine purpose your alignment to your path and journey will unfold. 

“It is an adjustment to the light quotient. For there is an increase in the amount of light. We shall try to explain. As each and everyone’s etheric bodies speed up it is creating s vortex, and this vortex is attracting and allowing more light to be passed through the higher chakras into the physical body, so the body is trying to match the level of the etheric body. The etheric body is ready and willing to absorb the light, but the physical body is still trying to align to the quotients that are raining down upon you all now. Many are feeling tired. Many are feeling or noticing headaches, dizziness, cravings. We invite you to ensure you are drinking and allowing time to rest and rejuvenate and recalibrate, in order for your physical bodies to match your Etheric bodies”

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