The Mystical Union of Twin Flames Revealed

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I have been inspired to write and share my thoughts, regarding the subject of Twin Flames. I am sharing a video which includes a meditation which unites you with your Mystical Twin Flame. I will also share with you my Twin Flame channelled message, portal picture, together with a Twin Flame mantra, prayer and the corresponding Twin Flame music “The Mystical” from Seraphisa.

Do Twin Flames Exist?

To be totally honest with you yes Twin Flames do exist but not in a romantic notion like we are lead to believe by social media. Twin Flames exist in the mystical / celestial realms and act like a guiding light. Twin Flames do not exist as romantic partners, we have been lead to believe by fairy tales that we are incomplete and need another half to make us whole, this concept has been expanded upon through the spiritual communities, we are misguided into thinking that we are insufficient, imperfect or partial. Have you have been lead down the path of looking for a missing link in the chain of your good fortune, something to make you feel absolute and perfect ? If you have then the only place to look is within .

Now please do remember that I am sharing my truth and what has been revealed to me through connecting to my Angelic Self and my Angelic Team. So if what I am sharing with you does not resonate please just dismiss my words. So to clarify Twin Flames exist but one part is in the Celestial realms beyond the beyond and the other Twin Flame part is incarnated in the Earthly realms, within the within. One half of your Twin Flame is your Spirit, Spark of Divinity. and the other part of the Twin Flame is your Guiding light from the Heavens . If I explain further, the mystical / celestial part of your Twin Flame, (the part that you have been searching for) is held within your Star, held within the Diamond Light Grid and the other half of the Twin Flame is incarnated into this reality we call life. I call this earthly Twin Flame your Angelic Self, because it is the part of you that hears the whispers of Creator and brings you and your conscious mind messages from Creator. It is actually your conscious and subconscious mind that is the part of you that might feel incomplete and feels that you need someone else. Your Angelic Self, your true earthly Twin Flame part knows that you are connected to your Celestial Twin Flame always.. Therefore the angel within you knows you are perfect loved and whole.

Now if is this hard to hear and you believe that you have met your incarnated Twin Flame in this lifetime, then that is your belief and I can not take that away from you. However my belief is that there are many people that have been duped into parting with bucket loads of cash. They have been in search of this eluding Twin Flame , who they are ready to meet as a partner in this lifetime. Maybe you are angry with me and my words right now. That is ok , you do not have to read more about my belief,  understanding and revelations on the subject of Twin Flames. Maybe you are saying something like this right now….

“But I am a Twin flame and I have met my Twin Flame, we are together , well we were together, it didn’t work out, they left me, so now I am seeing a Twin Flame expert and they are helping me heal all his (or her) wounds , so they will come back to me one day”

So if you are saying something like this and I am not resonating you, you have the choice, you can ignore me and continue to pay out lots of cash, or you can read on……

I believe 100% in my heart that Twin Flames cannot and do not incarnate together. Many people, including the Twin Flame experts have been duped, I believe by fake Twin Flames, imposters, false Twin Flames, call them what you like. I will tell you more.

Do Fake or False Twin Flames Exist?

Yes they do , most definitely, I have had the misfortune to meet a false Twin Flame. At the time it was so painful and such a horrible experience, I was upset that my guides didn’t tell me, I asked my guides, “ Why didn’t you tell me this guy was a fake Twin Flame?” They explained that I had to go through this learning to see the signs, so I could then help others cut these deep cords with the narcissistic and false Twin Flames. I could and will write a whole blog post on this one day but for now , I just wanted to share this point with you.  If you feel you may have been duped and need to cut cords with a false Twin Flame, I have a blog post about cutting cords or you can schedule a free 15 minute appointment with me.

What is the Difference Between a Soul Mate and a False Twin Flame?

I am sure that you have had the pleasure to meet at least one of your Soul Mates in this life time, and you can have more than one Soul Mate. I have personally felt they turn up like London buses, after you have been waiting what seems like an eternity, 3 come together in one go. You would have definitely had relationships in other lives with your Soul Mates, they come to teach you something, to help you grow and to expand spiritually. They may come as friends, family and partners, False Twin Flames, are normally people who are incarnated in this life time, pretending to be super spiritual people, they often are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They may talk the spiritual talk but they do not walk the spiritual path.

False Twin Flames can be attracted to you because you have a deep old wound that needs healing, they latch onto this wound like a dog with a bone and in my opinion are extremely wounded themselves. This False Twin Flame cannot see their own beautiful light, so they are like moths, drawn to your beautiful light. Do you feel you have been in or are in either a Soul Mate or false Twin Flame relationship?  Is that relationship loving, caring and does your partner lift you up emotionally? Or does your partner control you and try to change you? If you are worried or concerned please do get help, there are many free services depending on where you live.  Speak to someone you trust, you are not alone!

Are you Ready to Connect with your Celestial Twin Flame?

I hope you are now ready to connect with your Celestial Twin Flame. I have a channelled message, meditation, mantra and prayer below for you to work with, or should I say have fun with and please do enjoy the experience below. 

The Mystical Union of Your Twin Flame, a Channelled Message

It is time for you to step into deep inner peace, dear one, for it is only when you connect to the inner peace within your heart and calm your mind that you can be fully present with the pure loving presence within you. When you connect to the aspect of the Divine within you, you will be the sovereign of your life. You wear the Golden Crown, a halo of light that connects you to Creator and beckons to the celestial beings to work with you. We invite you to choose peace and allow the feminine and masculine energy to dance together as one in holy union; you will glow with the universal life-force energy. Release the need to be in control and allow your Angelic Self to guide you. Flow with the rivers of life in peace.

The Mystical Union of Your Twin Flame, a Channelled Meditation and Healing Portal

The Mystical Twin Flame Healing Portal

Step into this portal and invite Creator to breathe the turquoise and blue rays into your three minds, heart, body and soul. Declare: “Creator, I invite you to breathe your light into my conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds, my heart, body and soul. I am ready to accept your love and compassion.” Now feel, sense, see or know that Creator’s light is flooding you with love. Accept this love and breathe it out into your aura. Feel it in every cell of your body, including your heart. Know that as the love of Creator ignites you, you connect with your Divine inner presence, your Angelic Self.  This then prepares you to connect with your Mystical Twin Flame.

The Mystical Union of Your Twin Flame, a Channelled  Mantra

I invite you to say the mantra, deep from your heart and feel the words as you say them out loud, you can repeat this Mantra as many times as you feel you need to, you can repeat the process throughout the day.

“My conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds are all focused on my Angelic Self , my Mystical Twin Flame and the light of the Creator. I bless my Mystical Union and  I am guided to take only benevolent actions leading to benevolent outcomes as my Angelic Self and Mystical Twin Flame dance as one, together in Holy Union”

The Mystical Union of Your Twin Flame, a Prayer  

I invite you to say this prayer for 7 days consecutively, morning and night, feel the words in your heart or write your own prayer from your heart, but please remember to connect with your true essence, love

“I pray, dear Creator, to be free from fear and pain. Help me please to release my ego’s control and reign. I surrender my heart and hands to you. Show me and guide me to my Divine path true. Enable me to connect with my Twin Flame in your Heavenly realms, so we maybe united. Thank You”

Mystical Twin Flame Music

I hope you enjoy the track below, listen to it as you call you Mystical Twin Flame to you. If you love the track you can download it here.

The Mystical by Seraphisa

I hope you found this blog post helpful

The angel in me honours the angel in you


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